Leahy’s answer to Vermonter concerned about granting WHO unprecedented power

The following letter is from U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., in response to a Vermonter who wrote with concern about President Biden proposing amendments to grant the World Health Organization unlimited power to declare a health emergency in any country.

Thank you for contacting me about the ongoing discussions about reforming the World Health Organization’s global pandemic response in a new treaty. I support efforts to improve global pandemic preparedness while maintaining Congress’s unique role in ratifying treaties.

During the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been over 520 million recorded cases of COVID-19 and an estimated 15 million deaths globally. These numbers are astonishing and heartbreaking, but cannot encompass the emotional, social, and financial hardships that this pandemic has caused Americans and all people. The widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also demonstrated the urgent need to improve pandemic preparedness internationally. The world is interconnected and we must prepare for and battle global health emergencies together with our international partners. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations’ health agency, has and will continue to play a crucial role in responding to and preventing pandemics.

In February 2022, discussions about improving the WHO’s response to pandemics began with a target date of May 2024 for a treaty to be adopted by member countries of the United Nations. The WHO has previously adopted regulations for public health events that may cross borders and affect several countries, which are known as the International Health Regulations. Many critics have argued that these rules are sufficient for localized epidemics but inadequate for a global pandemic. Discussions about proposed regulations in the new treaty are ongoing, and I will continue to monitor their progress.

The United States Constitution states that the President “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur.” I take this congressional oversight role in the treaty process very seriously. As discussions surrounding the new WHO pandemic treaty continue, I will work to ensure that Congress exercises our appropriate oversight role.

Again, thank you for contacting me.


United States Senator

Image courtesy of U.S. Army National Guard/Michelle Gonzalez

13 thoughts on “Leahy’s answer to Vermonter concerned about granting WHO unprecedented power

  1. The first spoke in the wheel of globalization “New world Order” under the thumb of the UN, WHO,
    WEF, et all. The end of freedom loving nations and the beginning of a New economic block leaders of
    China, Russia, India.. who will not be part of the globalization.
    Leaky leahy can now be called a traitor to the Republic and the constitution.. We bow to none you
    slime ball don’t let the door hit you in azz you pathetic excuse for a Senator.

  2. Why? Because the WHO did such a good job with this one? It was a debacle from the start. They knew about it long before they reacted to it
    (either covering for China or giving it a chance to spread intentionally). Haven’t figured that out yet.
    Had they been really good at their jobs, ALL countries would have had their borders locked down tight to contain it right off the bat. In early January 202, my daughters college roommates boyfriend returned from Wuhan, yes Wuhan, after Christmas break. She was terrified because her roommate was picking him up at the airport. I asked her how the hell he was able to get out of Wuhan when it was in lockdown. He had just made it out by the skin of his teeth before they locked down the city. WHAT?!?! Was my reaction. How the hell were people able to fly to other countries not only from China, but Wuhan?’! My daughter called campus security, against the wishes of her roommate. But because he was not a student at her school they could do nothing and promised they would pass it along to the proper authorities. We never knew what came of it, but his own roommates were also very upset.
    So there was a major disconnect and failure on the part of the WHO to contain or even have the foresight regarding this. But sure, yeah. Let’s give up our rights and count on a three letter agency to “take care” of us for any reason they feel is in our best interest. I mean really,
    how has humanity lasted all these thousands of years without them? It truly must be a miracle. No thanks. I’ve been “taken care of” enough by big government and I’m pretty sure I can do a better job myself.

  3. This is another block being maneuvered into place by Leahy and others like him to strip national sovereignty from nations (NOT just America) and meld all the hapless citizens of Earth into puppets under the New World Order. We all need to apologize to the tinfoil hat wearers who warned us for years to open our eyes, because it is happening and this WHO proposal/treaty is a large part of it. Medicine can indeed be a part of tyranny. Look at the corrupted state of the medical profession in Nazi Germany. Follow the science? How about if it requires us to accept the Mark of the Beast? What about if the science demands that we follow it over the edge of the cliff into perdition?

    • Here’s more: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/05/the-future-of-education-is-in-experiential-learning-and-vr

      Now they’re pushing virtual leaning onto kids– part of their great reset strategy to monitor and manage everyone, and to take our children and indoctrinate them. And they’re going to call it “experiential learning”!

      Two years ago I thought the “Agenda 21” stuff was nothing to pay attention to. The complete irrationality of our response to Covid-19 has helped me realize that something seriously wrong is happening.

      The basis plan is to use the good will of Democrats (and others) to seduce them into thinking that we need to follow the agenda of the WEF Great Reset– which is very real, they have an elaborate plan you can examine and through their “Young Global Leaders” program they’ve installed their puppets (such as Justin Trudeau) throughout world governments. If you want to be an anti-racist and for gender fluidity and save the planet, then you’re supposed to follow the “enlightened” agenda the WEF is setting forward to save everything and make everyone equal. But it seems to me that all of this– the supposed ingrained racism in white folk, the focus on gender, the pseudoscience of CO2 warming– is designed to fool us, subvert our reason, distract us, indoctrinate us, etc., as they install their system of monitoring and managing everyone on the planet for a greater good that we’ll have no say in. This is exactly what the new WHO proposals are for: a police state coming in through the back door of “medical necessity.” But this supposed necessity to “stay safe” will be expanded to “stay safe” from global warming: the WHO will then declare a global health emergency based on catastrophic warming. If we haven’t heard that catastrophic warming is a health emergency then the WHO will tell us load and clear.

      There is no catastrophic CO2 warming and it therefore seems to me that this is the central doctrine for pushing the idea of “necessity”: we must install the Great Reset to keep the planet safe (only nine years left!) just like we supposedly had to do so many things to stop Covid (which are not working!) The belief in catastrophic warming is necessary to scare people sufficiently. There are no “emerging pathogens from a warmer world”– complete hogwash. But, there are level 4 biolabs everywhere, and the purpose of some of these is to construct bioweapons. They are not to “anticipate pathogens so that we can be prepared with pharmaceuticals and vaccines”– utter nonsense. How’d it work out in Wuhan? Lot’s of bat coronavirus research there, but no pharmaceuticals and no vaccines from that research. If we want to anticipate and react to pathogens then we need to study biochemical pathways of existing pathogens and ways to block those pathways, etc.: basic lab work that doesn’t involve creating pathogens to supposedly figure out if they’re going to emerge.

      It’s time to open our eyes, before it’s too late. It really is a huge conspiracy, years in the making, to control the world and subvert democracy worldwide, and it seems to me that the theory of global warming is a major component of this. Unbelievable but true.

  4. BTW–What exactly WAS Leahy DOING at the “World Economic Forum” anyways? For a REAL treat search for the video of Herr Klaus Schwab’s address, he sounds like the twisted maniac he truly IS..Did we LOSE all the US Soldiers, Seamen, & Airmen in WWII only to have another manic fulminating German guy do by fiat what Herr Hitler tried to do by force? This man is a snake in snakes clothing, SEE for yourselves, keep a sweater handy for the chills to come as you watch it..

  5. Anyone who supports this move by the WHO to usurp power should never, ever hold public office.

    What happened during Covid-19 was the installation of a medical police state, yet none of this had to be if we had headed physicians, such as Dr. Zelenko, who found safe, cheap remedies to prevent serious Covid-19. So-called non-pharmaceutical measures like coerced face masks and social distancing and lockdowns have no place in public health, which is supposedly for the physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being of society. If not that, then what else could public health possibly be?

    What exactly is this entity we call “public health”? Is is scaring people 24/7 with fear porn? Is that what it is? Yet this is exactly what Tony Fauci and others did. Is it causing people to lose jobs and perhaps turn to drugs and alcohol or suicide, as we know happened? Is that “public health”? Is it public health to make children wear masks that do nothing and refrain from touching each other, when children are barely affected by Covid at all? (Sweden proved that children never had to be masked, nor miss school.) Is it public health to weld people in their homes? Is it public health to beat people for not wearing masks? Is it public health to have children looking at computer screens all day?

    Masks don’t work. https://tinyurl.com/4ye29tjn The vaccines aren’t working: we still have cases and deaths as high as before the vaccines. The vaccines are killing people, but the health authorities are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, to track adverse events after vaccines in a public and transparent manner so that your family doctor can make an informed decision when giving advice to you. Everyone pretends that the authorities have a handle on adverse events but that bald truth is that they’re in complete denial, and that myocarditis in children– who have an extremely low risk of serious Covid– is “mild.” Unbelievable.

    Look at what happened! We had masks, we had lockdowns, we had vaccines, and still cases and deaths are as high as ever! It didn’t work! What could’ve worked? We know the answer to that, and the public should never, ever forget what the authorities did to us.

    We had a police state come in through the back door of medical necessity during Covid, and surely the Harlan court of 1905 couldn’t have anticipated what would happen when we failed to separate medicine from state power (Jacobson decision.) But what happened was eugenics, forced sterilization, and the apotheosis of this misguided power during the Third Reich. We say “never again” but here we are, again: we want to give unprecedented state police power to a medical entity, the WHO, an entity bought and paid for by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical cartel. The one blind spot in our Constitution is something they couldn’t have imagined: a police state and tyranny coming in through the back door of medical necessity, exactly as happened during the Third Reich. I’m not making this up: that regime was primary a biomedical vision for the purification of the race through the force of the state. It was “stay safe” writ large. Do not stay safe! Stay free.

    Stop and ask, what is real public health? What makes for a sane, healthy, population that can bounce back from a pandemic such as we just had by utilizing every single remedy open to it, and using reason and common sense to discern that it was the elderly, not the working population by-and-large, that was at greatest risk from Covid? The answer to that question is to look at everything that happened during Covid-19 to find out what public health is not, and work from there. “Public health” is not: scare the public 24/7 with relentless coverage of every single supposed case and death from Covid-19 when many of those deaths weren’t from Covid at all. Public health isn’t paying hospitals to count Covid cases and to put people on ventilators, a perverse incentive that undoubtedly killed many unsuspecting patients.

    No, we weren’t doing “the best we can.” The “best we can” was obvious but we decided to do the exact opposite so that we could end up pushing vaccines on the population, vaccines that aren’t working except to funnel billions into pharma. These vaccines aren’t working for our public health: there’s no herd immunity in sight despite high vaccination rates, but we still get a song and dance about how the science is changing, etc., etc. Enough.

    If we’re not outraged at what happened, then we simply don’t understand what happened. Never again. No to WHO, and no to any politician who imagines it might possibly be a good idea to destroy America in order to “stay safe.” Any Democrat who thinks they have a right to usurp our country for a misguided greater good had better think hard about the countless lives lost in wars, not to “stay safe,” but to stay free.

  6. Don’t just write, CALL too, and CALL & write/e-mail Bernie & Pee Wee Welch too, ASAP, & check out http://www.stopvaxpassports.com, spread the word, call & ask friends & relatives to do so also..Not one INCH for “Dr. Tedros” (NOT a real MD) and his China puppet virus-hiding outfit of criminals in lab coats..Call/write the 3 Stooges tomorrow at 9:00 AM, promptly..

  7. Does anybody really trust this man? He is sleaze, through and through. Leaky Leahy put his party’s agenda before the country when he released classified information to the Washington Post during Desert Storm. He couldn’t stand to see the Republicans winning so he provided aid and comfort to the enemy,even as he was serving as the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. What a guy! And by the way, what has he ever done for Vermont? He married Pomerleau’s daughter and launched from there. But he never accomplished a thing.

  8. Does anyone know what a ‘logical fallacy’ is? In this case, it’s Patrick Leahy’s assumption that a new World Health Organization treaty will “improve global pandemic preparedness” in the first place. I suggest that such a treaty will have the opposite effect, specifically because it will be a one-size-fits-all proposition and limit the prospect of alternative solutions.

    There’s a reason the U.S. is a Constitutional Republic with State’s Rights. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Louis Brandeis was the first to popularize the phrase that states “are the laboratories of democracy” … “a state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” This is exactly what we see when the SCOTUS defers to the states and territories to care for their own populations with the federal government ready, willing and able to add its support as necessary and within the bounds of their authority and responsibility.

    Leahy just doesn’t get it. He never did. And the only thing standing in the way of the Davos globalist’s World Economic Forum’s takeover of the ‘new world order’ is the U.S. Republic ….. ‘as long as we can keep it’.

    • Jay, you almost took the words out of my mouth.

      If states are laboratories for democracy– that is, local laboratories testing what works best, with the best solutions to problems being adopted freely by other states– then by the same logic, countries, states, hospitals, and individual doctors are laboratories for medicine. We have many bright physicians in our country and without doubt solutions to medical problems can come from these individual physicians: we saw this very thing happen during the Covid pandemic (which is still with us despite that the vaccines were supposed to save us all.) Doctors throughout the world and the US found drugs like hydroxychloroquine, budenoside, ivermectin, fuvoxamine, and even vitamin D that mitigated or outright eliminated serious Covid. But the authorities fought extremely hard against these cheap, “of the people” remedies, going so far as even forbidding doctors from prescribing some of these drugs. Medical centers dismissed doctors who refused to comply, and medical boards went after doctors who attempted to help people with remarkably safe drugs.

      What happened was pure insanity, and it was led by the WHO, which is largely funded by pharmaceutical interests. https://www.amazon.com/TrustWHO-Lilian-Franck/dp/B079XV1M57

      • The logical fallacy against individual liberty and freedom occurs with the assumption that only a coordinated governance by certified, elite experts can provide the standard of living to which we’ve become accustom. If history tells us anything, it is that totalitarianism is always – I repeat, always… corrupted by these totalitarian ‘experts’. There are no exceptions.

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