Jim Condos: ‘Voter fraud’ lie is an insult to town and city clerks

This commentary is by Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos.

As we watch new information emerge from the January 6 Congressional hearings, one truth has been made crystal clear. Whether it’s insurrection at the Capitol or violent threats against election officials, these acts are a consequence of a single insidious lie: that voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 General Election.

Despite the complete lack of evidence, this lie has gripped certain groups in the electorate and is at the center of the divisiveness driving a wedge between Americans.

Photo courtesy of state of Vermont

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos

We see it every day on social media, where a lie can be shared and spread rapidly, reaching thousands if not millions of people sometimes in a matter of minutes.

We all want our elections to be secure, accessible, accurate, and fair. Ensuring the accuracy of our elections is my #1 priority, and I hold steadfast faith in the integrity of our hardworking Town and City Clerks.

The ‘voter fraud’ lie is an insult to their diligent stewardship of Vermont elections, which are conducted on the local level. An attack on elections is an unfounded accusation of your neighbors, friends and local public servants. Even worse, it threatens to erode the public’s confidence in democracy itself.

So, what can we do? It starts by being cautious with what we share online. That means taking the time to investigate and verify the information and its sources. As I like to say: “Think before you link!”

I will continue to operate my office transparently and openly to all Vermonters. That includes ensuring the public’s access to our post-election audit, and to the results certification process. It is telling that the biggest skeptics of election integrity choose not to attend these important events: these events verify the accuracy and integrity of the elections process and do not fit the narrative these individuals have chosen to believe.

Our website is a treasure-trove of trusted, official elections information including a myth vs. fact page that tackles some of the most common pieces of disinformation we see on social media.

My office is always available to answer questions on social media, or by phone and email. Thank you for helping stop the spread of false, harmful information, and thank you for being a voter!

31 thoughts on “Jim Condos: ‘Voter fraud’ lie is an insult to town and city clerks

  1. JULY 25, 2022 BY IAN CAMACHO
    Look Ahead America Releases The Racine Report
    During the 2020 General Election, a claim emerged that over 23,000 registered voters shared one phone number in Wisconsin, many at a prison or correctional facility. If true, then this would have surpassed the official margin of victory for the US Presidential election.

    Look Ahead America’s Research Group investigated the original data sources to see if there was anything to this claim. The team contacted the phone number in question, interviewed staff at the Wisconsin Elections Committee, contacted one of the active voters connected to the number, and verified the eligibility of the top 41 most populated locations and all the jails in Racine County. The report provided at the link below gives the details of the investigation.

    From the report:

    Three of our reforms would have avoided this issue in the first place. Specifically, Mandated and Public Voter List Hygiene, Thumbprint Authentication of Absentee Ballots, and Creation and Sufficient Funding for a Dedicated Voter Fraud Investigation Division within the State’s Attorney General’s Office would restore voter confidence.

    Ian Camacho, Director of Research, stated:

    This report shows how much work needs to happen clean up the voter rolls in Wisconsin and elsewhere. When people don’t bother to spend the time needed to find and understand the issues, let alone clean them up, and then lob accusations at each other, it makes everyone else’s job that much harder.

    If anybody reading this resides in Wisconsin, reach out to us directly so that we can help you file formal challenges against voters and clerks to clean up these issues as the WEC sure isn’t going to do it based on their actions thus far.

    The Racine Report appears here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/racine.

  2. We’re these criminals ever prosecuted Mr. Condos:

    New Hampshire has gone out of its way to legitimize election fraud for decades. Letting out-of-state college students paying non-resident tuition rates must vote here, or that’s voter suppression?

    Students are allowed to use campus addresses for proof or none at all. Thousands of votes are cast in every election by people who were never residents, lied about residency, or left the state, despite “promising” to stay to stuff our ballot boxes.

    It’s an epidemic and the political Left and, to some degree, on the right (mainly near the top of that food chain). These elites have worked for years to enable the abuse, protect it, or pretend it doesn’t exist.

    But you can’t have all three. You can’t say it’s not happening while advocating for it. And the introduction of universal vote by mail completely undermines the arguments.

    If you can or must mail your ballot, there’s no reason not to mail it to the polling place nearest the address on the bill for your overpriced out-of-state tuition. The one on your state ID or driver’s license. That one place from which you pay your taxes, get called for jury duty or give to the police when you get arrested.

    But could it get worse?

    The Ethan Allen Institute has uncovered ballots cast by graduates of a Vermont College. They mailed in ballots but used in-state addresses for a college they no longer attend.

    According to research conducted by the Vermont-based think tank, 10 graduates of Middlebury College who left the state years ago are recorded as having voted by absentee ballot in the 2020 election.

    Nine of those absentee ballots had been mailed in under the students’ names. Five of the 9 absentee voters had their old Middlebury student mailing addresses on file, and the other four absentee voters received ballots at mailing addresses in other states and countries.

    For the Record, the nice folks at The Ethan Allen Institute did not call this a conspiracy. I did, becasue that’s what it is. And I’m happy to prove it.

    The defenders of our ridiculously porous elections – and this recent experience in Vermont – claim these votes didn’t change anything, but that’s a lie. This changes everything!

    At least ten people deliberately violated local and federal election laws. And they didn’t just intentionally break the law. Someone somewhere encouraged this.

    These were not wasted or throw-away votes. It takes time and intent to take a ballot, complete it, claim a residence that is not yours in another town or state, and then knowingly send the ballot to that town or “precinct.”

    Someone deliberately sought to illegally elect candidates whose votes once in office could result in not just acts of regulatory force but could cost taxpayers thousands, millions (even trillions of dollars at the Congressional level).

    That’s not a petty theft, nor is this just a few votes that didn’t do what was intended; change an election. It was not some mistake repeated by a handful of college grads. It’s a criminal conspiracy. A deliberate act of fraud perpetrated by multiple individuals with commonality. And it matters.

    Attempting to rob a bank and failing is still a federal offense. The outcome makes no difference. Those votes represent an interstate conspiracy to commit vote theft to change the outcome of an election in Vermont.

    And the bad news is that it’s not just happening in Vermont. It’s everywhere, not just in a few key states where we’re finding more evidence of a much larger conspiracy to commit election fraud. That thing the Left says didn’t happen because it benefits them.

    Well, they thought it would benefit them. As it turns out, that deliberate act may prove to be their undoing, but we can’t begin to rely on that. Election fraud is real no matter who does it, and until we seriously punish people who commit it and get caught, there’s minimal incentive for it to stop.

  3. This man (Condos) clearly suffers from some sort of mental disease: How can he brush aside the concerns of a strong majority of the people about election integrity? The polls include both sides of the political spectrum, and they consistently show 60% or more of the people are concerned about this issue.

    Does he really think that he can repeat his non-sensical statement often enough that people will believe him?

    His statements and actions demonstrate Ignorance and delusions of grandeur. We seriously should consider having him removed asap on grounds of mental incompetence.

  4. Sir, are you bought and paid for by George Soros? Did you take campaign contributions from his Secretaries of State Project? Well, did you? Stop trying to deflect the spotlight away from yourself by turning it on our local town clerks, the vast majority of whom are honest people. Unlike yourself, apparently, imho. Voter fraud can happen quite apart from the local level, cooked up by people higher up the food chain, and by politicians with evil intent.

  5. “a myth vs. fact page” – Oh No ! another one. Who are the fact checkers ? Can I be one ? Does it help that I don’t lie ?

    “Thank you for helping stop the spread of false, harmful information, …” How do you propose that I can do that ? I would love to get the legislature and the Biden admin to stop lying, but they apparently cannot help themselves. I wish to help with your stated objective.

    “…. a single insidious lie: that voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 General Election.”
    Secretary Condos, please engage brain before mouth. A 10-year old can figure out that if you lose custody of the ballots by putting them in the mail (at least twice !), the OPPORTUNITY for fraud increases exponentially. Your statement is a wish, not a fact. Your belief that town clerks are being insulted is diversionary. The potential fraud of mail-in ballots has little to do with town clerks. The fraud has already occurred before they receive the ballots.

  6. I wonder if he reads comments.
    Prolly nought.
    He cannot disguise that he has sold his soul to evil that is now in control of our gov’t that we accepted in increments over the past 250 years…
    The good news is too many Vermonters see this factless gaslighting for what it is: a last ditch attempt to…blame the lil’man for ever lil’thang…not the titans that own the companies making craploads off his state and federal contracts – qui bono Mr. Condos?
    Ya’ think we just fell off the turnip truck?
    (See definition of ‘flatlander’ for historical context).
    May the winds of Hades and the fires of Hell do their God-given directives on your soulless ……..b.s.

  7. “Complete lack of evidence.” What a grotesque lie. There are reams of evidence proving fraud and that the election was stolen. It’s on video!

    There are also reams of evidence proving the January 6th “insurrection” narrative is a lie.

    President Trump said the “real insurrection” took place on November 3, 2020.

    Condos is lying to the public and colluding in our disenfranchisement.

    Please visit the Documentaries and Reading pages of https://www.VermontCitizen.com for an archive of documentaries and reports on election fraud for facts to counter the lies of lying politicians.

  8. Seems like there could be a serial number on every mailed out ballot, and the reading machines could be programmed to read it and verify it That would at least stop ballots printed in the dark of night from being used. But this commie refuses to do anything to stop or prevent fraud.

    Citizens should also be required to prove they are a citizen, both when registering and when showing up to vote.

  9. Mail-in Voting and the Future of American Democracy
    By Jon N. Hall

    It’s been twenty years since the Bush-Gore election recount debacle in Florida with its chads, butterfly ballots, lawsuits, delay, and uncertainty. Since 2000, the World Trade Center has been replaced with a gleaming new tower, babies have been born and grown into adulthood, smartphones have been invented and become something on the order of essential bodily appendages, and despite all that the supposedly greatest democracy of all time still has backwards easily-corrupted election systems. After twenty years, this lingering situation is either a colossal failure of government or it is deliberate. And since elections are conducted by the states, the guilty party in all this is… the states.

    The current stink in our banana republic electoral systems is mail-in voting. In 2007, Rep. Susan Davis introduced the Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act to Congress where it languishes. Even so, at National Conference of State Legislatures we learn that as of March this year, 26 states already have some form of mail-in voting, with five of those states conducting all their elections by mail. On August 1 in the New York Post, Michael Goodwin outlined some of the logistical nightmares of mail-in voting. Also worth checking out is this short video of the leonine Liz Wheeler: 5 Problems with Universal Mail-In Voting.

    President Trump has expressed considerable skepticism about voting by mail, and he’s right to do so. The central issue with mail-in ballots is perhaps the same as with our other types of ballots: they work off corrupted voter registries. And keep in mind, these registries were created and are maintained by the states.

    One big problem with all voter registration systems is that the states aren’t verifying that only eligible citizens can vote. The states tell us that they’re vetting voters for citizenship. But that’s not true, as many of the states automatically register voters at their departments of motor vehicles when drivers, including illegal aliens, get their licenses. By April of 2020, 19 states, including some of the most populous, had automatic voter registration, according to Ballotpedia (their map is helpful.) What’s disturbing is that several of the states that have automatic registration also have mail-in voting.

    Here’s the bottom line: to vote for a federal official, one must be a U.S. citizen. But the states don’t verify for citizenship when they register voters, and this is especially the case in the states using automatic registration. If the states make any effort to ensure that they’re registering a citizen, it’s the token effort of asking for the last four digits of a registrant’s SSN. Imagine filing your income taxes with only the last four digits of your SSN. But even if the states were collecting the full SSN, it wouldn’t mean anything unless the states were also verifying its legitimacy, which they could do with E-verify.
    Top Articles By American Thinker
    Read More

    Jill Biden got what she wished for and found out karma is a b—-

    The states that use automatic voter registration — or that allow noncitizens to vote in non-federal elections — are maintaining voter registries which should not be used in the election of federal officials.

    Voter registration is another of the many fiefdoms in state governments. You might say voter registration is a racket, or, if that offends, then think of it as a business. However, since they’re mailing out so many of them, one might wonder if the states are even keying off of their registries when they mail out mail-in ballots.

    On August 10 we read in the Minneapolis Star Tribune of some 28 million missing mail-in ballots that “went poof between 2012 and 2018.” Pres. Trump has said that absentee ballots (a type of mail-in ballot) are safe. But the article reminds us that while serving on the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, Pres. Carter concluded: “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” But that was before universal mail-in ballots.

    Even if a state’s voter registry were entirely correct, election integrity can still be undermined on the backend with discovered ballots, i.e. fraudulent ballots created by partisan poll workers. My favorite examples of this occurred in two Blue States: the 2004 election of Christine Gregoire in Washington and the 2008 election of Al Franken in Minnesota. Both elections appear to have been stolen by means of backroom ballots conveniently “discovered” by Democrats whose candidate lost in the initial vote count and in subsequent recounts.

    The way that the Blue States are doing mail-in ballots potentiates and turbocharges fraud, especially the backend fraud of ballots discovered in backrooms and car trunks. Regardless of whether a state’s ballots are in-person, mail-in (including absentee), provisional, or some combination, without backend vetting of the ballots, elections can be stolen with discovered ballots, ballot harvesting, and whatever creative new swindle the Dems can dream up.
    A Simple Method to Reduce Neuropathy (Watch)
    Doctor: Painful Neuropathy Gone, Just Do This (Watch)

    Even though mail-in voting could be improved, the better system is still in-person voting. You see, mail-in voting is a type of remote voting. As a type of remote voting, mail-in voting is fertile ground for several types of fraud, including “coerced voting” whereby your spouse can vote for you or your boss can watch you vote and then mail in your ballot for you. Mail-in voting also allows for scammers to intercept mail-in ballots and fill them out for the rightful voter. (Remote voting is the reason I’ve altered my ideas about Internet voting. I still support using the Internet for elections, but only at polling stations.)

    The states may have saved us from having to divine the intended meaning of dimpled, pregnant, and hanging chads, but some states seem to have figured out how to continue getting the vote counts they prefer. The failure of the states to create reliable election systems is only partly due to incompetence. What the Blue States are really trying to do is to retain the ability to control vote counts. Mail-in voting is the new way to stuff ballot boxes.

    So what’s to be done in this, the most important election of our lives? Well, states that have automatic voter registration or which allow illegal aliens to vote in their local elections must prove that only citizens voted in their elections for federal office. Because of the backwardness of their election systems, the states will need to vet the validity of the ballots “by hand.” And incidentally, comparing signatures isn’t good enough; these states must prove that each ballot was cast by a citizen.

    The Blue States’ failure to set up proper election systems doesn’t mean that they get to choose the next president. I don’t care if they can’t get the vetting done by January 20, 2021; they’ve had twenty years to get this right. They obviously didn’t want to get it right. Sleepy Joe has retained the services of some 600 lawyers to contest this election. Sounds like chaos, or maybe even Florida 2000. Let the games begin. I mean the lawsuits.

    The way that elections are conducted in the Blue States shows just how little the so-called “Democratic Party” thinks of democracy, not to mention citizenship. Perhaps Democrats think that democracy is only real if Democrats are elected. In any case, in presidential elections Democrats are not only nullifying the votes of citizens in their own state, they’re nullifying the votes of citizens in other states. Allowing ineligibles to vote is effective disenfranchisement.

    I’m a state’s rights-10th Amendment kind of guy. But many of the problems we see in our elections for federal officials were created by… the states.

  10. Here’s one from Geogia this year….

    May 20, 2022
    Election Fraud in 2022?
    By Patrick J. Gibbs

    Next week is the start of the 2022 election season in Georgia with the party primary elections. All the party leaders involved in the controversy over allegations of election fraud in November 2020 are up for reelection. The other hot issue for Georgia’s voters is whether the 2021 election reform law will produce credible election results in 2022 and 2024, results that reflect the will of a majority of lawful voters. The odds are not good that the reform will work.

    The movie 2000 Mules provides damning evidence of an organized plot to stuff election drop boxes in the 2020 election with “harvested” ballots – often in the dead of night. It’s all there on your computer screen when you stream the video. Does the 2021 law address this sort of widespread fraud?

    The movie’s data analysts used the same techniques as the FBI to correlate cellphone geo-location data and maps to follow people (“mules”) who traveled from offices of “non-profit” leftist organizations to ten or more ballot drop boxes. Then they correlated it with the surveillance video of those boxes. (The video was required by election laws.) Some of the videos showed a “mule” take cellphone pictures of the ballots before stuffing the dropbox. Another mule wore latex gloves while handling the ballots. Afterwards she removed and discarded the gloves in a nearby trash can.

    Georgia law prohibits anyone from depositing ballots in a dropbox except his ballot or those of a household member. The mules illegally stuffed enough ballots in Georgia to take the state’s electoral votes from Donald Trump. The movie’s producers proved that about 2000 mules operated in big cities in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It changed the election result in at least three of those five “battleground states.” That was enough to put Joe Biden in the White House.

    Georgia’s response to charges of election irregularities in November 2020 was a law that reduced the number of ballot drop boxes and moved them into advance voting locations where they could only be used during business hours. Absentee ballots are now required to be authenticated with the voter’s driver’s license number, Georgia identification card number, or the last four digits of a social security number, along with a date of birth.

    Unfortunately, these measures aren’t sufficient to confront systemic fraud. Georgia’s lawmakers wrote a law that apparently assumes no organized effort to “game the system” would occur in future elections. They ignored at least two telltale signs that absentee ballots had been abused.

    First, the rejection rate for defective (and thus invalid) absentee ballots was a small fraction of previous elections when the increased use of absentee ballots by “novice” voters would naturally produce a higher rejection rate. With no standards imposed, many fraudulent ballots could be mixed in with the improperly completed ballots.

    Second, the ballot counting in Fulton County (covering most of Democrat-controlled Atlanta) broke numerous rules. Republican election observers were prevented from closely observing the count. Even worse the counting of absentee ballots was stopped for no good reason at 11 PM and then resumed without observers. That occurred not only in Georgia but also in other battleground states.

    It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that several battleground states abruptly stopping a ballot count at the same time in the middle of the night is evidence of coordination and fraud on a grand scale.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation refused to investigate when given some of the 2000 Mules evidence of ballot fraud with the lame excuse that it did not show “probable cause” to charge anyone with a crime. The GBI’s job is to investigate suspected crimes, but for the 2020 election it wanted the case presented to it on a silver platter so all it had to do was write the charge sheet. Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, and its Secretary of State, Brian Raffensperger, showed a similar level of indifference to evidence of fraud even when the True the Vote organization (a producer of 2000 Mules) informed them it had evidence from one of the mules.
    A Simple Method to Reduce Neuropathy (Watch)
    Doctor: Painful Neuropathy Gone, Just Do This (Watch)

    When some Republican legislators in Georgia wanted to investigate the 2020 election, they were threatened with political retribution. They dared not call for a special session in December 2020 to investigate the election. The threat turned into action when one committee chairman lost his position after he held a hearing in December 2020 on alleged voter fraud.

    Some Republican politicians seem to assume that all their political opponents will play by the rules. They assume that no one will organize a conspiracy to “game the system” and win an election with illegal ballots. Democrats “argue” that election fraud is rare and to discuss evidence of fraud is “disinformation.” In response to 2000 Mules they might offer only: “Who are you are going to believe? Me or your lying eyes.”

    Unfortunately, they don’t even go that far. The Democrat politicians and media allies are dumping the evidence in 2000 Mules down the memory hole just like the censors in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

    The American political system faces a pandemic of rule-breaking that threatens constitutional government. Left-wing “Antifa” takes over downtown Portland and tries to burn down the federal building. Many are arrested and practically all of them are released with charges dismissed. Millions invade our southern border and, instead of deporting them, the Biden administration puts them on charter jets to fly in the middle of the night to other states.

    Someone leaked a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion that would overrule Roe v. Wade. For days thereafter abortion supporters demonstrated outside the homes of conservative judges on the Court. Federal law makes it a crime to demonstrate outside the residence of a judge aiming to influence the judge’s decision. No one was arrested. At the same time stories leaked that the FBI is investigating as suspected domestic terrorists parents who spoke up at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory “lessons” and the sexualization of grade-school education.

    Georgia’s 2021 election reform law will do little to stop organized election fraud in the 2022 and 2024 elections. I am not a fraud artist, but I can imagine this scheme. You get the names of people on the voter rolls who have not been voting in recent elections. They are apathetic, dead or they moved out of the county. You data mine their SSN’s and date of births and then apply for an absentee ballot. The signature on the absentee ballot will match the signature on that application. Then you stuff the mailbox at the local post office with the manufactured “votes.” Bingo! You stole the election.

    All the constitutional officers in Georgia (governor, secretary of state, and attorney general) deserve defeat in the primary election on May 24th. They did little to investigate election fraud in 2020. They did not push through systematic anti-fraud legislation.

    Elections that are vulnerable to fraud schemes are not credible elections, whether the fraud was successful or not. Both Canada and France have stricter election systems than the U.S. It’s a disgrace that we can’t do better.

  11. How Did A Zuckerberg Charity Stooge Win A GOP Primary In Colorado?

    Emerald Robinson
    Jul 1, 2022
    The story of the GOP primary race for Secretary of State in Colorado gets more interesting the more you investigate the results.

    As I noted yesterday, the big news is that an Australian businessman named Mike O’Donnell somehow got 28% of the vote (173,000 citizens voted for him!) even though polling showed he had no support, he raised $4,700 for his campaign, and 139 people were following his campaign on Twitter. The most interaction he got on his 1,300 campaign tweets was 4 “likes” on his June 27th tweet; most of them had zero interaction. He went from being a non-factor in a three-person race to grabbing more than quarter of the total vote.

    Mike O’Donnell seems like a very nice guy — but can anyone explain his sudden 28% share of the vote in the most important election integrity race in Colorado? Election officials in Colorado had no explanation. Most of the county clerks in the 17 counties that Mike O’Donnell won had never heard of him. Their reactions ranged from confusion to disbelief.

    But, wait, there’s more.

    The really big news is that Pam Anderson supposedly won the race with 43% of the vote (266,000 citizens voted for her!) which is an unbelievable result — to say the very least.

    It’s truly unbelievable because two months before the primary, Pam Anderson was not just losing to Tina Peters in all the polling and fundraising metrics, but her campaign was broke. She had a $5,665 balance in her campaign coffers. According to liberal site Colorado Pols, “this surprisingly anemic fundraising is just more evidence that [Pam Anderson] is a candidate without a constituency…”

    Two days after that assessment, Colorado Pols considered Anderson’s campaign dead-on-arrival and added that: “Peters’ strong performance further underscores Anderson’s weakness in this race, running on a message not just disagreed with but considered treasonous by a majority of Republican voters.”

    Furthermore, Tina Peters was the obvious frontrunner in every way:

    “In the Republican primary for Colorado Secretary of State, all the momentum now is with Tina Peters. By every available metric, Peters is the frontrunner. Peters dominated the vote at the state assembly, and now holds a commanding lead in fundraising. Peters is getting orders of magnitude more earned media attention. Coverage one might perceive as negative about Peters’ criminal case, at least until June 28th, is not a major liability with GOP primary voters. To the extent they’ve heard of Peters, a large percentage will see her as a hero.”

    So where were Pam Anderson’s 266,000 voters hiding all this time before primary day?

    They were not hiding on Twitter and Facebook — that’s for sure.

    The day of the primary, the enthusiasm for Pam Anderson was, shall we say, underwhelming on social media.

    Does these tweets appear to show the kind of sudden political momentum that turns Pam Anderson from being twenty points behind Tina Peters to beating Tina Peters by 15 points?

    You must remember that Tina Peters got 61% of the delegates at Colorado’s Republican Assembly in April. What about Pam Anderson — you ask?

    Pam Anderson did not even attend the Republican assembly. She was so unpopular in the Colorado GOP that she was a write-in candidate who only qualified in April. She had to collect 1,000 valid signatures from registered Republicans in each of the state’s eight congressional districts just to get on the ballot. In the 5th Congressional District, Anderson managed only 1,282 valid signatures. Apparently, more than 5,000 of the 17,904 signatures submitted by Anderson were not valid.

    In other words, Pam Anderson was not a wildly popular candidate among Republicans.

    So how did Pam Anderson suddenly pull off a miraculous 35 point swing on Primary Day two months later with no money and no endorsements?

    The only advantage that Pam Anderson had in this race: she’s on the Board of Directors for Mark Zuckerberg’s private election mafia, the “Center For Tech And Civic Life.”

    Isn’t it strange that the director of Mark Zuckerberg’s private election charity for Democrats (on temporary leave!) just won the most important election integrity race in Colorado — and a GOP primary no less — as a write-in candidate with a 35 point polling swing with no money and no visible support from Republicans?

    One more thing: Colorado uses Dominion Voting Machines.

  12. Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie: Swing States Didn’t Follow Their Own Laws In 2020
    JULY 14, 2022

    The 2020 election was full of chaos and irregularities. States across the country changed election policies and procedures last minute. Due to the pandemic, election officials claimed these emergency actions and deviations from election laws were necessary.

    In 2020, the Wisconsin Elections Commission authorized “municipal clerks and local elections officials to establish ballot drop boxes” and said that people acting on behalf of the voter could deliver his or her ballot to these drop boxes.

    Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg gave millions of dollars to election offices to change election procedures and fuel vote-by-mail efforts. The Capital Research Center uncovered that the Center for Technology and Civic Life, the non-profit Zuckerberg funneled his money through, gave Wisconsin election offices at least $6.7 million in 2020.

    Much of this $6.7 million was used to set up drop boxes, which fueled ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting refers to a person returning ballots that are not their own. For example, you go to a drop box and return your ballot, your husband’s, and your two neighbors’.

    These changes expanding drop boxes and allowing ballot harvesting drew much ire and complaints in 2020. President Trump and many others criticized drop boxes as being less secure than in-person voting.

    Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court delivered a win for election integrity and strengthened the security of Wisconsin’s elections. In a 4-3 ruling, the court ruled that drop boxes will only be allowed at the offices of election clerks.

    The court ruled that the Wisconsin Elections Commission does not have the power to enact and change election laws. This power belongs to the state legislature.

    Under Wisconsin law, drop boxes are illegal. The law requires absentee ballots to be returned by mail, or the voter must personally deliver them to the municipal clerk. This ruling upheld the rule of law in elections: Election laws cannot be suspended before an election. That leads to chaos and distrust in results.

    This is not the first state to have violated its own laws in the 2020 election.

    Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania court struck down the commonwealth’s mail-balloting law. The law passed in December 2019, and legalized no-excuse absentee voting.

    The universal mail-voting law violated the Pennsylvania Constitution. The commonwealth’s Constitution requires a person to vote on Election Day unless they meet certain criteria. Changing the mail-balloting laws in Pennsylvania would require a constitutional amendment.

    Pennsylvanians should think twice before passing a constitutional amendment for universal vote by mail. The vote-by-mail system was a complete failure in 2020. According to federal data, the commonwealth lost track of more ballots than the difference in votes between Trump and Biden.

    Also in 2020, Pennsylvania set a record for the highest number of rejected mail ballots by election officials. Mail balloting leads to disenfranchisement because errors are not able to be fixed in person like they are at the polls.

    For instance, if you forget to sign your ballot at the polls, an election worker can point the error out and allow you to sign the ballot. But with vote by mail, there is no way for the voter to fix the error once the ballot has been sent.

    Pennsylvania and Wisconsin violated their own election laws and procedures in 2020. These two important rulings emphasize the necessity of the rule of law in elections, in order to achieve basic election integrity. Elections need to be conducted by the book so the American people can trust the results.

    J. Christian Adams is the President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a former Justice Department attorney, and current commissioner on the United States Commission for Civil Rights.

  13. Jim Condos: ‘Voter fraud’ lie is an insult to town and city clerks, No, crooked and tainted
    elections are a slap in the face of our democracy………

    Jimbo thinks handing out ballots to every Tom, Dick, and Harry legal or not is a good idea
    along with all the other shenanigans, voter fraud is real, and Jim is like a kid caught with
    his hand in the cookie jar……………. pretty sad,

    Anything for your party, never mind the states concerns!!

  14. ????? “…a single insidious lie: that voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 General Election.” NoNoNo You might consider a different “lie”. The wobbly confidence in the integrity of our voting system is just your ignorant constituents’ conspiracy-theory folly. You’re wrong — our confidence is shaken – figure out why.

  15. My relatives keep getting voting cards, they changed their state for voting/residence years ago and keep complaining and no change!!!!

    Did the absentee ballots get mailed by someone other than local people? That’s against statutes isn’t it?

    There is NEVER any fraud in Vermont is there? none?

    EB-5 anyone?
    10+ years to get gas pumps at Costco?
    Vermont “affordable” housing
    Grant money?
    Non-profit abuse?
    Rotation of lobbyists and government positions?
    Planned parent hood swindle of tax payer money funding the Vermont Dem Party?

    Vermont has what a D- in ethics?

    No couldn’t possibly be anything wrong or nefarious going on, no not at all……

  16. Funny, trying to post links to various articles for the author and TNS is blocking them. Too bad as it would be nice to post real, factual information about what happened in various states ..

  17. Jimmy’s got some new voter machines he’s setting up so the votes will be safe and effective.
    Dopey Jimmy.

  18. If there is a bigger liar that Condos I’d like to know who it is. Notice this latest installment of his mendacious nastiness includes not a single fact or piece of data. In its entirety it is about shaming people who quite rationally question the integrity of an election that demonstrably included extensive anomalies, such as the WI Secretary of State allowing drop boxes in violation of that state’s constitution and subsequently ruled unconstitutional by that state’s supreme court. Condos exemplifies everything bad about a politician- dishonest, self-serving, deceitful. Thank our lucky stars this insult to integrity is retiring.

  19. This was not VOTER fraud

    2000 MULES was a nationwide-organized, ballot fabrication operation, at numerous locations, especially in swing states.

    When it turned out Trump was too far ahead, the counting was stopped in swing states to survey the damage.

    The “counting” went on for several more days.

    The fabricated ballots had been systematically distributed by MULES ($20 – $25/ballot), who dropped them in drop boxes, usually at night, on video.

    Those ballots were counted for feeble Biden in the basement.

    All that had NOTHING to do with VOTERS, because they were not involved in that scam.

    Here are some examples


    2000 MULES, a Film About the 2020 Election, by Dinesh D’Souza

  20. This might be the most ignorant and frightening article I have read here a TNR. The author is wholly ignorant of the network of mules used not just in the swing states, but other states. The Democrats have built an extensive network. Then there is the voting machines that are supposedly not connected to the internet. Machines that count in fractions of a vote. Machines that we the public are told nothing about. Just trust us, we’ll tell you who won. But hey, now VT has mail in voting. What could possibly go wrong with that!! This country is being destroyed so fast, my head is spinning. And largely because of ignorant or evil individuals like this author. And then he has the balls to talk about “misinformation”. Truly chilling. Get this person out, and quickly.

  21. Are you joking, Mr. Condos? Fraud was everywhwre, maybe not VT as much. Why bother in VT…we know who wins beforehand. VT has had fraud. HOW do you think Bernie won the BTV election for Mayor by 12 votes? F-R-A-U-D…The Bernie Tie Die Grass roots folks focused on getting UVM kids to vote…many were illegal, because they were out of state tuition payers, cars likely registered out of state, they paid NO VT Income taxes…but they registered to VOTE IN VT. I recall all of it. What they did was make sure you did not live in a dorm, to register vote… but an apt…that way you can’t be traced as easy. It happens TO THIS DAY. Why do you think they they did a total DEMOCRAT RUN gerrymader of the UVM district– TO INCLUDE MORE APARTMENTS? SIMPLE! toget student votes easily. And UVM kids may be 2 years in said apartment, then leave when graduate but they NEVER REMOVE their names off voter rolls????? HAVE YOU EVER CHECKED THAT??)….so MAIL in ballots continue to go to adddress, though they are no longer there.

    Of course BTV will NEVER clean up the rolls and fraud…because UVM kids VOTE SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE. I would fall off my chair if Mr. Conods demanded a FULL AUDIT of BTV voter rolls and how many illegal out of state tuition paying UVM kids….VOTE IN VT. It is SAUL ALINSKY tactice and Bernie Sandesr got HIS START in politics – by FRAUD from UVM…12 votes HE WON BY! I recall he enrolled about 300-400 students. it worked. NO ONE CHECKED THEIR RESIDENCY!

    • I remember it all so well, Bernie winning mayor by 12 votes. His minions were all over UVM registering voters. And the odd thing was the question they asked was , are you in a dorm or apartment. If an apartment, they registered you. if you were in a known DORM….they did not. because an HONEST UVM student who is IN STATE, has his registered address at HOME in VERMONT. But an out of state student….if in a DORM address, it is one year TEMPORARY and to easy to get caught frauding. But an APARTMENT address sails thru BTV. Go back a handful of years when the BTV Dems created a spaghjetti like GERRYMANDER to make a district chock FULL of….yup, UVM apartment renters. Can Mr. Condos guarantee me when these out of state kids graduate thet they REMOVE their names on voter rolls for mailed ballots? Once an out of stater graduates, they LEAVE BTV and have no time to go to BTV clerk office…to remove themselves. AND WHY WOULD THEY RISK GOING TO A GOV’T OFFICE, TO REMOVE THEIR VOTING NAME ,IF THEY KNOW THEY ARE ILLEGALLY VOTING AS “IN STATE”VT RESIDENT ANYWAY!….They are guilty of a crime! So they just leave and leave their names on the rolls, I bet.

        • Good question, but this had been the case for years.
          Susan Barlett defeated Kathy Voyer many years ago because her campaign harvested votes from JSC students.

  22. He can claim there was no voter fraud because he didn’t look for it or acknowledge it could occur given the lack of checks and balances in place. Additionally nationwide the right questions were not asked. Those questions were finally investigated and documented in 2000 Mules.

  23. “town and city clerks” ??? How about the guilty ones that make all this “voter fraud” so easy, as in corroborating WITH the DNC and ignoring the PROOF set by TRUE THE VOTE and 2000 Mules ??? Seems to me Jim, you’d be at the top of the list since YOU are in CHARGE of the vote scam perpetrated on us as we speak. Stuffs gonna hit the fan Jim,,,end the scam of mail in ballots,,,start removing people who vote from the grave,,,,try honesty

  24. Mr. Condos, if being insulted is the only rationale you have to sustain your self-righteous claim, why then are you still in office? You’ve been insulting me and, apparently, other taxpayers with your failure to monitor and verify our election process since Mark Zuckerberg subsidized your mail-in ballot process.

    Oh, that’s right. It’s the progressive double standard. How could I be so naive?

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