Letter: Rutland Town requires masks in public indoor settings

This letter by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford.

Apparently, there is no such thing as compensation for compliance measures which have failed us over the past 21 months. Thus, we are left only with buyer’s remorse resulting from disappointing solutions. Could this be why there is an attempt to transfer the blame for these failures to a lower echelon of governance?

That being the case, Rutland Town has just jumped in with both feet to accept and carry that blame forward after being given the opportunity by a special session of the Vermont Legislature, assisted by the Scott administration who may also see benefit in deflecting responsibility.

Presumably this mask ordinance was enacted for the protection of the public’s health and safety in Rutland Town. It comes complete with fines for violators that increase with the number of offenses, but also offers exemptions for establishments serving food and beverage.

Could this be considered arbitrary or discriminatory practices happening all over again?

Like it or not, this blame game could prove devastating to Rutland Town, which is the major destination for commerce in the area, and perhaps a boom for businesses in surrounding towns that will now become destinations should they choose not to participate in a mask ordinance.

Folks living in more rural settings won’t hesitate to drive a few more miles if it means they don’t have to play these kinds of games. I know for a fact they have already started adjusting their shopping habits.

Lynn James Edmunds
Wallingford, Vermont

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Rutland Town requires masks in public indoor settings

  1. With all the hoopla about masks WHO cares anymore if you want to wear one fine, however I for one will not .
    Masks breed disease and drop O2 levels to your body.
    And who will stop those that do not wear them? Does anyone really think the Rutland police want to give out tickets because of 4 power hungry people
    Look at real places and real numbers just don’t believe the media do a deep dive into
    Vermont’s 92% vaccine rate and add another 4% for people that survived and have natural immunity what has been accomplished with all that ,Nothing but more people getting the disease so masks do not work but I can tell you it is a FLU you will get it and get over it
    The Spanish flu was a 2 year so I d the world event and then disappeared.
    Corona is at that point and with over 1,500 variations of has mutated into something that will never go away but will effectively just become a new seasonal flu

  2. Should be a boon for the little mom and pop stores outside city limits.. People are
    sick of the incessant whine over failed policies that aren’t working in the D’s newest
    war on freedom.. covid crud.. Just like all wars d’s fight there is no hope of winning
    when your policy is stuck on stupid… not the science…

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