Letter: Taking your medicine

Editor’s note: This letter is by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford.

Here in Vermont our biweekly briefings given by Governor Phil Scott are currently promoting vaccinations. Like it or not, the vaccines are experimental at best and have no extensive track record or long-term data to support them.

Dr. Simone Gold and the American Frontline Doctors are by no means the only medical professionals raising concerns about vaccination in the United States or globally for that matter. But one thing they all have in common is they are being censored and purged from this discussion, when they should be brought into it in a much more inclusive and constructive way. This purging of concerned professionals places our leaders in a much smaller box, restricting their parameters of operation to a limited number of options controlled by those with a vested interest — and granted immunity from prosecution if their products harm those encouraged to take the medicine.

Is it wrong to suggest we look for solutions throughout the medical profession before forfeiting the right of informed consent? Should we be exclusively turning it over to a limited number of experts our leaders must rely on for policy decisions?

Perhaps our political leaders have been handed a deck for a particular solution; however, most leaders are ill equipped to reshuffle that deck before it is dealt.

So far we are not being forced to take the medicine — or are we?

Lynn James Edmunds
Wallingford, Vermont

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  1. Sunday, February 14, 2021
    Marked for death
    Forget the dangers posed by a potential reaction to the Covid “vaccine”. The far more significant danger is that the pseudo-vaccine will provide the next virus with a marker to target. In fact, the “success” of the Covid vaccine program may have already assured that China will win its 5GW wars

  2. Friday, February 19, 2021
    “Imaginary and fictitious”
    “I’m a clinical lab scientist. I have a PhD in virology and immunology. I’m a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1500 “supposed” positive Covid 19 samples collected here in S. California. When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch’s postulates and observation under a SEM (scanning electron microscope), we found NO Covid in any of the 1500 samples.”

  3. The question of forced vaccination isn’t merely a public health issue: is it (medically) good for us? Framing this question as falling solely within a medical purview ignores hard evidence of medical abuses in the name of “the greater good” justified by some medical necessity. Some examples: eugenics in Vermont, which while ostensibly voluntary was actually coerced “for the greater good”; the broader trajectory of eugenics in America wherein it was coercive by law; and last but not least, the vast abuses during the Third Reich for the greater good of society, as that program was overwhelmingly a biomedical program (i.e., to ensure the purity of the race– again, eugenics.)

    If history has taught us anything it’s that our “greater good” is that we should never be subjected to state medical mandates. Even saying that penalties for non-compliance with medical mandates can be upheld so long as these penalties aren’t oppressive (as the 1905 Jacobson decision stated) doesn’t work: witness how in 1927 Buck v. Bell shredded that suggestion in order to push through forced sterilization.

    “Medical necessity”: are you beginning to hate that concept yet? It’s not up to our beloved government to tell us what’s medically necessary as we’re perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, and too often this “medical necessity” has been an excuse for tyranny.

  4. For the record, masks and now vaccines lag far behind viable treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. First reports that miracle vax does NOT prevent spread and transmission and only lessens symptoms? Of course there could not be an emergency rollout of vaccines if there was a treatment option. Voila, ban or order doctors not to prescribe the treatment, the vaccines trillion dollar profits secured.

  5. Thank you Lynn for presenting the basic idea that people should hear as much information as possible about alternative, proven effective treatments for medical issues – right now about the ‘vaccine’, which really is an experimental biological agent. Dr. Judy Mikovits is a dedicated researcher, who followed the data, listened to her patients, made tremendous discoveries throughout her near 40 years in science. I recommend her book “Plague of Corruption” for everyone to read before making a decision on getting the ‘vaccine.’

  6. have you tried to get on the state web site – what a disaster… wife has been shut out for 2 day because it wants her date of birth, the one shown on the web page but it will not accept it??? I wonder if the programmers are the same ones that did the vote counting software – she is a Republican! Just asking…

  7. Well done Lynn…..perhaps they could embed the video so people can see and then click. Thank you True North for daring to be open to other medical advise from very competant, practicing doctors who are dealing with this in the field and see the results.

    Question? Does Vermont have the three beneficial medicines for our citizens?

    • Neil,

      The articles Doctor Simone Goldman referenced are included and linked to the words “censored & purged”, but not sure what medicines Vermont makes available for those who contract the virus. However it is hard to understand the push for a vaccine of such unknown consequence when the virus has such an overwhelmingly high survival rate with treatment. Where is the fear factor coming from? Who benefits and who loses?

      When in doubt, don’t!

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