John Klar: What if the KKK came to Vermont?

UVM professor Stephanie Sequino has repeatedly created so-called studies that are used to slander all Vermont police as racist. These ridiculous abuses of statistical analysis are a good example of how “social justice” ideology perverts truth to create agitation. This video uses a simple example to explain the Big Lie.

7 thoughts on “John Klar: What if the KKK came to Vermont?

  1. All about the Benjies much lol Thanks for another great unraveling of the lie that VT is a racist state – primarily to prop up a false narrative that we need “racial justice” in the form of BLM for a state with a tiny percentage of black and other racial minorities. We do not need an organization to assist with racial issues. A legal rep with office at VT Legal Aid would suffice if for no other reason than to assure racial minorities a dedicated voice fueled by the fact that they are already a protected class in all of the 50.

    • If there is a tiny percentage of blacks in VT it’s bc they’re smarter than us – VT is unaffordable *and* we freeze for six months of twelve lol!

  2. Well over 110 yrs ago there was a KKK club in Montpelier.. I remember my grandfather talking about a club he joined when he was in his 20’s. He thought it was just a men’s club. Little did he know what it really was.. he said the first meeting was just to get to know people. They were told to bring friends, brothers, and neighbors to the next meeting. My grandfather said he brought a couple of friends. it was then that they found out what the club was really about. My grandfather said that they were instructed to bring a white sheet and pillowcase to the next meeting. Many asked why? They were told that they were sent to Vermont to start up a special club that other recruits were being sent up to New England to start this special club, that the club was for white men only, no Irish, Indians, French, and differently no blacks just white men. They again asked why the sheets? That’s when they were told that the club will be called the KKK of Vermont.
    My grandfather said everyone that heard this got up and walked out. My grandfather told them to take the club out of Vermont if they knew what was good for them ( if they wanted to stay alive).. My grandfather said that the KKK recruits were gone the next day. I remember asking my grandfather about it again when I was in junior high. I won’t write the words he said about the KKK. he was really pissed … My grandfather didn’t judge people by their skin color, he judged them by their character.

  3. there were 58 kkk members before trump got elected before the democrats propped them up as a paper tiger

  4. pretty sure its coming from nj and mass… the Springfield police were dealing it threw people called the jersey boys in Springfield Vermont on union street some time agoe.

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