Letter: Vermont Libertarian party says no mandates

This letter was submitted by Archibald Flower, IV, chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party.

The following statement was voted on and approved unanimously by the assembled State committee of the Vermont Libertarian party:

Libertarians believe all people have certain inalienable rights, and that chief among these is bodily autonomy. Forcing a medical procedure on someone is an egregious abrogation of this principle, and we will not stand silently by during this injustice.

President Biden continues the unconstitutional, un-American and authoritarian tradition of so many prior administrations: rule by decree. Those who are in favor of this may note that weekly medical testing is an alternative; this sort of false dilemma, where one must chose between two invasive alternatives, exposes the true intention of tyrants. It is vital to understand that this “alternative” will be hardest for the poor, and only serve to increase their barriers to participate in our society.

The pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 is not to be taken lightly. What is worse is this ongoing pandemic of servility and capitulation to government.

Libertarians believe you should protect yourself from both. Mass noncompliance is the only cure.

Archie Flower, Chair, Vermont Libertarian party.

For further information, you may contact me at the email or phone below:

Archibald Flower, IV
Chair, Vermont Libertarian party.
“End the violence in politics.”
802.458.2014 chair@vtlp.org
vtlp.org twitter.com/VTLibertarians

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One thought on “Letter: Vermont Libertarian party says no mandates

  1. Thank you very much for standing up for our God given rights. Most people loose their rights by not thinking they have any. But we do and we cannot ignore them. All people must stand up, together, to stop this tyranny. Do not comply! Do not remain silent! Do not give up! STAND UP!

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