Letter: Prudent policymaking considers multiple factors

Editor’s note: This letter is by Meg Hansen of Manchester.

The latest figures show that the COVID-19 childhood case fatality rate is 0.01 percent, that is, around 520 children have died since the pandemic began. Let’s put this statistic into context. During the 2018-19 influenza season, over 46,000 children were hospitalized and 480 children died. The CDC reports 675 total pediatric deaths (annual average of 113 deaths) due to influenza between 2010-11 and 2015-16. The intention is not to make light of any death but to emphasize that prudent policymaking considers multiple factors such as the efficacy of masks and the impact of their extended use on children.

In my commentary, “Virus Mutation Does Not Justify Masking Children,” I explained that there is no conclusive evidence of masks preventing COVID-19 spread. However, the adverse effects of prolonged mask wearing are well documented. Developmental delays, cognitive decline, and behavioral regression are serious harms that can become permanent. The risk of infections is ever present but the steps to confront it cannot inflict irreparable damage. Rather than the Delta variant, the influenza morbidity and mortality rates offer a stronger basis to mask children for protection. But we have never made that argument and for good reason.

Meg Hansen
Manchester, VT

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Prudent policymaking considers multiple factors

  1. Thank you Meg. We all need to step back and make sure we are learning as much as we can from what is happening and in some cases we have misinformation from the top down. Primarily because this is new ground for the world. Regarding masks…. The masks allow up to 3 micron particles to flow through them and the Covid airborne particles are 1 micron. What is the mask for then? Could it be theatre (Rand Paul) or could it be that we must DO SOMETHING or perhaps it makes us feel safer. We know masking children is not healthy and is it more about the adults than the children?? We now know that those who’ve have had the jab are spreaders of the Delta as they carry a higher viral load. And the jab efficacy has dropped substantially. We also know that the delta is less dangerous than the Cov19.
    The world is in a tizzy. We don’t want any deaths but we know people die everyday and even the common cold takes precious lives from us. Wear the mask if it makes you feel better or not. Personal choice should always prevail and we will get beyond this. What will be interesting is when we reflect on how we treated each other in a moment of crisis. Take a breath, shut off the tv and enjoy someone’s company. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nurse. I am just Deb and could be wrong.

  2. Thank you Ms Hansen for your insightful evealuation and attention to this abuse of our youth and tragic consequences outlined in your commentaries. Perspecive viewed from vantage point of a doctor renders warning all the more serious.

  3. This is not about a virus, a mask or a vaccine. This is about conditioning children and their parents right along with them. These children are the entire future of our country and to destroy our tax funded education system and their proper Educations is an act of war.

    Those who are good students of history know exactly what is going on here.. the people that loaded the Jewish people into boxcars to their deaths were not always monsters, they were taught to see the Jews. as not even human. Kind of like unvaccinated people that refuse to submit to the agenda.
    There are places in America right now that are saying that unvaccinated people are not even allowed to go buy food in a store, they are refusing them medical care.. what the heck do you think you are looking at? If that isn’t inhumane then I don’t know what is.
    People need to wake up.

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