Letter: A vote for Meg Hansen is a vote for prosperity for all Vermonters

Editor’s note: This letter is by Randy Gray, of North Springfield.

Dear Editor,

The 2020 Lt. Governor’s race is wide open. It presents an important opportunity to turn the tide for struggling Vermonters. Voters have a clear choice in the August 11 primary election. Meg Hansen is the only Republican Lt. Governor candidate who can defeat the Progressive/ Democrat nominee in November.

Meg has a medical degree, health policy expertise, and a long record of healthcare service. She also owns a small business. She is a bright, kind, dynamic Indian-American woman who brings fresh and inspiring solutions to our state’s one-sided politics. In this unprecedented time, Meg’s integrity of character, courage, and professional experience make her the right candidate to lead policies that will keep Vermonters healthy and safe.

In contrast, the millionaire opponent, who entered the Republican primary at the very last minute, has supported Bernie Sanders. He is strongly pro-abortion and anti-Second Amendment. He is a strong supporter of mail-in voting without adding any checks like voter ID or signature verification. These positions are completely out of step with Republican voters. The good news is that his millions will not buy him the August 11 election.

A vote for Meg Hansen is a vote for a new future of prosperity for all Vermonters. Please join me in voting for Meg Hansen for Lt. Governor in the Republican primary on August 11.

Randy Gray
N. Springfield, Vermont

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2 thoughts on “Letter: A vote for Meg Hansen is a vote for prosperity for all Vermonters

  1. It’s interesting how some people can run and get support on the Republican ticket and be far from Republican. A rino is not a republican. In our desperation to “win” we allow top people take positions of high power, the classic case is our Governor.

    Kind hearted conservatives and American loving democrats are the only cure for our state. Working together we can solve our problems.

    Meg has my vote too. There is some heavy lifting to be done on her part. Popularity contests and name recognition often with the day in our state.

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