GOP Senate candidates get most NRA endorsements

By Guy Page

Several Democratic incumbents are among the Vermont state senators, including Sen. Richard Sears (Bennington) and Sen. Alice Nitka (Windsor) receiving endorsements and “A” grades from the National Rifle Association (NRA). However, Republicans received the majority of top grades and endorsements.

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The National Rifle Association is issuing ratings of candidates based on their stance on Second Amendment gun rights.

Results are published in the November issue of “America’s First Freedom” magazine, and online. The NRA uses a traditional system of A for the best grade, F for the worst. “AQ” represents an A grade based solely on questionnaire responses. Candidates with positive grades appear below in bold face.

“None” represents candidates who according to the NRA did not respond to the questionnaire. Candidates are welcome to submit new or clarifying information to Vermont Daily. For complete coverage of NRA grades and endorsements of Vermont candidates, go to

ADDISON COUNTY – vote for two

Peter Briggs, Republican. Grade: AQ (A from Questionnaire)

Jon Christiano, Republican. Grade: none.

Christopher Bray, Incumbent, Democrat. Grade: F

Ruth Hardy, Incumbent, Democrat. Grade: D

BENNINGTON – vote for two

Meg Hansen, Republican. Grade: AQ

Mike Hall, Republican. Grade: none.

Dick Sears, Incumbent, Democrat. Grade A – NRA Endorsement

Brian Campion, Incumbent, Democrat. Grade F

CALEDONIA – vote for two

Joe Benning, Incumbent, Republican, Grade: A – NRA Endorsement

Charles W. Wilson, Republican, Grade: AQ – NRA Endorsement

Jane Kitchel, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Matthew W. Choate, Democrat, Grade: none.

CHITTENDEN – vote for six

Susan Bowen, Republican, Grade: none.

Kumulia “Kase” Long, Republican, Grade: AQ.

Tom Chastenay, Republican, Grade: none.

Kylie Hollingsworth, Republican, Grade none.

Ericka Redic, Republican, Grade: AQ

Dean Rolland, Republican, Grade: None.

Phil Baruth, Incumbent Democrat, Grade: F.

Thomas Chittenden, Democrat, Grade: D.

Virginia “Ginny” Lyons, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Christopher A. Pearson, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Michael Sirotkin, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Kesha Ram, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

ESSEX ORLEANS – vote for two

Russ Ingalls, Republican, Grade: None.

Jonathan Morin, Republican, Grade: AQ. 

Robert Starr, Democrat/Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

Ron Horton, Democrat, Grade: F.

John Rodgers, Incumbent, Independent, Grade: A. NR Endorsement

FRANKLIN – vote for two

Randy Brock, Incumbent, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

Corey Parent, Incumbent, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

GRAND ISLE – vote for one

Richard “Dick” Mazza, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

LAMOILLE – vote for one

Richard Westman, Incumbent, Republican/Democrat, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

ORANGE – vote for one

Bill T. Huff, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsement

Mark A. MacDonald, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

RUTLAND – vote for three

Brian Collamore, incumbent, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsed. 

Joshua Terenzini, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsed.

Terry Williams, Republican, Grade: A. NRA Endorsed.

Cheryl Hooker, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: None.

Greg Cox, Democrat, Grade: None.

Larry Courcelle, Democrat, Grade: F.

WASHINGTON – vote for three

Ken Alger, Republican, Grade: AQ. NRA Endorsed

Dawnmarie Tomasi, Republican, Grade: AQ. NRA Endorsed

Dwayne Tucker, Republican, Grade: AQ. NRA Endorsed

Ann Cummings, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Andrew Perchlik, Incumbent, Democrat/Progressive, Grade: F.

Anthony Pollina, Incumbent, Progressive, Grade: F.

WINDHAM – vote for two

John Lyddy, Republican, Grade: AQ. 

Marcus Parish, Republican, Grade: None.

Becca Balint, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Jeanette White, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

WINDSOR – vote for three

Michael Jasinski, Republican, Grade: B. 

Jack Williams, Republican, Grade: None.

Alison Clarkson, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Dick McCormack, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: F.

Alice Nitka, Incumbent, Democrat, Grade: A. NRA Endorsed.

NRA endorsements for statewide races and the House of Representatives will be published in Vermont Daily later this week.

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Images courtesy of WIkimedia Commons/West Midlands Police and Wikimedia Commons/Tparlin

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  1. Hey Vermonter’s do you see a pattern, I bet you can’t tell those that are transplants
    to our great state and our values.

    We live in the safest state in the union, because its citizens believe in the Constitution
    both National & State directives.

    Wake up people, send these fools packing they don’t want you to have guns, and they
    want to defund the police…… they don’t care about your safety or our Constitution’s its
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