Lawyer tells Vermonters be ready to resist COVID mandates ‘come hell or high water’

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NOT STANDING DOWN: Ohio attorney Tom Renz came to Vermont on Friday to discuss legal cases he’s taken on against excessive COVID mandates.

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Ohio attorney Tom Renz, who has made national headlines for waging legal fights against excessive COVID mandates, visited Vermont on Friday to discuss strategies for responding to heavy-handed government.

Speaking to about 150 Vermonters at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, Renz told the audience that when he started his career in law he meant to keep things local and simple, yet now he is routinely mentioned in national media for his work.

“The only thing remarkable about me is when everyone else stood down, I stood up,” Renz said.

In sharing his own experience working against COVID-related mandates, he advised being ready to withstand a backlash.

“Some of your friends and loved ones suddenly decide that they are not your friends and loved ones anymore,” Renz said. ” … I just know I’m unwilling to back down; I’ve planted my flag in the sand and I’m going to stand behind it come hell or high water, period.”

He suggested the Vermont GOP would benefit by differentiating the party from Democrats on vaccination policy.

“If there’s one issue that’s a winner, this is it,” he said. “Nobody is happy about this.”

According to recent polling by Rasmussen, 52 percent of Americans are against enforcing vaccine mandates on their colleagues.

Renz said an effective strategy for citizens opposing COVID-related mandates is to call for lawmakers to pass transparency-themed legislation, meaning Vermonters should have easy access to all the information they need regarding medical safety issues.

“How do you oppose transparency?” Renz said. “But guess what: If we can see how many people actually died from COVID compared to with COVID, that’s a big deal. Think of those headlines. That would be real hard to cover up.”

During the first year of the pandemic, the vast majority of COVID-related deaths were occurring in patients with numerous comorbidities, and at average age of 77.

Renz said the mainstream media has been hostile to some of his efforts, and that ordinary Americans can expect the same treatment if they speak out against government mandates.

“After hit piece after hit piece in the press, I’ve learned more about how evil I am in the press than I ever knew,” he said, jokingly. “You have no idea how many people I’ve been associated with that I haven’t met.”

He also said to expect double-standards from opposing groups when making sound policy arguments.

“Why is it that you are telling me out one side of your mouth that it’s ‘my body my choice’ when it comes to killing a baby, but I have to take an experimental gene therapy to keep you safe from a disease with a 99.9 percent recovery rate — and by the way, you’ve already taken that gene therapy, so if it keeps you safe why do I need to do it, and if it doesn’t, why?” he said.

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6 thoughts on “Lawyer tells Vermonters be ready to resist COVID mandates ‘come hell or high water’

  1. Why is an attorney from Ohio speaking out in Vermont about unlawful mandates? Is there a lawyer in Vermont with any guts and ethics who will actually file the lawsuits and speak out on behalf of citizens? Perhaps attorneys here are muzzled and controlled by leadership in the Vermont Bar? Could it be our judicial system and all connected to it are corrupt?

    • No there is not an attorney here that will stand up for us. This is Vermont. No matter how much you vote for the Constitution this state is now post Constitution and just about full on socialist. Sad. But true

  2. It’ hard to dig out what ‘they’ are NOT telling us.

    Millions seem to have shrugged off a ‘case’ of covid – but…
    We seem to be forbidden to have any kind of hope. Live in fear.

    What is a ‘case’? What is a “test”? Do either of these mean an ilness, or a contagion

    Many seem to “test” and ‘have’ covid with no symptoms – and are they contageous?

    Questions are forbidden, and mocked – and the person asking is cancel cultured” !!

  3. The problem is that we keep hoping for rational behavior but the Cult of the Covidians has hypnotized its victims and they are no longer able to do anything they aren’t told to do by those running the show. The real question is what will it take to help these people recover their minds and independent thought?

    • WHEN I was a schoolboy at Burlington High School, & confronted a bully, I noticed that a couple of good stiff punches IN THE NOSE seemed to work wonders at getting behavoiral changes begun.

      There is no other way.

  4. The last line says it all, but too much logic for the jabbed. Not to worry, the lemmings just stare blankly into space and regurgitate the nightly propaganda drones with the buzz lines such as, “Herd immunity, Follow the science, 800,000 dead, listen to your doctor, blah blah blah.”

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