Letter: Christina Nolan has a problem being honest and forthright

This letter is by Keith Stern, of North Springfield.

I knew something wasn’t right when, at the Republican Senate debate, Christina Nolan refused to answer who she voted for in the 2020 presidential election, citing a very lame excuse that it may reflect poorly on her former office.

So yesterday at the barbecue, when she came up to me and introduced herself, I asked her who did you vote for for president. She said I am not going to say and walked away. Question answered.

So when candidates were finished speaking, I asked each one except Joe Benning and Ms. Nolan, because they made a point of standing such that I couldn’t ask. Joe at least answered the question, sort of, by saying he didn’t vote for Trump, but not saying who he actually voted for — which is an answer.

Ms. Nolan quickly ended by saying if you want to know my voting record you can ask me privately. So the deception has started with her. I can’t vote for a RINO, and certainly can’t vote for anyone who has a problem with being honest and forthright. She should have been transparent about voting and live with the consequences, but she couldn’t. She has lost my vote and my respect.

Keith Stern
North Springfield, Vermont

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18 thoughts on “Letter: Christina Nolan has a problem being honest and forthright

  1. Christina Nolan has a lot more problems than that.

    Despite massive evidence of fraud and foreign interference, Nolan said in the candidates’ debate that “Joe Biden won the presidential election” and President Trump is “the past.”

    In addition to legitimizing and supporting election fraud, Christina Nolan is pro second trimester abortion, pro Federal usurpation of States rights, believes in the climate change hoax, supports Scott’s vax tyranny, is dangerously ignorant on foreign policy, emulates Susan Collins as a role model, and is so disrespectful and so ungrateful that she refuses to acknowledge that President Trump nominated her as US Attorney and idiotically said on her campaign website that she was “nominated by the Senate.”

    Christina Nolan is a RINO saboteur advancing the agenda of the Left and undermining conservative voters.


  2. Chase out all the “RINO”s according to your criteria. Then we can fit all the Vermont Republicans in a very small commercial van. Why do some people take delight in being an ungovernable minority? The base Republican vote in Vermont in the past two election cycles has been a shade above 20%. Will chasing people away improve that %?

    • It’s not that complicated. If we had real conservatives that republicans can support the numbers would rise but why bother to choose between a RINO and a democrat? You know the difference between them? The democrat admits to being a democrat.
      I had decided I was done voting because what’s the use? Then I see 2 conservatives running for the house, the senate, and one for lt. governor who all have a reasonable chance this year. But if the RINOs take the primary then I’m done.
      I’m glad Florida didn’t have your mindset or Ron DeSantis would not be turning Florida red. But good luck being perpetually disappointed.

    • “Ungovernable minority.” Words taken right from the globalist handbook. The farmers in the Netherlands fighting to retain their land from the globalist takeover are called the same. What does freedom mean to you? Is it worth fighting for when foreign entities such as the NWO, WEF, WHO will dictate to you how you will earn a living, what you will own, and what health decisions they will make for you? This war is no longer about left or right politics. It is about good vs evil. One nation, under God. If you are unable to see the evil that has perpetrated this State on every level, stay tuned. The wrath of our Lord is about to be unleashed upon the evil empire.

  3. It’s hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys. Look at who is endorsing Ms. Nolan. I’ve lost respect for Jim Douglas. Ms. Nolan would have made a decent Vermont Attorney General but not a senator, she is another RINO from her own words and judgements. Anyone who admires Susan Collins of Maine has to be a RINO. If changes aren’t made to the republican party in this election, I give up and will move to hell out of here. If the Vermont voters are this stupid to continue the progressive nightmare, I do not wish to suffer the destruction any longer.

    • I’m with you. How can they see the republican way is not working? But if they keep trying for a few more decades then things will change.

  4. I am working with and supporting Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate. Mr. Malloy is the only candidate that consistently states he is 100% Pro Life and Constitutional.
    Mr. Malloy has a most impressive resume and has defended our country for more than his 22 years of active service.
    Mr. Malloy has made a multitude of trips all over VT to meet and listen to Vermonters. A massive amount of his time, energy, money and effort to let Vermonters know they have a Real Republican candidate, not another fake republican like Nolan or Mermel who said he respects Sanders as much as he respects McConnell.
    Ms. Nolan said during the Senate debate that VPR hosted she supports abortion thru the 2nd Trimester, which result in the death of over 99% of the unborn, she said if elected she will work to codify Roe V Wade. She said she supports Phil Scott.
    She has proven by her words she is not a Republican and should not receive any Republican votes.

    Mr. Malloy will win the primary, and the he will defeat Welch, Mr. Rubber Stamp for the left in the General.

    Gerald and Stacey are hosting a meet and greet at their home in Perkinsville this Sunday the 24th from 1- 4 PM. All are welcome to go on Mr. Malloy’s website to reserve a spot to be there.

  5. another red flag with Christina is her reluctance to acknowledge that the 2020 presidential election
    was fraught with fraud in the ballot counting and reporting along with the lack of support for those
    protesting on January 6th.

    Christina is part of the machine, not part of us…. vote Malloy or Mermel for U.S. Senate….. who
    cares if they are not female?

    BTW – what is a woman?

  6. Christina, who did you cast your vote for president in 2020?
    Did you vote for Trump?

  7. Considering how C. Nolan climbed the ladder serving in the Department of Justice and who her supporters are – mind you, the same Dept of Justice that let Jeff Epstien go about his business and hid Hunter’s laptop full of criminal and treasonous conduct – think very hard on who this woman represents and what she is trying to accomplish on behalf of the Masters.

    “Nolan previously served as an Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.[1] From 2005 to 2009, Nolan worked as a litigation associate at Goodwin Procter in Boston, where she specialized in white collar criminal defense.[1] She served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Vermont from 2010 to 2017.[1] Nolan was recommended for the position of U.S. Attorney by U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Vermont Governor Phil Scott.[12] She became the first woman to serve as U.S. Attorney for the District of Vermont.[13]

  8. Vermont is one of the most, if not THE most, Marxist-philic states in our country; so Christina Nolan is the only Republican candidate who has a chance of beating Peter Welch in November. I guess you’d rather help put Peter Welch, a true Marxist, in the U.S. Senate. Thanks a lot (NOT)!

    • It’s the failed logic being repeated for years that you share is why we are in this mess. We’ve seen gun legislation and the GWSA passed here along with many other terrible progressive bills with the so-called republican governor that we had to vote for because we didn’t want the democrat. In the meantime the republicans voted for Ron DeSantis in Florida where they could have picked a RINO. So which state did the GOP make the right choice?
      One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So by this definition the GOP in Vermont is insane. You keep voting for a RINO and keep being disappointed by the direction we’re heading and I will support the conservative every time and know that I tried to fix the problem. With you and the rest of the delusional republicans using your failed logic then Vermont will continue its slide to the extreme left.
      BTW check out Myers Mermel whose common sense and well articulated conservative voice has the best chance to begin the turn to normalcy in VT politics.

    • this is better articulated than I am; copied from a candidate who dropped out.
      Our power to vote is diminished if we get to vote only for the same kind of person over and over again. It’s patronizing to say “your vote is your voice” if we don’t have candidates who are reflective of those voices. No matter how hard we vote, we can’t expect different outcomes if a partisan establishment continues to dictate what type of candidate deserves resources and deserves to make it to the finish line.

      The solution here is not to disengage. Instead, the solution is to be unequivocal in your support of the candidate you believe in. If you want to support someone but aren’t sure they’ll win, go all in on them anyway.

      If we support only the people we think will win, we’ll never get anyone new. And the beautiful thing is, if you support them, they’re more likely to win.

    • Why send a wolf when a weasel will do. AND SHE IS A WEASEL !

      Christina Nolan says confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to nation’s high court
      True North Reports / March 29, 2022
      On Monday, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney and currently a Republican candidate for US. Senate issued the following statement supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson for US. Supreme Court:

      “I have been impressed with Judge Jackson’s performance and support her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court. She has the required legal experience, temperament and clear understanding of the judicial branch’s role interpreting the law. As a former prosecutor, I will always treat each judicial nominee with the respect they deserve, and vote for or against them based solely on their qualifications even if I may not agree with every decision they’ve ever made. Politics should play no role in the confirmation process, a lesson that Washington politicians on both sides have sadly strayed from in recent years. Finally, March is Women’s History Month, and diversity is crucially important in all facets of public life. As a candidate to become Vermont’s first female senator, I believe Judge Jackson will bring much-needed diversity to the highest Court in the land, and hope that she is confirmed swiftly”.

      Let’s not confirm her because she’s the best. Let’s confirm her because we need “diversity” on the court. This is supposed to be the person we would have as a US Senator from Vermont? She would vote for them on their qualifications even though the decisions they made fly against the Constitution. She is ok with them allowing unconstitutional laws to stand? A vote for Christina Nolan is another John Cornyn (R-Texas), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

  9. An article fit for both Phil Scott Republicans and the more conservative crowd. Even if you had a penchant for voting for RINOs, Nolan is afraid to tell the truth, which should concern everyone who cares about honesty. Hence why I will be voting for Mermel.

  10. The supposed conservative party needs desperately to locate potential candidates that are indeed conservative. Rather than the RINOS they have presented, as RINOS are not needed nor wanted, if that were the case there is the Marxist Left party.

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