Letter: There are remedies to fix this mess

Editor’s note: This letter is by James Hall, a resident of Center Rutland.

The enablers and promoters of the violence, destruction and loss of life in the various municipalities in the USA need to be brought to account, and right soon no less. Now there are different descriptions of enablers, from those who are behind the scenes financing these actions, to the elected leaders of the cities and towns on the receiving end of the mele.

We went through very similar situations back in the 1960s, which this writer remembers very well. Units of the National Guard and Army Reserve that were not likely to be deployed to Vietnam were ordered to conduct full blown riot control training, which went on in one form or another for several months. This writer was a member of the 86th Armored Brigade, whose higher HQ was in New Jersey. This training was arranged by people from the Guard Bureau HQ in DC in conjunction with our local commands, and boots on the ground battalion level training was conducted on football fields in three or four locations around the state. The Vermont State Police, some local police personnel, and some border patrol agents all took part and trained together, side by side in lockstep.

I want to say here and now that this got the attention of the populace, not so much in Vermont but in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California and other states where major problems and death and destruction all were being experienced. When it came time for the decision to utilize these assets recently trained, things came to a halt real quick and then cleanup, rebuilding and dealing with the law enforcement issues took center stage.

I believe we are headed for a similar scenario very soon as mobilizing and training and equipping these forces wherever they come from does take a little time. The President has hinted that some kind of action is to be expected if there are no indications of ceasing this behavior. I believe it will as well.

This country needs to let the perpetrators know in very direct terms and methods that this abhorrent behavior is off limits and will not be tolerated. And if we need to remind the bums that are wreaking havoc there are remedies to fix this mess, and if it means the old fashioned way, it will be done. Enough is enough.

James B. Hall
Center Rutland

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4 thoughts on “Letter: There are remedies to fix this mess

  1. Mr. Hall is absolutely correct. The only problem is that there is no inclination on the part of Democrat governors and mayors in locals where the worst damage is being inflicted on inocent folks to put a stop to it. They either don’t care or don’t have the guts to arrest and punish these promoters of and participants in this violence. Can’t help wondering if the Dem’s poor management style is responsible for this type of violent behavior or just a simple coincidence? In case these governors have forgotten, their respective National Guards can be most effective in controlling these rioters, looters and criminals. Just a suggestion.

  2. Nice Letter Mr.Hall and Thank You for your service, I agree with you.

    After I got done here with this letter, I went looking around the site..
    I found this article from June 11th.

    “Lawmaker admits that Ballot Harvesting is Legal in Vermont..”

    A lot sure has happened since June 11th to change the landscape and future of the state.
    I am wondering, given the crisis that the state finds itself in, what you all now think of Ballot Harvesting.
    I really hope the Ballot Box is going to work to avoid a war- because we are getting there.
    Men like Mr.Hall are not going to just hand over our states or our country to these people- people burning down cities and behaving so badly that the National Guard must be deployed.

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