Gubernatorial candidate John Klar puts forth rural-focused economic recovery plan

Michael Bielawski/TNR

ECONOMY FIRST: “Agripublican” gubernatorial candidate John Klar has released a detailed economic plan for Vermont that spans all major sectors of government policy, with a focus on reversing the decline of the state’s agricultural sector.

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Klar has put forth a comprehensive economic plan focused on reviving the struggling economies of the state, especially the agricultural sector.

On Tuesday, the Brookfield farmer and attorney took the next step in the race to become the Republican nominee for governor, releasing a farming economy “manifesto” along with a 25-minute video.

The economic plan described in the materials envisions supporting farmers by slashing state regulations and spending, and by granting food producers as much as $25,000 in property and income tax credits. It also calls for a broad range of other policy aims, such as shortening the legislative session, stopping welfare fraud and taking on the teachers union.

“For decades, Vermont government has told dairy farmers to ‘Get big or get out!'” the 14-page plan states. “Now those farms that followed that command are being condemned for polluting state waters and are told to just get out — even though most farms are compliant with state water quality management guidelines while suburban and urban sprawl continues.”

Klar, a self-described “Agripublican” — a mashup nickname of “agriculture” and “Republican” chosen to emphasize agriculture and the economy — wants to revive the rural and agricultural character of Vermont. However, his plan covers everything from education and health care to energy and pension obligations.

In one place, he argues for tax abatement targeting the agricultural sector.

“Vermont has the 6th highest real estate tax burden in America, which constitutes a crushing burden for farmers,” he writes. “… What is required is property tax relief directly connected to food production. This is not a subsidy — it is the elimination of destructive taxation disincentives which harm true farmers while compromising those ‘externalized benefits’ that benefit all Vermonters.”

He details the mechanics of this proposal, saying significant tax credits could help farms.

John Klar for Vermont

John Klar, a farmer who raises cattle and sheep, says Vermont needs more farmers making decisions in Montpelier.

“Vermont should grant food-producing farmers a tax credit equal to 50 percent of gross food sales, through a 25 percent income tax credit against gross sales up to $50,000 (much like an Earned Income Credit), and a 25 percent property tax credit: also on the first $50,000 of gross sales, but limited to one-half of real estate taxes (after the homestead exemption or Current Use program relief),” the plan states.

Klar argues that by encouraging production, such tax credits will help the state by generating robust economic activity.

“‘Incentivized’ to produce and sell food, Vermonters’ incomes will rise, perhaps only modestly at first for farmers, but immediately for grain, equipment, and animal dealers; hardware and lumber companies; carpenters and mechanics; veterinarians; and farmers’ markets and other grocers. More dollars will remain in Vermont rather than be transferred to out-of-state growers.”

Klar writes that in light of the current economic and food-security concerns associated with the coronavirus, having local food sources is the ultimate insurance for uncertain times.

“How expensive would that California food get if inflation sets in due to excessive federal debt?” he asks in the plan. “Where would Vermont be then, with its farmers dismissed as unneeded?”

Some non-agriculture initiatives include shortening the legislative session to eight weeks, which he argues would not only save millions, but also would make chamber seats more accessible to those who can’t take a third of the year off from work.

On the state’s unfunded liabilities, Klar notes that the recent economic downturn amplifies the mounting teacher and state worker pension commitments.

“The current stock market decline means that all those rosy games of projecting returns on pension investments at 7.5 percent are now revealed as nothing short of fraud,” he wrote.

Regarding the growing size and cost of government, he notes that government salaries continue to grow while other Vermonters struggle. For example, he points out that more than 500 state workers earn over $100,000 per year, and school superintendents earn an average of $153,000 annually, even while enrollment declines.

On the issue of welfare reform, Klar takes aim at a range of fraud targeted at the state’s $1.7 billion welfare net, including “working illegally while receiving benefits, taking aid to which individuals are not entitled, or refusing to seek employment.”

Other thought-provoking policy ideas detailed in the plan include a return to local control of schools, a reform of the Act 250 land use law that helps farms, and opposition to carbon pricing schemes.

“Those efforts target carbon dioxide, which is not a pollutant, and cannot accurately be measured despite claims otherwise. Improving local food production creates very obvious reductions in pollution, chemicals, GMOs, fossil fuels, animal cruelty, overuse of antibiotics — however measured,” he states.

The platform is a dramatic departure from the agenda set by supermajority Democrats and Progressives at the Statehouse, and even from the policies of Republican Gov. Phil Scott, a popular incumbent and the presumed frontrunner in the race.

Klar hopes that the “Agripublican” vision can help boost at least 10 other candidates who share a focus on Vermont’s neglected rural economy.

“For a change, let’s invest in our farms and farmers rather than more bureaucracy,” he writes.

A general overview of the “2020 Vermont Farming Manifesto” can be found on Klar’s campaign website.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Images courtesy of John Klar for Vermont and Michael Bielawski/TNR

29 thoughts on “Gubernatorial candidate John Klar puts forth rural-focused economic recovery plan

  1. Yes to manifesto and proposed solutions. Under Mr. Klars plans and vision many possibilities exist to allow for incentivising what is important to many Vermonters and reflect the values of those who love and respect our state’s rural life. Possibilities are endless and includes reducing tax burden. John Klars plans are prescient – he is a visionary way ahead of of the game.

    As long as leftwingers including our gutless governor run the show things will go from bad to worse. Mismanagement of so-called ‘crisis’ is simply deplorable and could lose many voters looking for a better option as Benedict Scott clearly cannot be trusted. Trash-talking opposition slamming campaign should be ashamed – we reap as we sow may I suggest ya pray for a crop failure. FYI: mystery ‘ghostwriter’ is TNR author of story lol.

    Any farmer w/a brain knows what is economical to add to what is already raised – they receive trade mags also and need no advice from ppl who know nothing about farming. There are farmers raising MJ already. Unserious suggestions are silly and serve to detract from positions Mr. Klar has proposed.

    Hopefully the unconvinced will wake up and smell the Folgers crystals – expanding and incentivising agriculture is back-to-the-futuristic – as in SmallAg. Ppl have awakened to the huge windowless factory farms and model which causes animal cruelty, torture, overcrowding as well as the unsafe and harmful effects of the food produced. High demand exists for organically grown and raised food sources. Many farms in VT are actually factory farms w/stanchioned animals hidden from view who never see the light of day. Happy well fed animals produce better, safer and more nutrient-dense milk, meat and eggs. This could be incentivized bc it is a more costly way of farming on a small level.

    My dad was raised on a working farm. During wartime and prior depression which was before he was born they had all they needed and bartered what they raised for clothes and other necessities also their rationing subsidies. Grandfather had his own still and brewed own beer. VT still has a reputation for food safety and purity – deserved or not. A relative who lives on a non-working farm tapped all maple trees, produced maple syrup and sold it online – he had orders from as far away as Norway, became a fulltime seasonal job and could hardly keep up w/orders.

    A VT slaughterhouse and meat producer claiming to be raising and slaughtering humanely was selling to NY and other cities with high demand for this type of food. He lost business when it was found the claims were falsified. And fined by state for inhumane slaughter. Ppl have awakened to the windowless factory farms and model which causes animal torture, overcrowding as well as the unsafe and harmful effects of the food produced. High demand exists for organically grown and raised food sources.

    There is high demand for organic foods and humanely raised and slaughtered meat. VT small farms could be doing this if not already. Those who care about or can afford these foods are buying and the sky’s the limit. Witness the meats sold online and meat clubs that offer regular delivery – none or not all even claim to be humanely raised and sell at exorbitant prices.

    Ending of bureaucrat and administrative gravytrain a great idea starting w/VT DOE a great start. Gettng rid of the many state bureaucrats, gutting VT state employees especially administrators could save the pension fund – we could easily shed 3/4. Ending free ride of myriad nonprofits by taxing them as the businesses they are also a possibility. Mandating classroom size be doubled – another hundreds-of-millions in savings along w/allowing and incentivising school choice supporting parochial and other private schools just as public schools. Increasing support and incentivising of existing small farms – they are the lifeblood of our state – a great idea.

    Supporting and expansion of small dairy as well as small farms is a great idea. Farms could open their own stores for selling farm products and other business ventures such as smokehoses etc etc. There are ppl from out of state who have the means to afford to farm who are willing to leave city life for country life – mostly younger fams. NY and NJ taxes are even higher than VT making our state a more attractive option.

    As UN globalist mandates push hoi polloi into population centers, preserving the clean air, water, lush scenery and quiet for the most wealthy. And as cancer-causing 5G is rolled out – living in rural areas will boom creating an incentive to farm or at very least to grow ones own food.

    All of these this is possible w/the right leadership which is why I support John Klar for VT governor – KLAR2020 <3

  2. On second glance this statement ““Vermont should grant food-producing farmers a tax credit equal to 50 percent of gross food sales, through a 25 percent income tax credit against gross sales up to $50,000” shows a great lack of knowledge. 25% tax credit against sales up to $50,000 is very little because $50K in sales yields very little profit in actuality when one considers the expense occurred in farming including labor, fuel, ag supplies, etc. How much does Mr. Klar think $50K in sales amounts to in profits?

    • I would actually prefer to see a businessman as governor, rather than a turncoat to his former party who is a part time “farmer” / lawyer. There are already far too many lawyers involved in government.
      Maybe time to go Dick The Butcher// ”Henry VI,” Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73

  3. Get large or get out rings a familiar bell. Years ago, my Dad ran a dairy fame with about 15 milking cows. The creamery sent trucks to each farm and retrieved cans from a cooler in the milke house. Then the creameries introduced bulk pick ups. This meant that farmers had to install DeVal auto milkers, tubing and holding tanks. The capital required to do this was too much for the small guy and virtually over night all small farms in the valley went out of business. These little guys couldn’afford to get big.

  4. Mr. Klar, where do you get this info: ““For decades, Vermont government has told dairy farmers to ‘Get big or get out!’?” Whaaaaa? I know dairy farmers and that is news to me. If anything, the State of VT has been crawling down the BACKS of farms that “get big”….to regulate them unsoide down and sideways! I’d like to see where the State has put that in writing…”get big or get out”. Sadly, small Dairy is toast. It is like harping about protecting any and all Buggy Whip manufacturers as the age of the Model T came around.. your plans for dairy will never work. Milk is priced on a NATIONWIDE basis.. Vermont will never, ever be competitive on a nationwide pice compared to other western states that have year round sunshine, great weather, abundant crops and huge numbers of Mexican workers….and no snow…. PLUS! You ignore that INTERNATIONAL producers affect ALL dairy prices. The culprit there is Fonterra in New Zealand. They pretty much own world Dairy export markets. Dairy export is where excess dairy products from USA try to go. But if Fonterra undercuts you, you lose export sales. Lose export sale you have more supply left in US…more supply and less demand, means lower prices…across teh board. It is a vicious circle.. Face it, small farms are not sustainable, sadly. Look for new crops for them and get out of dairy. Milk consumption has been going straight down for years now. Much other dairy struggles. How many millenials do you see drinking milk and eating cottage cheese? NONE! Farms should grw expensive crops…like saffron. Or? Grow cigar wrapper leaf! REALLY! CT River Valley shade tobacco is in big demand as a light colored wrapper for expensive cigars. But in CT river valley all that crop land is being bought up for houses, malls and office space!. I think a VT Shade grown tobacco would be very marketable! there is HUGE demand for USA shade grown leaf in high end cigar wrappers.. CT has been making such product for 150 years and few grow it there now.. Look at the cost of SAFFRON per ounce! “The wholesale price of a pound of saffron can vary from as little as $500 to as much as $5,000, with retail prices anywhere from $5,000 per pound to $10,000 per pound.” If I was in dairy? I’d get out. Grow saffron and shade cigar wrapper leaf instead!! Go read up on CT River Shade Tobacco!

    • My dad was a small pharmacist, who sold his prescriptions at a better price to the public than the big guys. Vt changed the laws for a few years such that only designated large scale pharmacists could fulfill blue cross blue shield because they were cheaper. My dad lobbied at the state house, no luck. He ended up selling to a big box guy, because he was literally unable to run his business because of tv regulations.

      Now take our gas prices, completely controlledbt two or three companies. Even Bernie spoke up about this but as par for the course nothing happened. Because of VT regulations, crony capitalism and regulation, Costco sits with an entire gas station built and ready to operate but can’t get permission to open their business. This one station would save the public millions every year.

      Our schools, medical and affordable housing have all the same monopolistic control, which bring similar results to our current state of affairs in Vermont.

      While I may disagree with some of Johns solutions, there is a state regulatory problem in farming, we could and should be more self sufficient, self reliant. He brings up some valid points.

      Kevin and anybody else are free to comment, this is one of the last bastions to which people can openly and freely speak.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you. If Vermont farmers are going to continue we need to look at alternative crops. Cannabis is legal. Hemp farming also is a crop that could be added. Easy to grow, little maintenance. Vermont could add manufacturing facilities to process hemp, clothes, lumbar , paper, all kinds of products could be manufactured which in turn would help Vermont’s failing economy.

      The tax breaks provided on property tax would have to be “made up” for elsewhere. Those adjustments would probably come from the backs of the rest of Vermonters who can’t afford to make up the difference.

      Better solutions need to be addressed.

      Last I knew, John Klar, isn’t a farmer either but continually makes that claim. My understanding is he has a couple goats and that’s it. Lots of inconsistencies in his writings. Does he actually write his articles or does he have a ghost writer. I’m betting ghost writer.

      • Colleen, hemp is nothing but a weed. I can easily be grown in every single state in the USA. The amount of acerage growinh hemp and Pot is mind boggling. Many in VT jumped on that bandwagon and lost money. Only the biggest and largest growers will have the contacts to sell to the largest buyer/manufacturers of CBD. Hemp is a loser. You need to look elswehere…like I said… the delicate spice Saffron can sell for up to $5,000 a pound! Cultivated shade leaf wrapper tobacco is in huge demand, as Connecticut shade leaf acerage, grown for 150 years, is all turned into houses, malls and offices buildings. drive down Rt. 91 and you SEE the tobacco sheds all over (many empty and unused now)! I know people hate tobaco, but a shade leaf wrapper is NOT a mass market deadly item. Shade leaf is light in color and only used in the most expensive, luxury cigars. CT River Shade leaf has had a worldwide reputation for 100 years. Why not create a Vermont cache….VT Shade Leaf! VT has farmland going out of business. You will make FAR more money on shade leaf, than any hyped up organic vegetable. Kumbaya to that!

        • I just have to ask, How many of those valley floor farms are available at affordable prices? And far enough south to grow tobacco?

          As for saffron, image this:
          Crocus sativus plant bears just 4 flowers, each one bearing 3 stigmata in bright crimson colour. These stigmata known as saffron threads, are carefully hand-plucked and dried.
          Saffron is a Royal spice as far as its quality of colour and fragrance. It is costly because of its limited production area and long time of generation. A plant of saffron takes one year to give crop of flowers and threads.

          Saffron is the only spice in the whole world that is sold in grams. A hectare (2.47acres) of saffron farmland produces around 1.2 to 1.7 kg of saffron depending on corms quality under BEST farming practices. It takes about 150 flowers to give one gram of dry saffron. [Now, picture picking and plucking the 150×3 stigmata 1,000 times!! and then drying out the moisture–all while exercising the care to prevent loss to wind]
          Bearing in mind that the above pertains to warmer/sunnier climes, the hand work involved, and the unavoidably lesser quality yield per expensive VT acre, growing crocus sativus here requires being out of one’s pluckin’ mind.

  5. When he starts talking about earned income tax credit he is talking about a welfare program.
    Having a much more viable system in place to allow for migrant workers is a much needed goal. I know how complex it is to have migrant workers, that’s why they hire illegals.
    The state has to get off from farmers’ back on over-regulating them. I talked to one dairy farmer 2 years ago who was told his manure pit didn’t meet the state regulations and he had a very short time to come into compliance but the state was dragging its feet on approving a new one. He said he was weeks away from being forced to stop farming. This just isn’t right.
    The state should be a partner of farmers, not an enemy.
    As for dairy farmers the governor should be asking our federal representation to push for a price floor for milk that would allow farmers to make a small profit at least during over-supply.

  6. Mike… There are other Canada 20 for governor in the state of Vermont and it would be nice to see True North reports dedicate the same amount of time to them that you do to John Klar..

    Kevin Hoyt.. Has been working his butt off exposing fraud in the state of Vermont and not a peep from True North reports..

    Kevin has done many excellent videos exposing the garbage that is taking place under the golden dome and montpellier and we have crickets from the news media.

    Kevin is a multi generational Vermonter who is running for governor in the state of Vermont.

    Kevin has always been a true conservative supporting Vermont values and has never swayed to support those willing to destroy us and our vision for a free Vermont and a free America.

    Kevin has some wonderful ideas to restore Vermont to the wonderful state she was previously..

    Please let’s give equal time to Kevin And other candidates running for office.

    Thank you

    • Perhaps he should submit some articles to True North, they are very willing to do so. True North reports are by far the most open and uncensored media outlet in Vermont. Kevin would surely be open to comment in the commentary also, I don’t believe that I’ve seen him commetating in the forums.

      • That’s funny… cause he CAN’T! Some how Kevin is blocked at every angle! As far as TNR being the most open and uncensored media outlet in Vermont…let them prove it! Give Kevin an interview. Let him write in his thoughts and or policies, etc. That has NOT happened! He hasn’t even been able to report that he is in fact a Gubernatorial Candidate! On the other hand I’ve seen John Klar’s write ups numerous times, more times than I care to.
        #HOYT2020 ❤

        • So apparently your guy is in actuality a *can’tidate*…too funny…entire escapade patently ridiculous…crazytrain comes to mind

          • So very apparently you do not believe in equal access to media by political candidates.
            I see what is happening with Hoyt to be appalling. Maybe Travels With Charlie should devote some of their video efforts toward speaking with Kevin, affording him at least that tiny bit of exposure. Perhaps there might even be a mention of the fraud and corruption he has discovered.
            Then again, it’s more probable that you and others just don’t give a ratsass.

            HOYT 2020 — Go Kevin

          • Everyone has equal access so does your friend – however no one is owed. Mr Klar is published bc he submits his work lol. And just why can’t he write something and submit it to media or LTE? Suggest you suggest your friend quit being lazy seemingly dumping campaign work in someone elses lap to pick up the ball. Tho friend may think this legitimizes bid – what then? Pls think about this.

            Travels w/Charlie sounds like a great idea but it’s his gig – not your buddy’s. May I suggest he follow the rules folks.

            One can’t send partner and a bunch of buds to hurl insults, derail thread authored by a legitimate candidate who has done the work, announced, has a website and is actively campaigning and expect to be taken seriously. Then accuse friendliest of comment platforms and lone conservative website of censoring and blocking? Also of refusing to publish results of his findings – where’s the lede – bi*ching is not a lede. Ever hear of libel? Publishers of all ppl sure have.

            Personally resent being insulted and guilted into taking a look at someone who doesn’t have the common decency to treat another candidate, this – or any – publication with respect. He’s ruining any chance of success before even announcing publicly. Please. This is not a good look.

      • Kevin Hoyt has tried to post frequently. He is usually censored or blocked and can rarely post anywhere but his own page due to censorship from Facebook. He tried just this morning posting under this very thread and was not allowed to post.

        As a matter of fact, he’s not even being allowed to announce his candidacy. Shame on all of Vermont for the current level of misinformation and corruption.

        • Personally find complaints of censorship dubious. Appears that a few ppl think Mr Hoyt should be courted and interviewed on basis of what – wishful thinking?

          It’s up to all who wish to run for office to follow the rules and guidelines then make an announcement via proper channels. It is not up to any media outlet to chase anyone for a story – the story is in the mind of the beholder and generally follows a lede.

          John Klar is a farmer, lawyer, Christian counselor and has also pastored. He has contributed to multiple respected publications and for better or worse has put himself out there as have others.

          If someone cannot navigate a website to make a comment and at least manage to be a lowly commenter or submit a campaign bid – what does this say about a successful run for VTs top job…

          • Maybe it’s time to seriously consider a regular Vermonter type guy for Vt’s top job. Mr Hoyt, may not be as articulate as Mr Klar appears to be, although that might be due to the work of the alleged ghost writer. Personally, I am reluctant to throw my support behind a another “I Love Vermonter” from some liberal sh*thole state who doesn’t know whether he wants to be a Pastor/Christian Counselor, a Lawyer, Farmer/Rancher, or a Politician.

          • Intend to vote for the candidate who has the best platform and plan to drag VT economy from the abyss from mismanagement of former numbskulls who were – Vermonters! I voted for both. And contribute to the wellbeing of our state – not necessarily a Vermonter.

            Problem w/most of the outofstaters is they came here w/a political agenda and to seek fortune in our tiny beautiful state as elitist snobs and fancy themselves as of the patrician ruling class – not to live amongst us as one of us or a rural lifestyle.

            During the boom of the ’70s my parents – both from families that have been here for generations older than dirt – remarked that many ppl who came here from other places love VT and our way of life more than Vermonters who take for granted the values of our state.

            In my teens there were two fams who came here, both started businesses which were useful to everyone – one served in legislature. Both came from wealth but were just good ppl who contributed to the community.

            Sad day but par for VT education system when someone who can read, write and communicate is accused of having a ‘ghost writer’. Sounds like your guy is feeling mighty sorry for self while simultaneously pointing out he has no communication skills?

            Appears Mr Hoyt is arrogantly demanding he be handed a platform for a campaign launch for free and handed on gilded platter…and commandeering partner and useful friends – all of whom descended on thread like a kid on a cupcake to speak for him bc…why now?

            Please look up Mr Klar – search will yield contributions to vtdigger and national publications. Claim that all these years he has the money to keep a ‘ghost writer’ on the payroll is fanciful.

            As to comment of “doesn’t know whether he wants to be a Pastor/Christian Counselor, a Lawyer, Farmer/Rancher, or a Politician.” he’s all of the above sir.

        • Facebook, VT Digger, Youtube, .Google, VPR, twitter they all censor constantly. I have not experienced the same here at True North Reports. They are very, very open to commentary. If it’s on the facebook feed, perhaps they are censoring when we had our political party facebook refused to recognize us despite we were registered with the state. Facebook is completely monitored your ads are shadow banned and you have no idea of knowing it. Yet Facebook allows blatant lies spewed by the
          Chinese government that the united States is responsible for the Covid 19. Zuckerberg is a complete tool, pretty sad statement when your one of the richest men in the world and you hold ideals like his company does.

      • Kevin Hoyt Tried to reply to this But was unable to respond so here is his response:

        TNR has been given many (all) of my scandals and documents.. the fact that I’m a candidate and all the documents and evidence needed.. just no stories. Well, very few. I need to say I like TRN also, one of the better ones. They were suppose to run an article on our Vt election audit and the MASSIVE fraud we found at the beginning of March.. still waiting. The establishment and the media push the candidates they want while hindering others. It’s unfortunate, but it’s what it is. At some point people will research and look themselves I hope. We always believe what we are told and independant thinking is needed. Notice how Mr. Klars new policies are self serving? He wants farmers to get a break while the rest of us pay for another DEMOCRAT welfare plan. More hollow promises, it might even help (a little) if we still had a farming industry. His promise of advancement is flaud in that not that many Vermonters frow food or livestock anymore.. they (his old party) have already destroyed us. I agree farming is important and a cultural part of Vt that needs revitalization, but this is not the way. This man has never voted for a Republican government in his life. I will have policy videos up soon and will show you how to save Vt and get back to a sustainable system. John’s coronavirus plan was to close our borders remember? He will not repeal unconstitutional gun laws and I simple do not believe or trust this out of state lawyer who came from no where, hired a ghost writer to con us and developed the deceptive “agripublican” term to decide the conservative vote. We can do better, need to do better. I am not longer willing to RISK our home and future, John Klar is why I decided to run. Its OUR choice Vermont- do your research and vote like our lives depend on it because they do. I personally do not want another politician, I want honesty and integrity. John Klar who is being sued for libel and slander (lying) at this very moment and has neither.

        • In response to this most recent dustup inspired by a coterie of John Klar haters – calling BS on it all. It is meanspirited, troll-like – and aka as a hatchet-job. Aside from the fact it’s a concerted effort and huge distraction meant to tarnish John Klar and this most recent op-ed piece which includes a policy-driven clear concise presentation of his what his candidacy means.

          There is not one dissenting opinion appearing that presents a serious debate. Block-style writing w/no paragraph breaks is unreadable – however I read them anyways bc they’re here. All media sources have rules regarding the legibility no different than LTE to a print paper – if someone wishes to be a guest writer perhaps contacting TNR staff and asking them what they require might be helpful

          When someone hides and refuses to come out of the closet but posts via a surrogate – with due disrespect – red flags appear as clearly Mr Hoyt is not ready for primetime much? This issue alone and the commenters pushing it speak volumes. And personally not buying any of this silliness *at all*. Commentary drips w/smallminded stubborness, hatred, bitterness and jealosy – a huge reveal as to the motives of author.

          And all the haters descending upon this thread supporting this attempted takedown are living proof of TNR non-censorship policy – bc imho comments which are simply illogical attacks w/no substance should be banned.

          • Correction: There are a few comments by reliable commenters which repectfully dissent and state their argument.

    • Unless I missed something it’s Mr. Klar dedicating himself to We The People of VT by putting himself out there by submitting op-eds and clearly stated policy positions. His exposes on VT farming as well as myriad issues were an eyeopener for me.

      My generational ppl were farmers as were majority of state @ one time. Nasty and rude exclamation laden critiques lack substatnce.
      Rock On John
      John Klar VT Governor 2020

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