Letter: Sen. Joe Manchin has saved this country … at least for now

This letter is by James Hall, a resident of Center Rutland.

To the editor:

As of today at least, the U.S. presidency, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives are occupied by the Democratic Party, in terms of political party division. This is one item that, like it or not, there is currently no argument with.

So Sen. Joe Manchin stated that he cannot support the Biden plan in front of the U.S. Senate, known as the Infrastructure Bill. I am sure Sen. Manchin was getting a lot of pressure from his constituents in West Virginia, saying “we do not want this bill to become law.” So being responsive to the people who sent him to Washington, D.C., he declared that he cannot and will not support the Biden proposal. So the left wingers are having a grand hissy over this rebuke. They do not understand that supporting the people who elected the senator is priority, and Sen. Manchin correctly has followed that concept here, not only for the voters in his state, but the whole country.

Mainstream America does not want this bill either. As I mentioned at the beginning of this, the Democrats own all the power in Washington. But they pick on Sen. Joe because they can’t bring themselves to admit that they could not muster the votes and the item has failed. It’s all Sen. Manchin’s fault, they say.

Sen. Manchin has saved this country from being closer to economic collapse than even he himself may realize. I for one, thank Sen. Manchin from way down as far as I am able to reach, that he has saved this country, at least for now.

James B Hall
Center Rutland

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4 thoughts on “Letter: Sen. Joe Manchin has saved this country … at least for now

  1. Joe Manchin, the lone soul that stood up for his constituents, knowing that the BBB “aka”,
    ” Big Bad Boondoggle ” would bury his constituents by killing his state !!

    So far Joe Manchin has held the line, and it only took one day for his party to turn its back
    on him, DemocRATs are just power-hunger fools and will do whatever as we have seen and
    that includes burying the country in debt………hopefully there are some ” blue-collar ” Dems
    that will follow suit and stop the spending nonsense, that your kids and grandkids will be on
    the hook for !!

    Joe Manchin should be ” Man Of The Year ” for saving our country, all Vermont has is Socialist
    Sanders who wants to spend more and more ……pretty pathetic.

  2. The reason President Biden, the Democrat Party, Bernie Sanders and the far left are so burned up over Joe Manchin’s actions…….Is because they know Manchin is right and their BBB scam has been exposed for what it is……A $5 trillion lie!

    • You mean, a $5 TRILLION SOCIALIST takeover of the federal government by Dem/Progs to achieve centralized command/control over everything and everybody, to “remake” the US, into what they think it should be,

      With just-walk-in open borders
      With no voter ID
      With universal mail-out of ballots
      With universal harvesting of ballots
      With almost everyone receive a check, courtesy of whatever federal and state program
      With $multi-trillion annual federal budget deficits
      With $1.5 trillion annual trade deficits
      With SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE facing bankruptcy in 4 years
      With a US national debt similar to Italy
      With GWSA $multi-billion, save-the-world idiocies to line the pockets of self-serving, subsidy-sucking RE entities

      Go to the polls en masse in November 2022

      Finally, vote out the career bureaucrats and career politicians who have been and are planning to screw Vermonters, with no end in sight.

  3. Manchin should be TIME’s Person of the Year of 2022.

    He singlehandedly stood up, as David to Goliath, to the cabal of BBB-bill “SHAPERS”, that were pushing like hell to put one over onto the American People, that would have meant a DISASTROUS, LEFT-TURN for the US.

    Read below article to get BBB information, which you would NEVER get from the VT Media.

    Excerpt from:


    Distrust in Government

    I am not surprised at the lack of public trust in Washington, DC, and elsewhere. The games of smoke and mirrors played in Washington are off-the-charts outrageous.

    Never, ever, has there been such a level of deceit, as Democrats have inflicted on the US People, since January 2021, after using a fraudulent election in 2020 (see Appendix), to achieve a coup d’etat, to relentlessly push for a major increase of:

    1) The size and intrusiveness of government, and
    2) Democrat command/control over the federal government and the American people.

    Here is an example:

    Build Back Better’ Would Cost $4.490 Trillion Over the Next Decade, if Provisions Were Made to Last 10 Years

    PHASE 1; BBB programs have various expiration dates to lower the cost

    BBB Bill “Shaping” and Cost Estimating

    The cost of the original BBB bill was $6.0 trillion, as crafted by extreme-leftist Sanders, Chairman of the US Senate Budget Committee. When his proposals proved to be a non-starter, he was told to “whittle it down” to an alleged $3.5 trillion, which, he declared, was the “absolute minimum”.

    Whittled down means, he shortened the duration of some programs from 10 years to 1 year, or 2 years, etc., as explained in next sections. See table 1

    Manchin, moderate Democrat, US Senator of West Virginia, knows how to co-operate with moderate Republicans.
    He had stated, he had reservations about the BBB bill, and would consider a bill costing about $1.5 trillion.

    Senators Sanders and Wyden, and White House staff, and Pelosi’s staff, etc., aka “the Shapers”, further whittled down the cost of the BBB bill from $3.5 to $1.75 trillion, to partially placate Manchin, mainly by tossing some programs and shortening program durations even more. See table 1

    At this point Manchin, who had been largely kept out of the loop, made more and more noise.
    He and Sanders had frequent shouting matches about:

    1) BBB budgeting smoke-and-mirror shenanigans, such as short program durations to reduce costs
    2) BBB causing a major increase in the intrusiveness of the federal government
    3) BBB increasing the bureaucrat headcount of federal, state and local governments by at least 100,000
    4) BBB worsening high inflation rates (about 6%/y) in 2022, and beyond
    5) BBB worsening multi-billion US budget deficits in 2022, and beyond
    6) BBB worsening the rapidly-growing US national debt
    7) BBB worsening US trade competitiveness and US trade deficits
    8) BBB worsening the precarious financial condition of the Social Security and Medicare Systems. See Note

    The resulting BBB bill had become a Green New Deal cornucopia for boosting Democrat constituencies. See table 1
    The BBB bill, aka “budget reconciliation bill,” had morphed into a vast expansion and increase of:

    1) The socialistic welfare state for individuals, and
    2) The decades-long bonanza for multi-millionaire subsidy-seekers in the renewable energy sector.

    Major Items in the BBB Bill: The bill, as crafted in the US House, includes:

    1) Various social programs, such as pre-school, family leave, expanded Medicaid, extended Child Tax Credit, extended Earned Income Tax Credit. See table 1

    2) Increase the state and local tax deduction (SALT) from $10,000 to $80,000

    3) Extension of subsidies for wind, solar, etc., and increased subsidies for electric vehicles, etc. See Table 1 and Appendix for “all-in” cost of wind and solar in New England

    4) Immigration reform, such as adding millions of new immigrants to the US population in the first 10 years, on top of an amnesty for roughly 6.5 million people. See Note.

    NOTE: The Congressional Budget Office, CBO, judged item 4 unqualified to be included in a “reconciliation” bill. This item has been estimated to cost $483 billion over 10 years; that amount is not included in CBO cost estimates. See table 2

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