Leahy: 14 communities receiving federal funding to address ‘real problems’

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

Fourteen communities in Vermont will benefit from grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission.

The communities will be receiving $5.8 million from the organization’s State Economic and Infrastructure Development program, U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders announced. The organization works to support economic development in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Maine.

Office of Senator Bernie Sanders

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy

“This current round of grants will once again bring federal dollars to help address real problems, including the need for housing and childcare,” Leahy said in a release. “These funds will build infrastructure to support future development, as well as workforce development and training. This round of grants is an investment in our present and our future.”

Sanders said it was “no secret” that “we are living in difficult times” and that the funding would invest in communities and “ensure that Vermonters have the resources they need.”

The federal funding, according to Sanders, is the “largest investment every made in community-based projects.” The funding will be used, he said, to expand health centers, produce affordable housing, improve public lands and outdoor recreational trails, in addition to providing job training in early childhood education and health care.

Otter Creek Child Center, according to the release, is set to bring in $350,000 in grant funds to be used for a $829,000 renovation and expansion effort. The organization will be able to increase capacity by adding 77 slots for children in Addison County.

The Town of Hinesburg is set to receive $460,020 which will be used as part of a $911,000 expansion project for the town’s drinking water system. The project will increase capacity by 87%, while permitting the construction of 66 permanent and affordable homes.

Other projects receiving grant funding, according to the release, include Bennington County Industrial Corporation, who will net $350,000 to support building a 92,000-square foot of mixed use, energy efficient building, and provide space for Southwestern Vermont Health Care.

Winooski will receive $817,908.37 for the Winooski Falls East Development project and a Main Street Revitalization project. The project will incorporate sidewalk, water and sewer improvements, and underground telecommunication lines.

In addition, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, according to the release, will receive $350,000, to support freight shipping from businesses situated in the Northeast Kingdom and northern Vermont.

Image courtesy of Office of Senator Bernie Sanders

4 thoughts on “Leahy: 14 communities receiving federal funding to address ‘real problems’

  1. Vermont is for sale, in VT Digger they are talking about how it only costs a million dollars to buy a congress representative. One person did it!

    Vermont digger says this is done all the time, PACS supporting campaigns. Ok…how about one person? See they love PACs…

    And this grant money is for one of Vermonts biggest scam on tax payer dollars “affordable housing” where everyone gets fat off keeping people poor in assisted rent housing.

    You will own nothing and be happy. The current mantra of NWO pimps, formerly spoke by all slave masters to their slaves.

    5.8 million….notice all the recreation trails……no home, don’t worry we have a bike path to nowhere for you.

    One of the biggest criminal enterprises….vermont politics

  2. Re: “This current round of grants will once again bring federal dollars to help address real problems, including the need for housing and childcare,” Leahy said in a release.

    Says it all, doesn’t it. These grants will “once again” bring federal dollars to help address real problems. You know… ‘real’ problems.

    Clearly, previous grants have missed their target for years. Why would anyone believe they will be any more successful this time around? Except to feather the nests of those spending the money on various exploratory committees and social service providers.

    Isn’t it amazing how these grants never seem to help the people they’re advertised to help?

    It’s all snake oil.

    • Isn’t it also amazing that legislation and regulation, Leahy’s forte- is the cause of these “real problems”?

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