Bernie Sanders is surging in Democratic primary polls

By Mary Margaret Olohan

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is surging in Democratic primary polls, both nationally and in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Vermont senator is polling in second place nationally, second in Iowa, and first in New Hampshire, according to polling averages tracked by RealClearPolitics (RCP).

Sanders trails only former Vice President Joe Biden in the national RCP average. Biden is averaging 27.8% in national polls, while Sanders is polling at an average of 19.3%, according to RCP. Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running behind both Biden and Sanders with an RCP national average of 15.2%.

Sanders polls at 20% in the Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus, second only to South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 22%, per the RCP average.

Sanders and Biden are neck and neck in California, where Biden polls at 21.2% and Sanders polls at 21%.

And Sanders has taken the lead in New Hampshire, where he polls at 19%, ahead of Buttigieg, who polls at 17.7%.

Sanders’s rise in the polls comes roughly 11 weeks after he suffered a heart attack.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Phil Roeder

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders is surging in Democratic primary polls

  1. Well at least PBS got the listing name of the latest clown show debate right,
    many listed the time slot as Antique Roadshow….

    and Mike Rowe had the best description of the leftist fascist lineup:
    “Millionaire Candidates arguing over who hates Millionaires the most”

    Look for burnee the commie to start hammering on Bootyboy who’s gaining fast in the polls

  2. Sanders is constantly stating he will “…rob Peter to pay Paul…” I imagine he can count on the support of the ever increasing number of this country’s “Pauls.”

  3. It just goes to show the ignorance of the do nothing Senators backers. These people don’t have any clue on how useless this man has been for the State of Vermont and the nation.
    Please people, please tell me what he has accomplished in the last 20 or so years that he has been a Senator..

  4. That’s good news he’s surging up, that means after ” tonight’s Debate ” he’ll fall a little
    father back where he belongs, at the bottom.

    But then again if these liberal moderators keep throwing slow pitches and NO real
    questions, it will be a walk in the park

    Don’t forget he’ll be on stage with a couple of ” Billionaires “, those he and others despise,
    because Bernie, Elizabeth are only ” Millionaires ” so they only hate billionaires now, hypocrites
    or idiots….

    I bet anti-gun Bloomberg won’t be throwing any slow pitches at him, two old farts it should be

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