‘Everyday people’ endorsing Gregory Thayer for lieutenant governor

This letter is by Gregory Thayer of Rutland. He is a candidate for lieutenant governor.

I am very humbled by the outpouring of support and positive words for me and my campaign all across our great State of Vermont. To me, Vermont is the best place on God’s green earth. I am a born and raised Green Mountain Boy, a 4th generational Vermonter. I raised my family here and we all still live here today. I love the Green Mountains for a lot of reasons, but primarily, our people! My campaign is about you, “We The People”! And I have a common-sense approach to governing.

I do not want nor do I ask for political endorsements. I want the endorsements from “everyday people,” you the voters! From Derby Line to Pownal and from Swanton to Vernon and every town and hamlet in between, I have listened to you, heard from you and shook your hand while talking with you, and I just want to say thank you form my heart. Tammy and I deeply appreciate you sharing your hopes, goals and fears with us. I will work for you endlessly everyday. God bless you and your family.

Below is a partial list of Vermonters that we could confirm placing their endorsement in print supporting my campaign to be Vermont’s 84th lieutenant governor. (They are not in any particular order.)

Tammy Lancour, Linda Kirker, Jim Sexton, Shirley Snelling Sexton, Jim Letourneau, Christopher Krackle, Ellie Martin, Glenn Martin, Laura Benner and Jason, Nancy Brault, Ann Marie & Gus Klien, Renee McGuinness, Ed & Anne Wheeler, Jon Cristinano, Dr. Jane Ross, Dr. Bob & Marian Burton, Mary Blum, Larry McEnany, Rosemary Averill, William Toborg, Katie & Brian Parent and daughters, Keith Sterns, Scott Frye, Michael Kell, Charles Wilson, Laura Benner, Jeff DeForest, Rich Hutchinson, William Doran, Royce Hill Farm, Nicholas Anagnos, Cody Hemenway…

And Terry Williams, Delores & Jay Lubke, Stuart Lindberg, George Wilson, John Henry Hubert, Kim Crosby, John Pedone, Angela & Butch Paul, Donna Jean Jackson, Tom Depoy, Tammy Beauchamp Eno, Sandie & Mark Losby, Jarrod Sammis, Michael Karaffa, Mike & Denisem Hall, Colleen Harrington, Linda Falco, Jeannie Garrow, Tom Licetic, Lee Thompson, Alice & Jeffrey Flanders, Bob Bates, Cindy Susan Bowen, Thom Hughes, Pam & Gary Pouliot, Zachariah Messier, Tom & Denise Hughes, Nancy Sprecht. George Clifford, Terry Morton, John Welch, Linda & Frank Dunn, and

And Don Dame, Justin & Emily Sinkevich, Michael Gilbert, Brian Gillam, Dick Gallo, Nancy & Dale Gassett, Mark Coester, Patrick Gilligan, Marie Gilligan, Glenn Gilligan, Randy Gilligan, Ronda Bates Fenton, Martha Hafner, Nicole & Randy Delong, Rohan St, Marthe, April Kilburn, Stephen Bellows, Sharon Sterns, Mike Fritts, Andrew Howard, M/M Robert Howard, Jeff & Tammy Pitts, John Kalish, Amanda Susan, Milton Eaton, Angelo Napolitano, Jim Hetzel, Bill Brothers, Joe & Diane Baker, Ken Godzik, Jacob Sexton, John Seaver, Brian Judd, Bernie Graham, John J. Jasmin, Jr., Colette Groleau Page, Heather Kurtz-Hauke, Roger Bouchard, Jeremiah Watson, Brandy Cowan. A.J. Magro, and Dr. Bart & Paula Bonazinga, Jacqueline Choinere-Luce, Richard Ley, Richard Lind, Neil Johnson, Lisa Bombardier, Jacqueline Schmelar, Morgana Segovia, Peter & Dawn Chilos, Lisa & Ty Naquin, Dawn Morgan, Shannon Morgan Burrell, Caitlin Gregory, Kevin Joseph Ryan, Michael Pease, David Anagnos, Jared Jones, Lisa Mangini, Tammy Fitzgerald, Lisa & Mike Gosselin, Peter Becker, many Police and First Responders around our State and others.

Thank you all! Tammy and I appreciate your support and friendship. One last request; would you all on this list or reading this letter, please visit my website site at www.ThayerForVermont.org and if you agree with me, please call 10 of your family and friends and ask them to vote for Gregory Thayer of Vermont for lieutenant governor in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, August 9, and ask them to share this with 10 of their family and friends too. Thank you and God bless you and your family and Vermont!

Gregory M. Thayer, MBA
Candidate for or Vermont Lieutenant Governor
Rutland, Vermont

3 thoughts on “‘Everyday people’ endorsing Gregory Thayer for lieutenant governor

  1. Everyday people including intellectual types are on the Thayer wagon. Let’s be direct and to the point, my friends. Everyone should be, unless you want to …[snip]

  2. be sure to view the debate; Joe and Gregory are about 3/4 of the way thru…….
    all good, and thanks to Paul Dane for doing this…..real questions, some answers, others interviewed too. Worth the watch/listen (I like to watch, body language is important)

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