Letter: A New Year’s prayer for our community

This letter by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford.

What we do today, in the name of our collective community, manifests as our reality in the future.

When we respect the free will of our neighbors and value the path of their choosing as much as our own, we reject the notion of imposing punitive measures on our entire community simply because we can, or because other towns do so.

Instead, we believe personal liberty should never be preemptively confiscated from anyone, nor used as currency to resolve issue, or given as spoils to committee agenda of benevolent disguise.

Unnecessary regulation need not impede our pursuit of happiness, unless by our consent.

The needless compliance you tolerate today, will shape all our lives tomorrow.

For there exists a Universal Order of Natural Law that cannot be changed — this law can only be respected or violated.

Let us pray, that by your choice, our collective power will be respectful, not controlling; inclusive, not discriminating; and organically natural, not agenda driven.

Your power has resonance. But is your pursuit in harmony with the Universe?

Lynn James Edmunds
Wallingford, Vermont

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2 thoughts on “Letter: A New Year’s prayer for our community

  1. We have people imprisoned for 2 years now without trial, for what would considered misdemeanors or minor offenses. One of the religios leaders of our country has suggested fasting today, the fourth and the fifth leading to January 6th.

    We have turned our country from natural law, God’s law and his Supernatural laws. There are consequences.

    Corruption doesn’t pay.
    Denying reality doesn’t profit ones destiny.
    Following money, power and lust may bring some short term pleasure, but most certainly is not a great game plan for person or country.

    We only need to change our direction and focus to what is truth and love.


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