Legislature tackles milk dumping, $40 million education shortfall, prison reform

By Guy Page

Vermont farmers are dumping milk while shoppers worry about food supply. The tug and war over “compassionate release” of inmates from Vermont prisons continues. Should evictions and foreclosures be postponed? Are Vermont minorities being adversely impacted by Covid-19? Vermont school districts are in a bind because it’s hard to schedule revotes on failed school budgets, and the state education fund is at least $40 million in the hole after every surplus and rainy day dollar has been spent.

To see the committee meetings recorded on Zoom and available on YouTube, click on the committee name below. Click here for weekly schedule of all committee meetings.


Agriculture & Forestry

Tuesday: Dairy supply and distribution, Food systems, farmers markets

Friday: Committee Discussion


Wednesday: Covid-19 unemployment

Commerce & Economic Development

Thursday: Meeting with industry groups about their issues and needs

Corrections & Institutions

Tuesday & Thursday: S.338 justice reinvestment (probation & parole for inmates)


Tuesday: Covid-19 response: Mental Health

Friday: School district budgets, possible Act 173 (Special Ed) delay

Energy & Technology

Tuesday: Covid-19 committee discussion

Wednesday: committee meeting

General, Housing, & Military Affairs

Tuesday: S.333 – moratorium on evictions, foreclosure during state of emergency

Government Operations

Wednesday: remote notarizations, elections contengency planning

Thursday: Covid-19 response legislation

Health Care

Tuesday: H.742 – VT response to Covid-19

Wednesday: Diversity & equity issues

Thursday: Covid-19 response – update on federal funds, community hospitals

Human Services

Tuesday: foster care, family visitation

Wednesday: economic services

Thursday: home care workers


Agenda not published

Natural Resources, Fish, & Wildlife

Agenda not published


Wednesday: H.942, Transportation Bill. Covid-19 discussion.

Ways & Means

Wednesday: committee discussion

Friday: School district budgets




Thursday: C-19 response committee discussion


Agenda not published

Economic Development, Housing & General Affairs

Tuesday:  C-19 response – state, federal housing programs and assistance.

Wednesday: C-19 response – workers compensation


Tuesday: Act 173 delay, default educational budget, higher ed projections & needs

Thursday: TBD


Tuesday – C19 response – treasurer’s report, short-term borrowing, local government issues

Thursday – education financing

Government Operations

Tuesday – property taxes

Thursday – funds affecting municipalities, EMS, law enforcement

Friday – DPS update, posting notices

Health & Welfare

Tuesday: C19 response – foster care implications, H.742

Wednesday: Medication, pharmaceutical issues, diversity and equity issues

Thursday: update on federal funds, community hospitals

Friday: Broadband & internet issues


Agenda not published


Wednesday: public safety update, corrections update, foster care/visitations update, judicial confirmations, offender release during emergency, sunset of Racial Disparities Act, Justice Reinvestment II

Natural Resources & Energy

Agenda not published


Agenda not published

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3 thoughts on “Legislature tackles milk dumping, $40 million education shortfall, prison reform

  1. RE; Milk Dumping:
    When was the last time anyone heard from the processors and the retailers, in a positive fashion? When the retailers have to be told there is no shortage of milk, and their prices have not changed one cent on a unit, that speaks volumes, and it is not in favor of the dairy producers either. Getting these monsters to the table should be the next move, because nothing will change otherwise. How long is it going to be before these facts will be learned, ALL entities will work toward a solution, rather than 1 or 2 entities continually being a part of the problem?

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