John Klar: Vermont’s new social justice criminal system

OK, this attack on Vermont’s police has grown absurd and needs to be exposed. For years, all white police in Vermont have been falsely judged as racists using what clearly is a deliberate obfuscation of facts — using arrests of out-of-state black defendants to claim police target black Vermont residents. The truth is that Vermont is being flooded with out-of-state criminal actors who sell drugs and commit crimes, but progressive liars have racialized everything to undermine police and help criminals inflict crimes, recklessly placing both police officers and Vermonters at increasing risk.

John Klar

Vermont progressives have unscientifically manipulated statistics by comparing total convictions in Vermont of “people of color” to Vermont’s underlying demographic, without regard to the residency of those convicted. The claim is then made that Vermont police target people of color because more of them are incarcerated than the BIPOC proportion of Vermont residents. This is a grotesque abuse of math, yet the progressives think if they just put blinders on and keep screaming the same lie, then the truth will go away.

It won’t. Recently a black man (allegedly) raped and brutally beat a white woman in Williamstown, Vermont, then fled back to his home state. Progressives “judge” him a victim, incapable of racism toward the white woman whose life he destroyed. They also judge the white police as racist before they even arrive on scene to interview the battered victim — this is how racist abuse of statistics is being manipulated to help racists and rapists alike in the Green Mountains.

Yes Vermonters, we increasingly see where the true criminals are — elitists who will kill people this way rather than investigate the truth. Opioid deaths have skyrocketed in Vermont.

For social justice warriors who discriminate against people for their white skin, this is just warming up for the New Vermont. Criminals are victims, and white people are all criminals. Progressive baloney says “restorative justice” must be used to avoid all incarceration, to reintegrate violent offenders and pedophiles into society where they can be tenderly nurtured and healed. Meanwhile, these same insane people seek to increase criminalization of white people by eliminating existing protections of so-called hate speech. (I say white people, because social justice nonsense holds that only white people can be racist — itself an absurd, racist distinction, also patently false).

Vermont’s “Equity Task Force” is a leader in this hateful racism. Ironically, it concludes a report by offering two definitions:

Equity: The condition that would be achieved when a person’s race or other demographic group membership is no longer predictive of that person’s life outcomes.

Structural racism: The normalization and legitimization of an array of dynamics — historical, cultural, institutional and interpersonal — that routinely advantage Whites while producing cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people of color.

Vermont has been judged guilty of the second without evidence (except the politically-motivated lies of a single professor’s grossly flawed police “studies”), despite a 250 year-history of striving towards equality. This definition of equity invites inequality of treatment to guarantee government-implemented “equality of outcomes.” This is the opposite of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream, and elevates skin color above merit or integrity in treatment under the law. The new racists are turning Vermont upside down, making it overtly racist, punishing people solely for skin color, and creating victims of crime while turning the criminals out to reoffend.

Social justice elites hate police and seek to eliminate them, then pass laws to let criminals free and make lawful citizens criminals. (Who will they hire to arrest white people for microaggressions and newly-criminalized speech?) The hate toward police is disgusting.

Wichie Artu, a recent transplant to Vermont appointed to a Task Force to condemn white Vermonters, said at a forum in 2020 that policing “started by the escaped slaves being taken and being put back in the masters’ hands as an unofficial police. And once abolition came, this police force was then officiated to control black people who were supposedly free,” the Brattleboro Reformer reported.

Artu added that a federal crime bill passed in the 1990s led to blacks being labeled “super predators,” and also said, “It’s a fact that the word ‘police’ doesn’t inspire trust with my friends and me. The word ‘police’ inspires fear.”

Artu does not consider whether the people arrested might actually be guilty, and he has no proposal how to secure the safety he takes for granted. This rant also reveals a pathetic ignorance of Vermont’s nation-leading abolitionist past. Vermont is where people came to escape slavery, and our police never did what he slanderously alleges.

What is the social justice solution to this fake problem? Decarcerate prisons, decriminalize dangerous crimes and increase penalties for nonviolent white-only speech crimes. The task force recommends “thorough review and possible revision of the ‘malicious motivation’ legal standard for hate crimes in Vermont” without proposing any constitutional speech protection in its stead. This would violate existing federal law. But then, these racists would only apply these laws against white people: they ignore the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution as well. Note they seek to replace a color-blind constitution with a color-conscious (i.e., racist) one, against white people, as so-called “justice.” Meanwhile, the progressive Legislature seeks to decriminalize prostitution while sending Vermont parents to jail for challenging public officials about critical race theory.

One Vermonter dared to propose that more black Vermonters should be encouraged to join police forces, but New York immigrant and Vermont race-fascist Xusana Davis shot that down fiercely, according to a report by Seven Days:

When a public official blithely suggested that perhaps Black people should join the ranks of police instead of criticizing them — as Waterbury Selectboard member Chris Viens did last year — Davis suggested that law enforcement’s “para-militaristic slave-catching history” may be an impediment.

Has Xusana Davis documented this allegation she levels against Vermont’s law enforcement? Or is she just a racist agitator, who would invoke George Floyd to label all Vermont police as guilty of inner city practices? Facts do matter. In time, those facts — including escalating fentanyl overdoses, and murders and rapes by out-of-state criminals — are going to come home to roost. In the interim, Vermont citizens are being exposed to ever greater risks while they wait for those statistics. Police hiring and work hours are down; crime is up. Is that the plan? Shall Vermont be transformed into an urban disaster before it is liberated from this obscene, racist, lying ideology? How bad must it get — must the whole state deteriorate as Burlington and Bennington have?

Vermonters are told that “reverse racism” does not exist. But prejudice is prejudice, and all people are equal — equally capable of hate and prejudices. Vermonters can see this hate and prejudice shamelessly displayed and preached by this hate-cult against native Vermonters who have lived poor here for generations without oppressing anyone. Xusana Davis, Wichie Artu, and the rest of these voices are merely proving publicly that they are hateful racists bent on oppression, and are hostile to Vermonters and our police. As Wendell Berry has correctly observed, this is just “naive prejudice.”

Instead of racially subjugating Vermonters using a patently false narrative of their history, perhaps the new carpetbagging race-hustlers should back off and allow Vermont to return to “when a person’s race or other demographic group membership was no longer predictive of that person’s treatment by government.”

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont’s new social justice criminal system

  1. It seems to me that the overwhelming contributor to keeping urban people of color in poverty has been welfare. When free handouts are offered for people to have children and not to work, they will have children and not work. It’s the welfare system that has driven inequities. If there’s anything in American society that is ‘systemic racism’, it’s the welfare system. The solution is not to pour more gasoline on the gasoline fire. The solution is to teach the poor how to fish, not just give them fish.

  2. A Marxist Revolution is going on in Vermont.

    The original Marxist Theory is one of social conflict, pitting lower class against upper class and convincing the former that they have been alienated and exploited by the latter. The goal of Marxism is Revolution or the overthrow of the existing government and existing social order.

    Neo-Marxism (in the form of Critical Race Theory) replaces class for race in creating the social conflict necessary for Revolution. Everything is about the deconstruction of the existing order or regime. For example Burlington’s recently announced ‘homeless Pod community’ soon to be established in downtown Burlington isn’t about housing the homeless as much as it will be used for the continued dismantlement of the existing social order.

    Thread-by-thread the socialists in Vermont’s government (aka progressive-Democrats) will impose Socialism in Vermont often with the aid of gullible republicans who think this is somehow about compassion and justice.

    • Tom Licota, you pounded this nail all the way thru the board, excellent analysis.
      Drug dealers, Vt’ers or Out of State are shooting up, and poisnoning, Burlington and Vermont
      while our so called “Prosecutors” are putting them back on the street in hours,
      and the judges give them a lecture – if they show up for court !!

      We need Gov’t Officials who are on the side of the peaceful las abiding citizens !!
      When? NOW !!
      Doug Richmond, Outraged Vermonter

  3. Well stated John. Kudos to you. I was born, raised and lived in this once great State all of my 77 years other than the four years I was absent for my duty to my Country.
    I do not recognize this State anymore. There is so much hate, lack of respect and self centered.
    We were raised as Democrats in my family but there is no such thing as Democrats anymore. They are all progressive, communist liberals that demand you agree with them or you are a racist. they use that racist word only when it suits them when they are the biggest racists of all.
    We let them move into our neighborhoods and poison everything they touched, especially our schools.
    That’s all I can say now is remember in November for we drastically need to change course.

  4. Well Vermont, you elected the progressive fools into office, the thugs from the big cities
    of NY, NJ, MA, CT all see Vermont as easy pickings, morons buy their trash drugs and
    these are our future………

    If they are busted and are told to appear, they are in the wind, we have a gaggle of fools
    running the state, and their intent is to ruin it !!

    Remove the progressive cancer we have in the state, vote these inept fools out

  5. The rapist should be hunted down like the dog he is, castrated,tied down on a fireant hill and then dragged through the streets. If he is not dead by then, shoot him between the eyes.

    • I agree, we need to get these Democrats out of office.
      Gov. Scott has turned Democratic in his ways.
      Need to vote him out. I hear Kevin Hoyt is running
      For governor. Look what criminal acts he found in Bennington. He has found alot. He has exposed the
      Senators in Vermont who are involved in trying to bring the New World order in. I will vote for him.

  6. “Progressive liars have radicalized everything to undermine police and help criminals inflict crimes”

    Refuse to use the language of the left,call them what in fact they are Marxist’s.

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