Letter: Vote Democrat if …

This letter is by Keith Stern, of North Springfield. He is a businessman and former gubernatorial candidate.

If you are happy that Vermont is top five in the country in cost of living versus. wages and overall taxes per capita, then vote Democrat.

If you believe that draconian measures including steep fuel tax hikes to reduce Vermont’s 0.1% CO2 share will save the planet, then vote Democrat.

If you believe that it’s acceptable that multigenerational Vermonters are being forced to leave because the state is no longer a place that is affordable to raise a family, then vote Democrat.

If you are not bothered that businesses can’t find help because an increasing share of the workforce is leaving and being replaced by inbound people who have no intention of working jobs here, then vote Democrat.

If you believe that the soaring crime and drug use problem is just a fact of life and not caused by government policies, then vote Democrat.

If you believe young women have no right to feel safe and comfortable in a women’s locker room, then vote Democrat.

I could go on, but if these things don’t bother you then there’s no point. Unfortunately too many will vote against our best interests.

Keith Stern
North Springfield

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13 thoughts on “Letter: Vote Democrat if …

  1. If you want to turn Vermont into California east then vote democrat, because the non thinkers of the left are doing just that..

  2. I have no solid data to support my belief that, over the past 50 years, Vermont has been overrun with spendthrift wannabe-socialists from New Jersey and southern New York. But I am pretty much convinced that it has happened.

      • If you believe your induction into the hall of RINOS IN THE STATE of VT REPUBLICAN PARTY is encouraging people to vote or even support republican candidates you are sadly mistaken.

        If you really believed you were doing the right thing you would stop defrauding uninformed REPUBLICAN VOTERS into believing you are a REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE and continue your campaigning as a libertarian.

        I can’t believe the libertarian party can even pretend to support you while you continue to promote the lie that you are a republican candidate.

        YOU are the cause of people not getting out to vote because voters are claiming the REPUBLICAN PARTY is as corrupt as the Democrat Party after all of The lies being promoted by you and them.

        This is a disgrace for YOU not doing the right thing and running as a LIBERTARIAN…
        remember that was your choice.

        You are harming the Republican Party by being deceitful and they are helping you by playing along.

        If YOU really had any moral fiber you would not allow this charade to continue.

        You are the reason people are giving up on the republican party.
        Unbelievable you would attack your opponent while you are attempting to deceive the voting public..

        I have been busy going door to doole promoting candidates and people are telling they won’t support the lies of The republican party.

        And don’t forget they still support candidates that are voting for Article 22…

        Voters want honesty in a candidate…

    • So you know that everyone who reads these articles and comments are all just conservatives talking to each other? I would bet that lots of people who are sick of censorship at Digger, WCAX, NPR, etc, etc. might enjoy our echo chamber. Those same people are not allowed to comment at most liberal sites and so we find you over here commenting,

    • the point is to give people ideas how to approach the subject and do letters and talking points on their own. I’m sorry you feel it’s a waste of time.

      • Might be worthwhile sending these kinds of things to the usual suspects- VT Digger, Free Press, etc. That’s the audience needing to hear the opposing view.

        • you are correct but unfortunately when I’ve sent letters to them in the past they are not published. I have sent it to local papers and will send it on the The Rutland Herald and Valley News.

          • @ Keith, I have also sent to VT Digger, R Herald, none get published. It’s complete CENSORSHIP….it’s everywhere…but NOT here on TNR or GAB

  3. I’d add this:
    1. If you think it is sustainable, without raising taxes massively, to annually spend a VT budget of $9.1 BILLION, for a mere 630,00 people – Vote Democrat.

    2. If you think a $4 BILLION Union Pension deficit will magically go away on it’s own, like Fairy Dust- Vote Democrat.

    • You are correct. My goal was to make it short enough so people may read it in its entirety. But we have to face the reality that the liberals are drones who only listen to their media and politicians.
      But I do advise you to at least try to reach them by sending out a letter to the editor with your statements and feel free to add any of mine that you want.

    • If you want your children segregated into Affinity spaces and labeled as oppressors and the oppressed than definitely vote for Democrats.

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