Leftists setting up ‘Black House’ autonomous zone in DC, try to tear down Andrew Jackson monument

By Mary Margaret Olohan

Rioters gathered Monday in Lafayette Square before the White House where they clashed with police as they attempted to tear down a monument to former U.S. President Andrew Jackson and set up a Black House Autonomous Zone.

Video footage from on the ground Daily Caller reporters shows rioters attempting to pull down the monument to Jackson early on in the evening. The protesters chanted, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Andrew Jackson’s got to go,” Fox News reported. The rioters were unsuccessful in tearing down the monument before police arrived on the scene.


As the rioters were forced to move further away from the statue, they began to get more angry and indignant and began to fight the police, reporters on the ground said.

Subsequent footage shows the rioters clashing with police, who used a chemical irritant believed to be pepper spray, their shields, and a bicycle wall to push the rioters back away from the monument, WUSA9 reports.

Several reporters, including Daily Caller video editor Richie McGuiness, were hit by the pepper spray.

The rioters then proceeded to vandalize St. John’s church, which has previously been vandalized in riots earlier during the summer. Rioters spray painted “BHAZ” on the historic church, which stands for “Black House Autonomous Zone.”

Footage shows that some rioters lit a fire on the ground, which others quickly put out, sparking arguments.

“Defund the Police,” a rioter shouts into a megaphone at a group of police officers, many of whom are kneeling. “Fuck all y’all.”

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5 thoughts on “Leftists setting up ‘Black House’ autonomous zone in DC, try to tear down Andrew Jackson monument

    • This will not end until they discover several of their terrorist friends have gone missing.

  1. This is flat out vandalism and the perpetrators should be arrested and face the consequences. Unfortunately, no body has the guts to do it.

  2. You can tell a person or group by their actions.

    NASCAR, pushed Bubba’s Car to the front. That shows love.

    Tearing things down shows hate. Question, why can’t we put up statues to honor those for their excellent work? We all know every man is fallen, cept’ for one.

    Yes how about statures for Clarence Thomas, Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King. All the name changes, statues removed are classic examples of subversive tactics used to overthrow a government and ideals held dear by Americans.

    Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Germany…the list is long and the pattern exactly the same.

    You can’t stop racism by looting and burning, you can by love, you can by forgiveness. It’s not a coincidence these things are happening, its planned and orchestrated, there is nothing organic about the hate, violence and division being spread across the nation.

    The NWO does not like a free and prosperous republic on the planet. Love and Peace is their kryptonite. It’s going to get much, much worse in the next few months, some people are not fond of wearing orange, it’s going to get much worse, it’s their only plan.

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