Letter: Lieutenant governor’s race presents a choice between more of the past or a new future

Editor’s note: This letter is from Meg Hansen, a resident of Manchester. She is running for lieutenant governor as a Republican in 2020.

Dear Editor,

The 2020 lieutenant governor’s race is not about the left versus the right. It is about the past versus the future. This week’s VTDigger article, where I learned about Sen. Tim Ashe’s decision [to run for lieutenant governor], illustrates the deep divide between the prison guards of the past and our forward-looking “Small Towns, Big Hearts” campaign. I entered this race expecting to take on an entrenched incumbent, not to capitalize on political opportunity. If you stand on the courage of your convictions, then you do not wait for an opening, you make one.

Our campaign presents Vermonters with a vision for the future that makes a clean break from the same old, same old status quo. Vermonters are being crippled by (1) punishing tax burdens, (2) vanishing economic freedom for small business owners, (3) no opportunities for upwardly mobile careers (the vast majority of citizens under 40 see no viable future in this state), and (4) the inability to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families because of monopolies, corruption, and a political class that prioritizes ideology over individuals. Moreover, the sexual and drug abuse in Vermont women’s prisons, the billion dollar scam that is OneCare Vermont, and our deliberately opaque education spending are just three examples of the horrifying accountability crisis in government that we, the people of Vermont, are expected to quietly accept.

We need systemic change in our government and a fundamental shift toward servant leadership. I stand for empowering the working and middle classes with the freedom to choose in health care, education, and work; for fostering a diverse pro-business climate that creates prosperity for all, and for a transparent government that fulfills its debt obligations and honestly answers to the public.

Learn more about my story and our campaign at hansenforvermont.com. Connect with me on Facebook or email (info@hansenforvermont.com).

Thank you,
Meg Hansen
Manchester, Vermont

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12 thoughts on “Letter: Lieutenant governor’s race presents a choice between more of the past or a new future

  1. Meg Hansen just nailed it. Unfortunately, “change” is a word that does not resonate with the career politicians that haunt the hall of our Capitol. Time will, tell.

  2. This junk started with that infamous Playboy article, telling the useless and demanding big spender folks to flock to Vermont.

    That lead to the squeaker of an election of Phil Hoff – who showed us we could spend every cent we had – and then tax and borrow and spend the rest.

    This election ??????????/

  3. This one of the problems in VT as mentioned in the VT Digger article

    “Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, said he learned of Ashe’s plans Wednesday morning. Benning, who is chair of the Senate Institutions Committee, said he could support Ashe in an election, if there wasn’t a “competent” Republican alternative. ”

    Who does JB feel is “competent” and by what criteria? Ashe is one of those in Chittenden County that is controlling the state. Automatically Ashe should not be considered.

    Boy what an uphill situation for true Reps. Guess he doesn’t have a clue about Ms. Hansen and the Reps that are running.

    • It is unfortunate that my remarks to the VtDigger reporter, from a discussion on who was mechanically capable of running the Senate (think town moderator skills), are being interpreted by some to think I was somehow in sync with Senator Ashe’s political policy mindset. Having been totally surprised by the reporter’s question, the article leaves the impression I’m throwing Republicans under the bus. That was never my intention, but I’ll swallow it as my responsibility for failing to articulate better in the pressure of the moment. Anyone who reads the news would know that Senators Ashe and I have been on opposite sides for the past ten years on many policy proposals. Those would include tax increases, minimum wage, family leave, gun control, the H.57 abortion bill, universal health care, Shumlin judicial appointments and numerous other proposals. We’ve also quarreled (respectfully) over the impacts of initiatives he’s backed that have had dramatic impact on rural districts like mine. Finally, long before the above quote from me was printed, Don Turner received a text from me urging him to run again. I hope he will, and if he does I’ll be supporting him.

      • As of late with all due respect Sen Benning, you have had to clarify your statements to republicans who do not agree with you or misunderstood what you said. You aren’t a native Vermonter, but you have secured a place as a republican law maker in Vermont. All true republicans and conservatives want is for those who represent us to actually be republicans or conservative. Above in your comment you said you would support Don Turner yet if he doesn’t run would you choose Ashe over our other republican candidates? You again didn’t clarify.

      • As the very vocal Trump-hater you claim to be…I would never vote for you for anything…much of the fist-shaking posturing away from our President amounts to a cowardly attempt to secure the Dem vote…our state is full of Rinos who salve what little conscience they have…if any…with such foolish platitudes such as ‘Purity is not the solution but the problem’…And putting their own selfish political and business interests above our VT and the legal residents of our state…selfrighteously championing the Dems and rest of their communist friends at the expense of the rest of us…shame on yall…

        • While the rest if our nation prospers due to policies enacted to our wonderful potus…VT is consigned to and remains the backwater it has always been…the Democrats and corrupt party have ruined our state.

          We cannot move forward bc business owners do not want to come here as business climate is too uncertain
          – paid family leave
          – minimum wage increase
          – handing well over $1 million to Planned Parenthood…who’s next?
          – a governor who is a traitor to his base and is supported by more Dems than Republicans and conservatives
          – single payer/universal healthcare debacle and ramifications for business
          – a proposed carbon tax in various iterations

          All those who champion Democrats and their policies of pure folly are ruining our state.

  4. It’ll be an up hill battle to overcome the shepople mindset of the Democrat followers that have flocked to VT and taken over. Certainly the pendulum will swing back and with people like Ms Hansen opening eyes, there’s hope.

    The recent article by TNR highlighting the new candidates is a grand positive.
    A dozen 2020 ‘agripublican’ candidates announce campaigns for Vermont seats

    Another aspect that needs rectifying are the gun control legislation that tramples the VT & US Constitutions.

  5. I love Meg’s phrase, “…the billion dollar scam that is OneCare Vermont.” Listen to this woman on healthcare.

  6. I think it is great that there are so many candidates for Lt. Gov. It’s wonderful that there will be primary races in both parties. Vermonters will have a real choice. I hope the media will give fair coverage of the race and not dismiss the newcomers In the past the media has claimed newcomers don’t have a chance. The media was way off on Scott Milne’s race. May the best candidate win.

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