Letter: Why I’m voting for President Trump and Republicans on Nov. 3

Editor’s note: This letter is by Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland.

I believe in our great nation and our center-right principles of liberty, small government, low taxes, freedom, reduced regulations, “America first” and personal responsibility. I want my fellow Americans to have freedom and opportunities to take risks, be innovative and grow individually.

I believe President Donald Trump and Republicans will save our religious freedom and the right to freely worship without any fear of the Left. They are protecting the unborn and believe in our national motto: “In God We Trust.”

I believe that they are creating a health care system for all with private markets, not with mandates nor taxes nor fines for not purchasing insurance. That will create competition, and transparency in pricing, and cover per-existing medical conditions. They will cut prescription drug costs.

I believe that they will protect our borders, stop illegals from getting into the states, stop drugs from coming across the southern border, and stop child trafficking.

I believe that they will protect all Americans, and that they believe in law and order. They support our men and women of law enforcement across America. They support the Second Amendment.

I believe in their support for our great military, and they have built up our forces. They have not started any wars but instead are taking us out of bad, hot regions.

I believe in their support for the U.S. Flag, free speech, individual rights, and the American Dream.

I believe they support our Constitution, the Electoral College and the truth. Our Electoral College provides the most equal treatment of voters.

I believe in their policy of low taxes and all Americans receiving more of their pay in their weekly checks, and fairer trade agreements for all Americans. They are repatriating businesses back to American soil and opening real estate, auto, steel, coal, and other industries.

I believe in their hard work for minority communities, especially the black community, in jobs, lower unemployment rates, more small business startups, home ownership and killing the Clinton/Biden 1994 crime law that imprisoned more blacks for longer sentences and low level crimes, including first time offenders.

I believe they are excellent stewards of our environment getting America out of the Paris Accord; I believe in doing the right things environmentally and planting 1 trillion trees nationwide. I believe Vermont’s new Global Warming Solutions Act is anti-business.

I strongly feel that this election is about good versus evil and light versus darknes, and that Trump/Pence and the Vermont Republicans are the good and light.

I am voting on Nov. 3 for a positive and healthy future for my country and my great little state of Vermont. I want to see Vermont turn red. The Democrats are bad for America.

Gregory M. Thayer
Rutland, Vermont

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9 thoughts on “Letter: Why I’m voting for President Trump and Republicans on Nov. 3

  1. I shop Claremont N. H. No mask bull. Only business I go to in Vermont is the USPS. No VCP tax there. Pick up mail and stamps. That’s it. Next purchase in N.H. will be a used cargo van to put the 55 gallon barrels in.

  2. Excellent points and my thoughts exactly! I think Greg and CHenry ought to join Trump and speak at his final few rallies. You state the opinions of all of us patriots!! MAGA. Trump needs us to ‘red wave’ him over the finish line against the evil left. Everyone get out and vote!!!!! He has fought so hard for us!!!

  3. I’m voting for President Trump again, but can’t bring myself to vote for quasi-Republicans who believe they have to make commercials highlighting the fact they don’t support our President.

  4. Here’s why I’m voting for President Trump and Republicans on Nov. 3

    I’m voting for the First Amendment and freedom of speech.
    I’m voting for the Second Amendment and my right to defend my life and my family.
    I’m voting for the next Supreme Court Justice(s) to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    I’m voting for the continued growth of my retirement 401K and the stock market.
    I’m voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries and the end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts.
    I’m voting for the Electoral College & the Republic we live in.
    I’m voting for the Police to be respected once again and to ensure Law & Order.
    I’m voting for the continued appointment of Federal Judges who respect the Constitution
    and the Bill of Rights.
    I’m voting for our jobs to remain in America and not be outsourced all over again to China,
    Mexico and other foreign countries.
    I’m voting for secure borders and legal immigration.
    I’m voting for the Military & the Veterans who fought for this country to give the American
    people their freedoms.
    I’m voting for the unborn babies that have a right to live.
    I’m voting for continued peace progress in the middle east.
    I’m voting to fight against human/child trafficking.
    I’m voting for Freedom of Religion.
    I’m voting for the American Flag that is “disrespected” by the Democratic Party.
    I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion & not be censored.
    I’m voting for my children and my grandchildren to ensure their freedoms and their future.

    I’m not just voting for one person, I’m voting for the future of my Country !!

    • With a stroke of rare luck, a hope and a prayer, enough brain dead Americans and Vermonters will wake up and save this country and this state. Here in Vermont I have witnessed so much ignorance, I have listened to the frightened and watched as people tried to socially distance themselves in their cars with masks on, alone. I’ve been disgusted as the media tries to silence conservatives. The whole Vermont media except for a few have censored opposing views, eliminated conservative talk radio and have shut down reader comment sections to protect their ideology. The democrats have tried to rob a duly elected president of his office to cover their own crimes. Our institutions are not trusted and much of the government has been weaponized against the people. Remember “We The People”?

      There isn’t enough space here to describe all of the things wrong in Vermont. Many of them could be solved if people actually followed the issues and learned about the politicians who are controlling every aspect of life here. Mr. Henry’s comment above is well stated and I couldn’t agree more. If there are people out there reading this and trying to make their mind about who to vote for, here’s a little help. The republicans have not been in charge of this state for 30 years or more. Do you like what you see? How has your life improved? Did your children move to another state to get a job and a life? Can you afford to retire here if you want to? Do you really believe that Vermont can change the Earth’s climate by taxing you more? Don’t you just love those paper straws and wooden spoons you’re being forced to use? How about that Burlington wood burning plant spewing filth into the air but you can’t use a plastic bag for your groceries? Will you be required to wear a face mask for eternity and give up your life in fear, do you like the sound of that? Do you like social agitators in your face calling you a racist when less than 1% of our population is black? Do you like BLM flags flown at public schools and painted in front of the people’s house in Montpelier? Do you like having your freedoms taken from you and your constitution changed to be politically correct? Do you enjoy all the taxes and fees that you must pay to live here?

      There are more questions that may be important to you. The point is that liberal/progressive leadership has ruined this state. The only hope to reverse the disease is to vote it out of office. And while you may think that your representative or senator is not the problem, if they have a D or a P following their name just remember these are the people who have caused all the above. Our state motto is Freedom and Unity. Our freedom is under attack and there is no unity. They have become empty words on a flag. For all of us, please vote for change here to protect our state constitution and re-elect our great president.

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