Letter: Joe Benning ‘is politically moderate, civil to others’

This letter is by Mark Perry, of Waterbury Center.

If you are looking for positive change, look no further than Joe Benning for Lt. Governor. Joe Benning is the candidate Vermont needs. He is politically moderate, civil to others, well versed in Vermont and US history, and passionate for the rule of law. Change without regard to these is just change and not always for the better. Joe has been senator for the Caledonia district for 12 years, giving him the best possible experience for the role of Lt. Governor.

I have known Joe since 2005. I have worked with him in our local motorcycle chapter, in Rotary activities, and we’ve traveled across this country coast to coast, from Vermont to Alaska and back on our motorcycles. I’ve spent weeks at a time in close quarters with him and a group of other riders as we tested our physical endurance, faced long days, unexpected weather events, and individual personal, emotional, and health issues along with other unforeseen logistical
problems on the road. He has shown me time and time again that not only is he genuinely prepared, but patient, thoughtful, caring and respectful of differing opinions when things change on the fly. He is always looking for consensus and a way forward; always keeping a calm demeanor and caring for others.

Vermont and our Governor can use a partner like Joe Benning to help guide our state forward. We’ve been through some trying times recently and Joe has the experience, skills, knowledge, passion and desire to help all of us move forward towards building a better, stronger Vermont to live and work, to raise our families and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Please take the time to get to know Joe Benning. Read up on his history as a leader in the Vermont Senate, listen to him speak to others, contact him and ask him how he would handle the issues you are facing or are concerned with. He’d love to hear from you. I personally guarantee he will give you his time and full attention and will back up his positions with well thought out, well researched, polite, honest and from the heart answers; not the usual general political talking points.

I hope you will consider supporting Joe Benning with your vote on August 9th. Joe is truly Vermont’s best choice for Lt. Governor.

Mark T. Perry
Waterbury Ctr.

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8 thoughts on “Letter: Joe Benning ‘is politically moderate, civil to others’

  1. All the endorsements in the world do not change the fact that Joe turned on republicans and accused hundres of Vermonters of being insurrectionists for going to DC on J6, 2021. That was a slap in the face knowing that Joe had cast his vote for Jie Beden in November along with the governor. Rinos turning against the party they belong to. Also, that disgusting political attack on Greg Thayer says it all. If you cross Joe, be ready for his retribution. The last thing we need is another lawyer pulling the strings of government. The government is supposed to be, Of the people, By the People and for the people and not made up of lawyers who draw their power from law books written by and for lawyers. Mr. Perry, who supports RINOs and RINO politicians who support article 22 to be included in our Vermont constitution have or will violate their oaths of office to defend and not harm the constitution of Vermont under the penalty of perjury. Inserting an amendment that actually defines nothing nor defines any individual right will be tied up in the courts and judged by non-elected judges and will be decided based on their ideology and by who appointed them. Say no to these people and yes to Greg Thayer, who is not a lawyer and does not support the make-believe rights invented in article 22

  2. Anyone who would call Greg Thayer an insurrectionist for exercising his right to go to the January 6th rally or attack Mark Coester for so called “fascist iconography” is himself practicing fascism and is not worthy of any American’s vote.



    “A Leopard can’t change its spots and a Skunk can’t change its smell”. – D.B. Wilmer

  3. Civil to others? Consider how Benning describes his constituents to the progressive liberal media:

    ● In June, Benning told VTDigger that he was well aware of the conspiratorial and extremist ideology “that has injected itself into the party.”

    ● “That is just ignorance at the highest level. And for that to become a narrative in a politician’s campaign is something that has to be stopped.”

    ● “They are rife with extremists.”

    ● “I find it gravely troubling that Mr. Thayer has continued to defend the indefensible, courting those that promote conspiracy theories, fascist iconography, and white nationalism,”

    ● Thayer told VTDigger that if Benning wins the primary, he will vote for him in the general election “because I support Republicans.”

    ● Benning doesn’t say the same of his opponent. “That’s not the kind of individual that I want to see representing the Republican Party,” Benning said, referring to Thayer.

    Mr. Benning is, clearly, a pretender extraordinaire.

    • What he’s said may be unwelcome in some quarters, but he didn’t say anything uncivil. And his constituents include everyone in his district – not only those in the tiny fringe group of conspiratorial extremists who exhibit ignorance at the highest level.

  4. politically moderate is politispeak for a centrist democrat. Anyone endorsed by Phlipping Phil should automatically be taken off any republican’s voting list.
    You can’t be serious saying he is civil after Joe called all people who was in DC January 6th to voice their concerns insurrectionists.

  5. Joe Benning ‘is politically moderate, civil to others’and a worthless RINO,No Thanks.

    • me too NO thanks………voting for Joe is voting for the status quo…….and we all know we need some big changes not just in Vermont, but in our Nation……
      We The People!!!

      • You the People??? Speak for yourself. You’re part of the tiny group of conspiratorial extremists Sen Benning is referring to.

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