Letter: Impressed with Gerald Malloy

This letter is by Stu Lindberg, a resident of Cavendish.

I am writing this letter in support of Gerald Malloy for United States Senator from Vermont. Gerald graduated from West Point in 1984, an served as an active duty field artillery officer and a paratrooper. He served our great nation honorably and with distinction for 22 years. He has a MBA from Temple University.

I have met Gerald and his wife Stacey at their home in Weathersfield. I have spoken with them at length about the grave issues facing our constitutional republic, and the bad economic direction we are heading.

Gerald has an abiding passion for the principles upon which our nation was founded. He will unapologetically defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Vermonters and every American regardless of background. Gerald understands we all share a common humanity. He will defend our natural rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights of our great Constitution. He will also pursue proven, common sense and constitutional solutions to out of control inflation, our unsustainable national debt and energy costs.

Gerald has the proven character, leadership skills and experience defending our nation that makes him the preferred candidate to represent Vermonters in the United States Senate. To learn more about Gerald Malloy’s candidacy please visit his website.

Please join me in supporting and voting in the primary election for Republican Gerald Malloy for United States Senator from Vermont. In-person voting for the primary election is Tuesday, August 9th at your local polling station. Early voting by mail is available starting Friday, June 24th.

Warm Regards,
Stu Lindberg
Cavendish, Vermont

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Impressed with Gerald Malloy

  1. Gerald sounds like just what Vermont needs, some common sense, and is able and
    willing as he has shown for the country and now for our state………………………..

  2. Thank You Stu, He has my vote. Much better that the cookie cutter RINO and the Bushie.

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