Letter: Consider conservatives

Editor’s note: This letter is by John Klar, a resident of Brookfield.

This year, a vote for fiscal conservatives is in the best interest of all citizens. Republicans recognize the importance of Vermont’s economic future, and will demand frugality from Montpelier. Instead of partisan divisions over social issues, Vermonters must come together to restrain government from runaway spending.

In the Senate, Dawnmarie Tomassi and Ken Alger bring proven hard work and experience to serve Vermonters. Ken grew up working on his grandfather’s Vermont dairy farm, and has installed floors for more than three decades. He certainly knows what hard work is, and he also understands basic business accounting, which Montpelier appears to be desperately lacking! Dawnmarie is similarly industrious: her college degrees in business and computers combine with decades of work in farming and business (and raising five children) to bring common sense to the table for all of us.

Running for Washington-Chittendon House are Brock Coderre and (as an Independent) Chris Viens. Brock studied finance and business administration at Vermont Technical College and has work experience in construction, accounting, and solar panel installation. Chris has been a prominent community member for decades, and also knows business — he operated his own successful construction firm, also for decades. Vermonters need hard, honest workers in state government.

All of these candidates have demonstrated histories of working for our Vermont communities, in numerous ways.

Vermont’s economy is in big trouble. Our schools and pensions were in fiscal crisis before COVID-19. Vermonters must set aside the social issues that are dividing us, and unite to address dramatic budget shortfalls, escalating taxes and closing businesses.

Republicans are the team to send to Montpelier in 2021 if Vermonters hope to restrain government expansion and restore affordability. Please examine these candidates’ outstanding qualifications to serve all constituents faithfully and competently — regardless of party affiliation or political ideology. They will not disappoint you!

John Klar

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Consider conservatives

  1. Reminder to everyone in the state of vermont there is only one candidate running for governor that supports our constitutional rights and our second amendment rights and always has.

    There is only one candidate that wants to put an end to the corruption in our state so the taxpayers aren’t forced out of our state because of the crazy deals taking place now between our current governor and the legislature.

    A vote for Kevin Hoyt is a vote to restore common sense and vermont values back to the state of vermont.

  2. Will do Mr Klar – however will never vote Scott and Hoyt is far too damaged to ever be considered – writing you in whether you like it or not lol
    KLAR2020 Go John 😀
    As a rminder for Windsor Cty voters – Keith Stern is on ballot as an Indy but be assured he may very well be the most conservative candidate on any ballot in the state of VT or possibly anywhere – Go Keith! 😀

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