Letter: Is ‘our democracy’ really more precious than our republic?

This letter is by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford.

Having been educated in the ’50s and ’60s, I grew up believing North America was founded as a constitutional republic. Yet somewhere between then and now I found myself wondering why almost everyone else thinks we are “a democracy.”

For many years I paid little or no attention to the different understanding most people have about our form of governance. However, in recent years it began to bother me when people continually expressed concern for “our democracy.” We seemed to enjoy far less of the protections our republic was intended to provide us, and we have far less to say about how we are being governed.

I have tried hard to understand the apparent identity conflict between the two forms of government, never considering for a moment — until recently — that we might actually be operating as both a democracy and a republic. If so, why would that be the case? And who would be served by such an arrangement? The answers may lie in the difference between common law and equity or contract law.

If you are a student of history struggling with this conundrum as I am, perhaps a trip down this rabbit hole will be the moment when things start to make a little more sense. Enjoy the video!

Lynn James Edmunds
Wallingford, Vermont

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10 thoughts on “Letter: Is ‘our democracy’ really more precious than our republic?

  1. 🙂 Well done Lynn.

    We have been sold out. We are in need of some serious education, and this video sheds light, we are truly a corporate oligarach…..

    Sadly, maybe a 1,000 Vermonters will have this knowledge…..so much information, so many lies and a population that can not discern truth from lies.

    Watch what they DO, not what they SAY……

    You can tell a tree by it’s fruit.

    • Thanks Neil,

      Clif High’s video caught my attention because I have studied our system of governance for the past five year in an attempt to identify the structure that allows it to exist the way it is today.
      His explanation makes a great deal of sense based on what I am observing.
      It is so easy to point fingers at each other or blame the other party for our failures, not realizing how or why we are being played.

      We have a great deal to learn about the structure that enslaves us before we can root out the corruption that causes our disfunction.
      This is precisely why I am sharing this information, we need to help each other generate the understanding necessary to make the right changes.

      Its really all about good people in a bad system, that do not understand how or who is corrupting them.
      Until they do and we can change things, they will continue to be captured and compromised by it.

  2. Clif High’s assertion on the nature of Washington DC as a ‘territory’, separate from the United States, while interesting, is nonetheless, contrived, AND exaggerated. For one thing, ‘the people’ still determine who runs the show in both entities. And, apparently, we, the people, continue to abdicate that responsibility by electing representatives who bribe us with our own money – while skimming a share (and inordinate share to say the least) off the top for their personal use.

    This is the classic ‘organized crime’ model. We pay for protection… and the price is our freedom, our independence, and ultimately, our well-being – because the organized crime model does not, and has never, performed as well as a true free market enterprise… even for ‘the mob’ in control. Even ‘the mob’ will better prosper if only it would learn to function in a true free market.

    So… we must wait for that period of enlightenment to come to fruition.

    In the meantime – vote in November. In person, if you can.

    • there is only one party in D.C…..

      We had videos on our website, showing how corrupt, from an excellent interview from investigative reporter, had millions of views…suddenly 3 months before the election, you couldn’t find ANYTHING this journalist did. Completely wiped from the internet, like the guy NEVER existed.

  3. When democrats use the word democracy they are referring to themselves, the
    mob that’s want’s to rule, not represent… Long live the Republic, at least we have
    a choice to move from the fascists rule states to the free states…

  4. Mob rule, that’s what they want… Get people all worked up of some imagined slight or offence or just an out and out lie and poof, the MOB makes it different. Not necessary better just different. Lets see, based on current info IF they wanted in a democracy , no guns, free speech, rights for which ever sex was in the lead population wise. Want blacks as slaves again? In a democracy it is as easy as a popular vote and we are back in chains, same with you women. Do you like your freedom, your ability to do literally anything a man is “allowed ” to do.. Well that stops too. The whole premise is based on two things. One, they stopped teaching the following; Cursive hand writing, American civics and critical thinking. Second, they changed the rules and drug children instead of teaching them control and that applies to parents too. A quick read of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will help anyone see that we are indeed, NOT a democracy. One last thing, notice the press does not ever correct any politian when they refer to the US as a Democracy and act like a LEADER when they are in fact representatives and nothing more, even the president

    • BTW awesome video linked into the article . My wife and I have been preaching this to people for years, no one really believes us, unless they do their own research. Few have. Learned this ourselves decades ago. I wonder if people just don.t want to know.

  5. We are not a true democracy we are a Constitutional Representative Republic. The Commiecrats that are always screaming “our democracy, our democracy, are using the word as a vehicle to promote progressivism which is nothing more than a synonym for communism. It is using “newspeak”, Orwellian language in hopes that we will fall for the trap. This newspeak along with the changes they would like to make such as getting rid of the electoral college to make their mob rule dream come true. They would love to revise or obliterate our history and warp our culture to destroy us. They want a one-party system, a one world order.

    “And if all others accepted the lie which the party imposed, if all the records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became the truth”. – Winston Smith in Geo. Orwell’s 1984

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