Letter: Scott a total failure for the GOP and for Vermont

This letter is by Keith Stern, of North Springfield.

It was very obvious to me very early on in his first gubernatorial campaign that Phil Scott was not governor material. In a VPR interview he talked about so many young people leaving the state and said his solution was to let people up to age 25 be given an exemption from income tax. I told my wife then that he was in over his head. So from age 18 to 24 these people could work income-tax-free while increasing their income when all of a sudden they are getting hit with the tax. Talk about an incentive to leave at that point — this would be it.

So he was elected, and he has done nothing to change my mind. From telling the Legislature to put gun legislation on his desk that he would sign, to locking down the state because he was terrified, Phil Scott has made missteps on a regular basis.

He has added a number of employees making over $100,000 per year and started an entirely new office to deal with the widespread racism that he believes exists in Vermont. Twice he refused to sign the budget, which led to thousands of dollars in extended wages for legislators, only to concede after the money was wasted. He signed Act 46, which unsurprisingly turned out to be a failure but is still in place.

Then we can add same day voter registration that allows for fraud. Next Scott was excited to have ballots sent out to all Vermonters, living or dead, because it gives everyone a chance to vote. (Of course there’s no chance for any fraud there — and it was so very difficult to get an absentee ballot, wasn’t it?)

He has been such an impediment to the GOP, but people couldn’t see that. Of course he couldn’t champion conservative values and ideas, being a progressive.

And finally, one thing that really is telling, is that when our Springfield representative died, the governor could have chosen a Republican candidate from the recently held election. After all, with a supermajority by the Democrats who would be bothered? But no, he decided to choose a Democrat who hadn’t been a candidate.

And who could forget his constant criticizing of Trump and his undying love and support for Joe Biden?

Overall, he’s just a total failure for the GOP and for Vermont. Is it any wonder why the majority of Democrats support him?

Keith Stern
North Springfield, Vermont

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21 thoughts on “Letter: Scott a total failure for the GOP and for Vermont

  1. Are there any conservative men or women who both dare run and have the showmanship to win?

    It’s not Scott you should be angry with, it’s WCAX, WPTZ, PBS, NPR, FOX 22/44 … and several others.

    We need a new, unbiased, prime time televised news source for the masses (thanks for the effort, true north). We need an education system that doesn’t advocate for socialism.

  2. He is a Democrat and just uses the Republican party for the Democrat agenda. Don’t underestimate how low the Democrats will go to achieve total power. If good men and women don’t step up and stop this, your grandchildren will be living in a country with nearly zero freedom.

  3. You mean RINO’s like Susan Collins, Romney, Liz Cheney Hogan, Murkowski etc. etc. etc. This is why trump’s batting average of candidates he endorsed in the primaries are at about 96% that won. People are rejecting the Republican squishes because they’re SAWFT. Come election time, maybe not in Vermont, it’s going to be an ULTRA MAGA WORLD.

  4. My sentiments too…….I voted for Phil Scott to represent us, we, the citizens of Vermont. During this past term my thoughts have completely changed and I will no longer vote for this; the party line, woke agenda, child abuse (yessiree thats what it is, so lets just call it like it is), and green green green…….I’ve had it Mr. Scott

  5. You are onto something……you’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg……there is waaaaay more.

  6. Governor Scott has issued more veteos than any other Governor in Vermont history. The fact is that with a supermajority of Dems. and Progressives in the legislature, he has had a very tough hand to play and he has played it extremely well.

    What is needed is to stop worrying so much about ideological purity and start concentratting on electing more Republicans and Independents. A net gain of 5 more seats in the House would ensure the ability to sustain Governor Scott’s vetoes and significant change the power dynamics in Montpelier. Time to ge to work and support those who have been willing to put themselves forward as candidates.

    • John they are going to shut down you commentary next.
      They are going to lock down for Monkey Pox…

      He supports Build Back Better, You will own nothing and be happy.

      Last I knew that wasn’t even American, that was pimpin’ for the New World Order.

      Scott throws a bone for people to say, see he’s not that bad….

      It’s America vs. The NWO….Scott is clearly on the wrong side of history…

    • He has more vetoes, big deal. On the very critical issues he has sided with or not made a case against the democrats.
      You want to play the He’s had a tough hand to play card, that just shows you don’t know the true story. He doesn’t endorse conservative or just right leaning republicans and doesn’t go to campaign events to show his support.
      The best example is 2 guys picking others for a pickup basketball game. One guy picks the shortest, heaviest, least coordinated ones. When they lose he says what could we do, we’re undermanned. He helped create the situation that exists. So don’t go there.

  7. Keith, you wrote, “who could forget Governor Scott’s constant criticizing of Trump and his undying love and support for Joe Biden?”

    Governor Scott did constantly criticize President Trump on numerous issues.

    But his statements on the election are in a category unto themselves and must be viewed through the lens of foreign interference.

    As the US was reeling from biological warfare, economic warfare and digital warfare attacks originating offshore, Governor Scott adhered to our enemies and gave them aid stealing the election and attempting to remove the Commander in Chief over the US nuclear arsenal.

    Scott is not merely a failure, he is a traitor against the people, the lawful President, and the United States of America.


  8. The criticism of Governor Scott resonates over here on the right but perhaps we can take a different perspective on our dissatisfaction with his tenure. Has he been a mole selectively obstructing at least some of the left’s agenda in Montpelier?
    . .

    • selectively destructing the VTGOP may be more accurate, he’s the leader, it is beyond shambles…

      I say this with loving affection, there are many within the party and many, many more who have walked into to the party to help, put in time and money, run for office…..and shake their heads.

      Any sane person, who would get an overview of what is being done, how things are being run, what is going on would walk away. This is exactly what happens every year.

      Now Scott on the other hand runs a great campaign, great campaign….so clearly somebody knows what to do.

      Vermont is going to have another epic loss. Meanwhile the rest of America is singing a completely different tune. And why doesnt’ the VTGOP change at all? Because they like it just the way it is. Scott likes the VTGOP just the way it is, otherwise, he’d do something. And the only thing he does is create more division from within.

      You shall know them by their fruit.

    • Thank You Mr. Hunter for speaking TRUTH. I have been saying for a long time that Scott ran and got into office with nothing but LIES. He was never a conservative, and proved it repeatedly with his wondrous lock downs and citizen censorship.

  9. Keith, I see you only highlighted a few of Scott’s blunders, yes there are plenty more !!

    I am in my early seventies and confess I did vote for him, he was the best of two evils at
    the time, being a Conservative, I am appalled how Scott sides with all the progressives
    nonsense, he’s surely no leader.

    Scott is about as much ” Conservative as Bernie is an Independent ” but Vermont keeps
    voting these inept clowns in ……………All of my family have turned the page on Scott !!

    Vermont GOP, better wake up as the progressive cancer is killing them and the state.

    • Keith:
      You have it right, no question. This guy is a failure, I do not care what Freitag or anyone says. Scott’s side of the coin is so patently obvious and revealing, as some of us knew when he first went into the Governor’s seat.
      Tell me how many of the P/D side are complaining…. I hear of very few. That should be the sealer here.
      Time to switch horses and get on with saving the state.

  10. We’re saying the same thing over here in New Hampshire about Chris Sununu.
    Real Republicans in Massachusetts are saying the same thing about Charlie Baker.
    The Mainers are in the same boat..

    Same issues, different details.. all over New England.

    Can you see a pattern here?

    • You guys need to strip him of his R…….

      He can hold office but you should throw him out of the Republican Party, you guys could do it, we’ve got way too many rinos over here.

      • That has been tried and the VTGOP just won’t do it. I guess cuz they can *say* We have an “R”!! He is a dismal excuse for a conservative, thats for sure, having GLEEFULLY boasted that he voted for the Commander in Thief. Disgusting. For me and my house, we will not financially or otherwise support the GOP until they pull their heads out.

    • The pattern is that practical traditional Republicans who speak to issues that most people can relate to, are able to be elected to the highest leadership positions in even the most Democratic of states.

      • Republicans elected to blue states are an exact copy of Phil Scott, they are RINOs.
        There are none so blind as those who can’t see. Your ramblings are no more than a defense of a republican in name only! If he was a true republican, wouldn’t he be at party gatherings and out supporting republican candidates throughout the state? If he wanted his vetoes upheld, wouldn’t he be working to get more republicans (real ones) elected to the house and senate? For God’s sake, he voted for and supports Joe Biden the man currently destroying America. No one with a functioning brain can call he a republican!

        • The Republican Party origins are as a Party of opportunity for working Americans. The Land Grant College Act which starteed out schools of agriculture and engineering and the Homestead Act both passed in 1862 are two good examples.

          President Lincoln who was a reconciller appealing to the “better angles of our nature” and in his 2nd ingnauration address in which we spoke of “malice toward none and charity toward all” even while the Civil War was in its final days, is the example of a “real” Repbulican.

          Phil Scott is this type of Republican and it is his fundemetal Vermont decency that appeals to so many across the political spectrum. There is a primary going on and those who would like a candidate who speaks more to them can vote for an alternative candidate.

          However, to say that Phil Scott, the son of a severely wounded veteran, construction company owner, and lifelong Republican who believes in smaller government and more individual responsibility, is not representative of a majority of a Republicans in Vermont is in its own way a bit blind to reality.

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