Letter: CO2 is necessary for life on earth

This letter is by Gregory Thayer, of Rutland.

Dear state legislators:

You have it all wrong, and the effects are more detrimental to everyday Vermonters than you are telling the people of our great little state. CO2 is not a bad gas, it’s mandatory in sustaining life on God’s green earth. Please read these facts.

If there was no carbon dioxide gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, the Earth would be dead — our planet will be gone. Now that is catastrophic!

Did you know that fossil fuels are 100% organic, made from the Earth and by the Earth? All life is made up of carbon and CO2 originates from the atmosphere. Further, all of the carbon in fossil fuel energy that we all burn today, or that we use from “friendly” climate control products that you praise, was once in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide before it was consumed by the plankton and plant life. The plankton in our water systems and the plants on land use CO2 to live and provide for us in our every day life.

Plankton and plants are the originators of fossil fuels after the heat and pressure systems in the Earth’s crust. This is an organic and necessary process, and is absolute for our life.

What is carbon dioxide’s meaning? One atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen, commonly known as CO2. Some agency says we must eliminate CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by 2100. But as I have stated above, CO2 is an organic and necessary process for all living things.

Moreover, carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless, and there is no taste to this gas. Which again, this gas is mandatory for life. (I know how you appreciate mandates.) This gas is a must for all living things in our food chain for survival.

Climate control proponents believe we have too much CO2, but are they correct? Not at this point in human existence on Earth. Carbon dioxide has been part of our life for years and at much higher levels in prior years. Prior to the Cambrian explosion CO2 was 10 times the levels of today. From this perspective, we are living in the low level era of CO2.

For every single Vermonter, please sustain the governor’s veto, go back to the drawing board, and protect our future. This is not the right path.

Gregory Thayer

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6 thoughts on “Letter: CO2 is necessary for life on earth

  1. It’s not necessary to reduce CO2. The folly of doing so will become evident in the future. Hopefully, we won’t be bankrupt and living in caves..
    Most Americans believe whatever their government politicians and bureaucrats tell them.
    Climate change is about how people in power lie to create fear and control people. It is not about climate reality. Climate reality is that there has been no global warming in the past 8 + years (Uof Alabama Huntsville satellite data).
    “Sometime in the future, perhaps by the year 2050 when most of the original climate crusaders will have passed away, historians will write learned papers on how it was possible for a seemingly enlightened civilization of the early 21st century to demonize CO2, much as the most “Godly” members of society executed unfortunate “witches” in earlier centuries.” –
    Dr. William Happer

    • Will Happer, PhD, Physics Professor Emeritus Princeton, spent his life work on CO2. CO2 is Not the GHG that causes “Global Warming”… That is a “Hoax” created by Gobalists and parroted by political puppets of which Vermont has been profusely inundated. Without CO2 as the culprit, “Global Warming” does Not come from fossil fuels. Thus, the Global Warming is Not “Man Made”… But, the “Climate Crisis” IS “man made” by the same political puppets that are parroting the Globalist Mantra (Bill Gates, among others). Read Dr Happer’s work – I did.

  2. CO2 is PLANT FOOD pure and simple science. But we have commies ruling us who don’t believe in science as proved by their stance on gender confused mentally ill. The only science they do follow is the one paid for by their agenda setters like the UN and WEF along with all the one worlders. We are experiencing a burst of green growth which we can deal with and no global warming as proven by 7 year studies. There’s absolutely no reason to go down this warming hoax road.

  3. Pretty soon the commies will require everyone to have a CO2 alarms in their homes. — Its what stupid people do.

  4. Refreshing to see that there is someone who acytually paid attention in science class! Way to go, Mr. Thayer!

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