Letter: The Democrat-Progressive plan is to tax and spend some more

Editor’s note: This letter is from James B. Hall, a resident of Rutland.

In reading the Democrat-Progressive response to Rep McCoy’s piece, by Liz Filskov, Ms. Filskov’s approach to the problems people are facing is to tax and tax and tax some more. Some of us Vermont natives remember the 3% Vermont sales tax, which now in many municipalities is at 7%. The D/P plan is to incrementally over time initiate this stuff on a regular basis, to get to their goal, whatever that is on a given day.

It will be no different here. The past practices of the Democrat-Progressives who have been in charge of state government for a while now managed to give us a $4.5 billion deficit in the state retirement fund and a $70 million deficit in the current operating budget. It is not difficult to figure out, therefore, that the 4 cents will easily become a figure north of 2 cents rather quickly. And, in this case other components of the tax-and-spend mentality, are not the same as even five years ago. The taxpaying residents of the state have left, and are still leaving, because pastures are greener elsewhere. And they, of course, have taken their children along with them — those who may well have been attending public schools had they remained in Vermont.

There is not space enough here to go into all the additional government and associated costs, which of course show up in higher taxes. The D/P contingent in the Legislature has caused this over the course of time — they have been the majority party. And what is there to show for it? Less business, less industry, less people in the state, which with current spending policy equates to a bigger and bigger burden for those who are left to pay the bills.

The statewide comprehensive energy plan has, as its core, a carbon tax, which is not a new concept. A carbon tax is the path to fleecing of Vermont taxpayers of their hard earned retirement funds, and a guaranteed reduction in the quality of life that has been enjoyed in this state and worked for in hopes to someday enjoy the benefit of same. In short, this is known as redistribution of wealth and control of individual lives. At the same time, it would drive prices of fuel oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel skyward, with the resulting increases affecting virtually everything being done today, including heating homes, churches, schools and municipal buildings. Is this really what we want to do?

Please support Gov. Phil Scott in his promise to veto such a preposterous piece of legislation, should one similar to this reach his desk. He needs to hear from grassroots Vermont folks in volumes that overshadow anything else that has been through the process. Let there be no question about just where we stand on this item, the carbon tax, the king and queen of snake oil salesmanship.

From where I sit, enough is enough.

James B Hall
Center Rutland
(802) 773-5913


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6 thoughts on “Letter: The Democrat-Progressive plan is to tax and spend some more

  1. Quoted “Please support Gov. Phil Scott in his promise to veto such a preposterous piece of legislation,” There have been many people stating many concerns about what Scott has done and are displeased. I agree that Phil Scott is better sitting in the Governor chair than any D/P. A little check and balance.

    There’s an election coming and John Klar is delirious of the same chair and Meg Hansen for Lt Governor. Both of whom I and many others have spoken highly of. Scott caved on gun control reversing his previous position for instance, making many quite upset. He hasn’t been a Statute of Liberty for Vermonters. There’s hope they get elected and bring the sun back to Vermont. Should another R runs for Governor (Keith Stern), fine and dandy. Otherwise we know what will continue and the developments.

  2. Wait to you see your school tax bill next year and every year after. In Bennington school taxes are going up at least 1 million for school employee health care, and the union has asked for raises of 5 , 7 and 7 percent. there is no end to what the liberals and unions want.

  3. These Liberals have an agenda and that’s to ruin this State. When it really hits bottom, they’ll be the first to exit and leave all their stupid legislation behind..

  4. I believe UN Agenda 2030 now has about 17 sustainable development goals (SGD’s) that Democrats and progressives must satisfy before they can pay attention to any goals the average Vermonter might have!

    They don’t have time to spend on our needs, after all they have a world to save and need every dollar we have in our pockets to complete that mission. They cannot represent us first because we are too stupid to understand the priorities required to do penance for our sins. We can’t be trusted to make such decisions and even though they work for us, the United Nations is trying to save the world from a crisis of climate, what could be more urgent than that?

  5. Vermont wake up, state government managed to give us a $4.5 billion “deficit ” in the state
    retirement fund and a $70 million ” deficit ” in the current operating budget, and you’re on
    the hook for it, they must think we’re stupid and I’m starting to believe we are !!

    Vermont until Montpelier and it’s Liberal Braintrust can get these two issues under control
    they as tax-payers we should all demand a see a plan to resolve these issues before any
    other TAX increases happen, including the save the world ” Carbon Tax “.

    Progressive Democrats, agenda before it’s Citizens………. Send them Packing !!

  6. We all well know that the folks in Montpelier have never passed up an opportunity to “tax, tax, tax, tax”. You get my point?

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