Anti-police disrupters can’t keep Vermonters from honoring the Blue

Guy Page

Vermonters came out to the Vermont State House to show their support for police on Saturday, July 24, 2020.

By Guy Page

At Saturday’s Rally to Support Law Enforcement at the Vermont State House, many heartfelt words and stirring stories honoring the men and women of Vermont law enforcement were seemingly lost in the shouting, chanting and bullhorns of anti-police counter-protesters. Rather than curse the darkness, Vermont Daily today publishes several tributes and videos that light a candle of appreciation for Vermont’s Thin Blue Line — and also shed light on the disrupters’ apparent hatred of police.

Saturday’s event wasn’t about the rally organizer, Jim Sexton of Essex Junction — as he will be first to admit. Nor was it about the determined tribute readers including Jessica Worn, Pat McDonald and Steve Stringer, sound system provider and operator Richard Haverick, or awesome National Anthem and “God Bless America” singer Bill Lynch of Hyde Park. And it certainly wasn’t about the attention-seeking antics of the anti-cop protesters.

It was about honoring the Vermont men and women who wear the blue, who protect and serve, who keep the law and order without which families are not safe, businesses cannot thrive, and individuals cannot achieve their dreams. The law and order on which the American Dream depends are hateful to the disruption currently in vogue. It insists that “privileged” Americans share in the fear of violence, it despises American capitalism, and it rejects any dream that dares to rival anarchy and socialism.

In fact, police supporters at the rally may actually have reason to thank the disrupters. Had they not partially frustrated speakers’ efforts to be easily heard by the several hundred of police supporters on the lawn, it’s unlikely anyone would have published the testimonies below about the Blue of the Green Mountain State. So to the flock of foul-mouthed, inconsiderate Antifa wannabees who trampled on others’ exercise of their right to free speech, thanks.

Nor is it likely Vermont Daily would have captured their single-minded hatred of police in the following revealing video. As the anti-cop disrupters were chanting and yelling so that no one else could be heard, Barre pastor Gordon Wells went to the microphone. He urged everyone to take a moment of silence for George Floyd, victim of injustice. Somewhat to my surprise everyone — even the well-orchestrated mob — went silent. It was beautiful. But when Pastor Wells then asked for everyone to take a moment of silence for fallen police officers, see video what happened:

Federal prosecutor Christina Nolan declares appreciation for Vermont cops

Bucking the trend of prosecutors more interested in investigating police than the crime the police are sworn to stop, Vermont has a federal prosecutor who “gets it.” In May, 2019, during National Police Week, U.S. Attorney for Vermont Christina Nolan stated:

“As the United States Attorney for the District of Vermont, I want to acknowledge the work performed by federal, state and local law enforcement, who often face uncertain and dangerous situations without question and without expectation of thanks.  We want them to know they have our unwavering support and appreciation.

We are so very fortunate to live in the Green Mountain State.  Vermont is an extraordinarily attractive place to reside, and that is due, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of officers at all levels of law enforcement to keep us safe.  Quietly and consistently, they put themselves in harm’s way to protect their communities.  They make decisions every day to stand on the front lines of our campaigns to combat violence, unlawful firearms activity, drug trafficking, and other dangerous crime.

This is a tremendous daily sacrifice — on the part of officers, to be sure — but also on the part of their families and loved ones, who support them and hope for their safe return home each day.  We must never take for granted their sacrifices and their heroic work.”

For a comprehensive video account of the rally, see video below by Steve Thurston, a police supporter from Addison County.

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Image courtesy of Guy Page

7 thoughts on “Anti-police disrupters can’t keep Vermonters from honoring the Blue

  1. Wonderful work by Guy Page. I wish the mainstream left wing media would pay attention to his detailed reportage, rather than just toe the line of the Marxist Mobs.

    I wish my konfuser would play the videos, but alsa, the one I could see clearly showed a peaceful rally thanking our police, to an angry mob who listens to nothing, and makes ure no one else can speak. BLM racists scheduled thier counter rally minutes after they learned of a Thank our Police rally – that they could bust up.any real discussion.

    One writer for Digger made heroic efforts to blind his readers to tha actual events at the Pro Police rally. His reportage, and Diggers use of his report was abusively incorrect/false and irresponsible on Diggers mistake.
    It’s wrong for a ‘reporter” to be so biased, and it is awful for a publisher to use such false reportage.

    • I was it the rally and you are 100% correct. Most of digger’s reporters are fresh out of college or a writing job at a left wing organization. Just like the almost good article on John Klar. The reporter did a good job until he had to include negative comments from someone with an opposing party. The article was supposed to inform the public about the candidate and not to inject a narritive. That is for voter to decide not the reporter.

  2. I can see it happening to the idiots who want to either eliminate police departments or reduce funding to direct the savings toward social services. 911 caller” I want to report a murder I just witnessed and the man is pointing his gun at us.” 911 response. “Thank you for calling this incidence to our attention. Our social worker is out of the office right now, but if you like, I’d be happy to put a note on her desk so she can deal with your report just as soon as she has time. She’s quite busy these days so she may not be able to get back you until sometime tomorrow.” 911 caller’s response, “that’s not right, this is dangerous. There must be somebody there who can deal with this.” “I’m awfully sorry, but I have to go and take another call. Thank you for calling this matter to our attention.” Rediculous.

  3. Blue Lives Matter

    Without police, or a defunded police, dysfunctional, poorly educated, low-skilled, never-do-well elements, some with criminal records, would quickly create a lot of chaos, and do some destructing, looting, burning, fear-mongering, intimidating and violence, on the side, just for the hell of it, all as part of their “remaking of America”

    And when police does arrive to end the illegal “gatherings”, it is the police who are to blame, according to dysfunctional hand-maiden Media.

  4. Take note that the article in VtDigger had no photos of the protestors screaming F the police and other great profanities. Also, this is the group that the City of Montpelier supports. Think about that for a while!

  5. The un American Marxist Left doing what they do best, being un American.
    They are shameful and it doesn’t bother them in the least as their goal is to replace the republic with a centuries old failed version of utopian Marxism

    Texas Rep. Gohmert has fired a shot across the DemoCommies bow and Introduces Resolution To Ban Democratic Party.

    While it would be un Constitutional,it calls them on their un American,un Constitutional wiping of their feet on the same Constitution,as the DomoCommies are antithetical to the Constitutional republic. Whats good for the goose should then be good for the gander, especially if the gander is a Communist.

    Rep. Gohmert Introduces Resolution To Ban Democratic Party

  6. It’s time to pull the reins in on the thugs, they are just looking to provoke
    a problem, I can’t believe that there were no arrest !!

    I know if the outsiders come to our state to raise havoc, there’s going to be
    hell to pay………….. not a threat just a fact.

    Wake up people, they only care about an agenda not the state or country
    or your way of life………..agenda only !!….. pretty pathetic.

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