John Klar: Vermont’s COVID vaccination registry

A current bill seeks to implement a reporting and registration system for COVID vaccinations in Vermont, integrated statewide between health care providers, as well as with other states and federal agencies. S.117 passed the Senate March 12, and is now before the Vermont House.

If Vermont businesses could be as innovative in crafting new products for consumption as our legislators are for concocting new potions to compel down our gullets, the Green Mountains would be an economic Nirvana. But then, our businesses have largely been shut down, while government expansion has been in overdrive.

John Klar

S.117 is simply unnecessary for anything other than nefarious purposes. Since there is no scientific evidence suggesting the vaccine prevents those who receive it from carrying COVID to others (on the contrary, we are told it can be carried still), there is no rational basis upon which to differentiate between citizens due to immunization status. This is legally crystal clear — existing constitutional law requires a “rational basis,” at minimum, as a standard for the constitutionality of government laws. The standard for laws that impact a protected right is much higher.

On these facts, citizens need not debate the deadliness of the disease (because it is transmissible regardless of vaccination). There can be no “rational” differentiation (discrimination) between the vaccinated and unvaccinated for public health, when there is no protection to that health gained by vaccination. The majority of citizens are happily lining up for jabbing, so why is there an unconstitutional expansion of Big Brother in the Vermont Legislature, in this bill?

It appears that COVID deaths are waning. Why then pass a law to create a citizen health surveillance system? Is this to maximize pharmaceutical sales after COVID goes away? Will Vermonters still need to prove their registry (compliance) status for an extinct organism, or is this just setting us up for the annual flu-like COVID shot as the virus mutates? If so, my vaccination still protects no one but myself, so why do I need to be tracked?

Speaking of flu, deaths from that former viral combatant appear to have evaporated. Happy day! Vaccinations such as flu are already registered, but increasingly the governor has differentiated in the treatment and rights of people based on their “vaccination status.” That is not done with flu shots or other immunizations.

S.117 requires all insurers to report immunization data quarterly, and physicians must report within seven days:

(a) A health care provider shall report to the Department all data regarding immunizations of adults and of children under 18 years of age within seven days of the immunization.

That information may then be disseminated to other states, according to subsection c, and across Vermont and federal agencies:

(d) The Department may provide confidential registry information to health care provider networks serving Vermont patients, to the Vermont Health Information Exchange, and, with the approval of the Commissioner, to researchers who present evidence of approval from an institutional review board in accordance with 45 C.F.R. § 164.512.

Will this mean that Vermonters who have not been vaccinated will be refused medical treatment until they do so? Why is COVID vaccination different from other vaccines, that it requires such aggressive tracking?

COVID has been surrounded with suspicious histrionics and non-science since Wuhan was politicized. The disease impacts largely very old and compromised people, but we have traumatized generations of our youth with terror. We have used arbitrary, even capricious, laws that are largely unconstitutional and generally unenforceable to do very little to slow the spread of the disease. Whatever the biological contours of COVID, the response outlines either utter paranoid incompetence, or deliberate obfuscation and subjugation.

The most glaring perversion of this pandemic has been the pandemonium — the rebellion against the rule of law, and common sense. And the most glaring demonstration is this unsupportable logic, so unquestioningly imposed, which separates people based on vaccination status for a disease spread regardless of vaccination.

It was bizarre when Gov. Phil Scott announced travel restrictions distinguishing these new “classes” of citizens. It remains puzzling. But then, it was puzzling when the governor invoked COVID as a reason to issue an order seeking to ban confederate flags, hate speech and “incendiary images” in Vermont.

Distributing COVID funds to young black people in preference to old white people seemed bizarre, but so too was distributing COVID relief funds to black but not white-owned Vermont sole proprietorships.

Perhaps Governor Scott will veto a bill (S.117) that is unnecessary, illogical, and thus unconstitutional, ab initio. That would be bizarre — in a good way.

It seems bizarre that Vermont businesses, schoolchildren and taxpayers have suffered widely under COVID, but our bureaucratic tumor has thrived like a whole new infection. Yet, the government opportunism Vermonters see exhibited around them has been going on too long. It is in overdrive now.

EB-5, net metering, Vermont Health Connect, OneCare Vermont, GWSA, more taxes but perpetually underfunded pensions — this is the legacy of progressive domination using poorly-planned, and even-more-poorly-implemented, fantasies that subordinate the public interest to special interests and virtue-signalling egos. Is it any surprise that the government now seeks to implement a registry that creates new prejudices without improving health outcomes?

Vermonters must remember the vital importance of two registries: they must register to vote, and they must remember to check the registry of who voted for bills like S.117.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense/Flickr

43 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont’s COVID vaccination registry

  1. This is sooo laughable – as the state mandates CRT, it implements yellow stars to identify anyone THEY consider a threat based on HIPPAA protected and federal law protected rights to privacy, consent and choice – my body, my choice – and a digital tracking system monitored by AI, that by its very nature, and programming bias, that humans are a threat.
    The MODEL upon which all this is based – humans are bad. Humans are a threat. Its all humanity’s fault (not the bureaucratic fascists) – is fundamentally flawed but being used to cudgel, intimidate, coerce, and bludgeon humanity into compliance with death cult policies and laws that have only and entropic outcome – snuffing out life on the planet.
    And we are daily handing them the keys to do so with our compliance.
    What this shows more than anything else is how deeply corrupted our state government has become.
    Is it time to revive the secession question and throwing off the tyrants, yet?

  2. Will the vax Nazis be making us wear a yellow star on our outer ware

    if we don’t take the jab???

    Fascist gotta do what fascist did… First the star then the internment camps and

    then the final solution.. I for one will not allow that while i breath..

  3. Seems to me after watching the following videos – different approaches – same end game. If this is the case it looks like those who are vaccinated need to wear the masks and keep their distance – enjoy and beware of the research smearing those trying to get the word out!!

    Geert Vanden Bossche Interview on The Highwire – YouTube


  4. This is soooo Vermont! You’re required to show a COVID-19 vaccination I.D. but not a voter I.D. . Sounds about right.

  5. As Covid-positive ppl pour over our border placing all in close contact at risk from multiple diseases – as a sanctuary state we can safely bet a*ses we will see lots of ppl with multiple diseases which are not being treated in their own country moving into our state.

    They are brokered and in thrall to drug cartels who know where they are headed – typically to sanctuary cities and states.

    • So against this backdrop – Sanctuary-State Chancellor Phil and Commissar Levine while pathologically lying to VTers in one of the healthiest states by claiming low Covid rates are due to lockdown.

      Seizing VT business by closing or limiting operation, now creating a privacy-destroying”Vaccine Registry” and have more cover to “follow the *political* science”, as We The People are ordered into House Arrest at their whim, ordered to get vaccinated so “we can travel” and “get together with one additional family” to barbecue on our grill.

      And per our other pathological-lying and dementia-addled POTUS – Beijing JoeBama invites the Covid-positive into our country and state to compete for our low-wage jobs we cannot do bc they are closed or have been forced to reduce workers.

      House Democrats Vote Against Requiring Illegal Immigrants to Receive COVID-19 Tests After Crossing the Border
      Shane Trejo – Mar 17, 2021

      • Toldja:
        Scott calls on U.S. State Department to send more refugees to Vermont
        By Kit Norton
        Mar 18 2021, 12:12 PM

  6. I realize after speaking to Charlie Kimbell this morning that the H.283 bill does not have current action. I suggest the Senate propose a similar bill at this time. I spoke to Charlie about a world authority on vaccinations, having made a statement on LinkedIn; The Science behind the catastrophic consequences of thoughtless human intervention in the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Please read this document and consult with the experts in our State. It is clear that we may be creating more virulent strains of a virus that would have been better integrated by our natural immune systems.

    My writing to you today is in support of the bill H.283, with the subject of Health; health care decision making; bodily autonomy. I agree fully with this proposed legislation to recognize and prohibit any interference with an individual’s rights to bodily autonomy, to make the individual’s own health care decisions and to be free to accept or refuse any health or medical intervention, testing, treatment or vaccine based on the individual’s own religious, conscientious, or personal beliefs. I ask you, as my representative, to sign this bill into law.
    In May of 2013, Vermont became a State dedicated to personal choice in health care decision making with Act 39, Vermont Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life. This choice constitutes the the inalienable rights and dignity of a sovereign body to use a legal option in health care. As an elder care provider in Windsor County, I am witness to the necessity of this option. My clients also have the Do Not Resuscitate, Do Not Intubate orders, signed by Doctors on their refrigerator, and wrist bands. It is a basic Human right to freedom in Life and in Death. Vermont is a state elders move to, with sight of this body autonomy.
    Vermont is also a state that encourages the freedom and responsibility to have a home birth. The choice of empowered, holistic home birth in a natural setting that is conducive to a well documented safe birth experience that has substantially lower rates of epidural, episiotomy, vacuum extraction, and cesarean section. This is a health care choice that I moved to Vermont for in 1999. My daughter was born at home on a beautiful winter evening in January of 2003.
    I also came to Vermont to be sure my philosophical, medical and spiritual beliefs would be respected when choosing not to vaccinate my daughters. My first husband was a pharmaceutical biochemist for 25 years. He signed a religious exemption for vaccines based on his research on adverse affects and our firm belief in the integrity of an uninterrupted immune system. My Mother, had a rare allergic inflammatory response when given the DTP vaccine in 1949. In addition to that family history, and her choice to not receive regular vaccinations, she did accept her Doctors advice regarding a Flu vaccine in 2009, she experienced anaphylaxis, and had to be monitored with injections of epinephrine and prednisone. My Mother adamantly refuses any further injury from any medical intervention. I have held to that same conviction. I ask that you consider that each person knows what is best for them, either through medical research, personal experience, spiritual beliefs, or what I would call gut instinct.
    It is my recommendation to you as representatives to pursue with due diligence a growing body of peer reviewed scientific evidence regarding the way in which we monitor the current unilateral decisions of our Governor to require mask use, quarantine, and to direct lawsuits against Vermont Businesses. and individuals. Please see the document signed by 22 highly credentialed scientists, titled “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level:consequences for false positives”. After my call, to our State Health Department in Burlington, my local White River Health Department, the Ascutney Hospital respiratory testing unit, and the Dartmouth Lab, it is clear our front line workers who are providing documentation for the cases and death in Vermont are not aware of this research. They are not aware of what Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in the Columbia University Virology podcast in July of 2020 “…If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more, the chances of it being replication confident are miniscule.” Certainly, we are not keeping our children from social time with their grandparents because of a false test. Certainly, we are not separating newborn babies from Mother’s who have had a test that is 97% false positives. Let us be absolutely sure we are not making public policy based on propaganda rather than science.
    Finally, let us make informed policy based on the December 1, 2020 document to the European Medicines Agency, Committee for human medicinal products, COVID- 19 EMA pandemic Task Force Domenico Scarlattilaan 1083 Amsterdam HS Amsterdam The Netherlands, signed by Dr. Med Wolfgang Wodard of Germany and former Pfizer executive Dr. Micheal Yeadon. This urgent request was formed after the approval of medical devices that are still in the clinical trial phase. “There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. You do not vaccinate people who are not at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of healthy and fit people with a vaccine that has not been extensively tested on human subjects.” _Dr. Yeadon Former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer.
    Please do acknowledge the CDC’s recently updated estimated infection fatality for COVID. Survival
    by age: 0-19: 99.997%. 20-49: 99.98%. 50-69: 99.5% 70+ 94.6%. I appreciate your attention on this bill H.283
    I will be carefully monitoring its status. You may call on me for testimony. You may use this letter and read it aloud in committee.

    Lalita M. Karoli

  7. By the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine, these Covid concoctions are not vaccines, but rather experimental gene therapies.

    Since liability is waived for vaccine manufacturers, it is no surprise that Moderna and their ilk want their product to be classified as a vaccine, but given the difference between the definition and product, don’t we have some legal ground to stand on to implement liability through legislation? Have their been legal initiatives to differentiate these products from vaccines yet? How are they getting away with this?

    Thank you, John, for all your efforts to reign in the unconstitutional actions of our state and national government. Blessings to you!

  8. These Canadian MD’s clearly show why the worst thing to fear about C0vid-19 is, well, fear itself – to borrow from FDR! So why – and for whose benefit – was the USA put in lockdown by our government? Watch and listen to these medical experts explain the science. Be informed and be well, and let’s get back to “normal” ASAP, before we lose any more of our freedoms! rlw

  9. I can go to my pharmacy and quickly get a list of my vaccination which I believe come direct from the state health department. I have done it more that once to get my own records up to date. However I do not like the idea of sharing the data with other agencies at all.
    This is what the current proposal wants to add to the current law. Apparently the underlined text in the cut and paste from the actual bill currently in the house having past the senate.
    The propose underlined test is adding two places, “the Vermont Health Information Exchange,” on the last page of the bill.

    (c) The Department may exchange confidential registry information with
    the immunization registries of other states in order to obtain comprehensive
    immunization records.
    (d) The Department may provide confidential registry information to
    health care provider networks serving Vermont patients, to the Vermont Health
    Information Exchange, and, with the approval of the Commissioner, to
    researchers who present evidence of approval from an institutional review
    board in accordance with 45 C.F.R. § 164.512.
    (e) Prior to releasing confidential information pursuant to subsections (c)
    and (d) of this section, the Commissioner shall obtain from State registries,
    health care provider networks, the Vermont Health Information Exchange, and
    researchers a written agreement to keep any identifying information
    confidential and privileged.
    * * *
    This act shall take effect on passage.

  10. Flu vaccine registry available to drug stores and other vax pushers – scary – but goes to show the reach granted to for-profit tyrannical Big Pharma. Received robo-alert via email notifying to contact Rite-Aid…called stating had received message to contact. Right on cue – male voice said “Looks like you haven’t had your flu vaccine”…recognizing voice said Joe – they’ve got you pushing flu vax too lol – he said “yup” thereby revealing as mere profiteering racket.

    • Is there really a requirement for adults in VT to receive any vaccine? I don’t think so. My personal experience is that I have never been offered or required any w/exception of seasonal flu and tetanus which are both voluntary.

  11. Re: “I believe flu and other vaccines are currently registered, but citizens are not treated differently based on immunization. That is what is being done already, with travel restrictions, with no rational explanation provided.”

    To the contrary – Citizens are, and have been, treated differently based on immunization for decades. Requiring vaccines is nothing new. Nor is there a limitation on ‘rational explanation’, irrational as those explanations may often seem.

    Vermont, as with most States, requires vaccination against Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Chickenpox, for children entering schools. On the other hand, Smallpox vaccinations are no longer required, but recommended for some.

    The sticky wicket: In 1905 the courts so-called ‘reasonableness’ test established the State’s “…authority to pass laws that restricted individual liberty, if those restrictions—including the punishment for violating them—were found by the Court to be a reasonable means for achieving a public good.”

    Of course, as is to be expected in any imperfect society, these court rulings can be corrupted to include such institutions as ‘Eugenics’ and forced sterilizations. So, times change. In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled against broadly applying that logic to all COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

    As always, rulings are perpetually under appeal, juries remain out, citizens do what they feel they must do under the circumstances. Anywhere else but in America, in my humble opinion, these debates over our individual freedom and liberty are likely to be even more draconian.

    “Liberty means responsibility. Which is why most men dread it.” George Bernard Shaw

    • Great site Roland – I enjoy zerohedge along with the Public Intelligence Blog R Steele. We must keep this up to wake them up!!

  12. I never thought I would see the day where citizens of Vermont would be treated like people in a communist country. Sad state of affairs.

  13. “Will this mean that Vermonters who have not been vaccinated will be refused medical treatment until they do so? Why is COVID vaccination different from other vaccines, that it requires such aggressive tracking?” [etc…]

    What an excellent piece of journalism and analysis. I should just reprint the entire thing here……

    I will just tell you and this truly misguided governor of my native state that WE THE PEOPLE SEE HIM AND ALL THIS a lot more clearly than he and “our” “progressive” children imagine. WE ARE GETTING MAD AS HELL….2ND AMENDMENT MAD, DOUBLE BARRELLED SHOTGUN MAD, ARMED MILITIA MAD, HOWITZERS ON THE STATE HOUSE LAWN MAD……..

    • That’s where it’s heading if people don’t wake up and take action using their voices load and clear! There are more of us then them. So much needs a good hosing out don’t you think?

  14. As a 20-year activist to the left of “liberals” and “progressives” in Vermont, I relocated at the end of last summer because I could get nowhere with my elected representatives on issues such as 5G and vaccine choice and because I saw the Nazi/Stasi state looming on the horizon in the context of COVID-19. I completely agree with John Klar and thank him for standing up yet again for sanity and personal sovereignty. If this bill is passed into law, Vermont is truly lost.

    • Good to hear from the left– where I came from, originally. We have common cause in freedom and complete disgust with this Nazi state of affairs.

      Most of my friends/relatives are on the left– friends that haven’t abandoned me, that is (relatives are stuck with me.) The vast majority simply listen to, and follow, the mainstream narrative. They think they’re enlightened.

      Florida is looking mighty good. I have to admit that each passing day this insanity grates more and more.

      • And so are you on left Mr Freitag…”Jim” red-pilled conjoined siamese twin and conversation piece

      • There are many “snowbird” groups in FL & AL that I knew of. They do have communities and are from a particular state or town. Spend winters here (as I am) and return back north.; Some communities are permanent. In this area of Pensacola, people come here from the northern sates east of the Mississippi River. People in the Western states go to AZ, NM, TX. I know many such people that are from SD that go to AZ.

        Heard that in AL, a northern family is moving here every 9 hours. Most gun manufactures have gone south. Mobile AL is a hot bed for industry, more coming all the time. I’ve seen many new communities being built, hundreds of houses just in the Foley-Fairhope areas. Property values are climbing, it’s a booming area, but seems quite rural and open. Many nice things here, food, people, fishing, hunting and a laid back life style. I’m been coming here since 2001 winters.

        In AL if you homestead and over 65, no property tax. A relative from VT just moved here, his property tax went from $3000+ to zero ($0). Learn about it.

      • I hear you, Jim. Practically all the left-leaning friends and activist colleagues I’ve worked with in the past seem now to have completely bought into the fear-based COVID narrative. It’s amazing to me — and pretty surreal, actually — to see once-critically-thinking people relinquish their sovereignty to “established authorities” that are manifestly corrupt and manipulative.

        I agree that the far left and the far right do, in fact, have common cause in many ways, and I’ve been hoping for a while that they might actually join together where possible. While that does seem to be happening on the streets in surprising instances, our “representatives” in the halls of government remain mired in the two-party pantomime, while capitulating more than ever to group-think within their own ranks and to outside money and power.

        I’m currently in Mexico, which has its own problems and its own COVID protocols, but where — at least for now — it’s a bit easier to fly under the radar. If I should decide to return to the U.S., however, it will be to a “red” state where people are more resistant to the forces of communitarianism and centralized authority.

        In the meantime, my heart goes out to the citizens of Vermont, a state I once cherished because it seemed small enough and representative enough to allow all voices to be heard.

        • Have ties to Florida, used to live there, was there in November to my great relief.

          Huge influx of people to Florida– homes are selling sight unseen.

          Alabama would work, too. Listening to Professor Kindvatter’s video (on TNR) echoes what I heard recently from a college in Massachusetts, so this ideology is spreading. As Kindsvatter said, the ideology isn’t falsifiable, but too many people don’t understand what that means and how dangerous it is.

          It’s like Nazi ideology all over, with a twist. Or, Lysenkoism.

        • Deb, Ep 37 Sacha Stone explains Vermont as the model for agenda 2030. This is the YouTube channel “Conversations with Vermonters and beyond hosted by Allison Teague. March 2021. I don’t know if her channel is still up after that conversation, but they spoke of UVM as a research facility for eugenics. The academic liberals are known to be the “social credit score” experts who naturally create the National Socialist agenda very similar to the CCP. Claude and I are focusing on Grafton New Hampshire. Not that I want to join the free-staters… but there is a collective there of libertarians who will uphold our constitutional rights. Love ❤️ You

  15. Another fact. Hard to get rid of viruses. Remember this one? Guess we have to use masks permanently i Scott has is way. Am currently in AL near Pensacola People shopping and in public only 1/4 to 1/2 at max are wearing masks. No brown shirts hauling people off to jail. Hey, it’s a very conservative state. the article from Science Mag.

    New Ebola outbreak likely sparked by a person infected 5 years ago

  16. Here are 12 important questions and answers before considering getting vaccinated:

    ●”If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask(s)?”

    Government: “NO”

    ●”If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal?

    Government: “NO”

    ●”If I get vaccinated will I be resistant to Covid?”

    Government: “Maybe. We don’t know exactly, but probably not.”

    ●”If I get vaccinated, at least I won’t be contagious to others – right?”

    Government: “NO. the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.”

    ●”If I get vaccinated, how long will the vaccine last?”

    Government: “No one knows. All Covid “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage.”

    ● “If I get vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?”

    Government: “NO”

    ● “If my parents, grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we hug each other again?”

    Government: “NO”

    ● “So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?”

    Government: “Hoping that the virus won’t kill you.”

    ●”Are you sure the vaccine won’t injure or kill me?”

    Government: “NO”

    ●”If statistically the virus won’t kill me (99.7% survival rate), why should I get vaccinated?”

    Government: “To protect others.”

    ●”So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?”

    Government: “NO”

    ● “If I experience a severe adverse reaction, long-term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will I (or my family) be compensated from the vaccine manufacture or the Government?”

    Government: “NO – the government and vaccine manufacturer’s have 100% zero liability regarding this experimental drug”

    So to summarize, the Covid19 “vaccine”…

    Does not provide immunity

    Does not eliminate the virus

    Does not prevent death

    Does not guarantee you won’t get it

    Does not stop you from passing it on to others

    Does not eliminate the need for travel bans

    Does not eliminate the need for business closures

    Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns!!!

    • Not that we needed a lockdown in the first place. And we know it’s all about control anyway. This is just another use of the frog in the pot methodology.

    • Thank you Neil.
      Agreed with ALL!
      The only think to add, is that vaccines are a very dangerous mass bio weapon and is created as a part of the agenda of depopulation.
      To really understand, what it means, one must know the history of our planet, the energetic shift in consciousness that humanity is on the verge to experience and the higher realities that are not perceived by our very limited 5 senses.

    • So long as there is gain-of-function research going on to deliberately make viruses more pathogenic– such as was going on at Wuhan with bat coronaviruses, and funded by Fauci– we’ll have recurrent escapes and pandemics.

    • Tom, we’ve had these viruses, flu’s since man walked on two feet. Now we have some creative biology people that might be mixing up a new kind of brew not found in nature…THATS different.

      Of course it won’t be the last. We’ll have a flu every year. Some of them will reach pandemic status….it’s part of life.

      Of course others want us to live in abject fear. How come some countries had it more severe than others??? And the ones with the most isolation, masks, best medical systems got it the worst?

      How come…..there was no regular flu? For like the fist time since the sun started burning in our solar system? Oh….the press says because of social distancing and masks! Yet..some how Covid 19 didn’t react the same as all the other flus.

      Utter garbage…..complete garbage. Because our populace has no science back ground….we can’t discern truth. Because we have no Judeo Christian education we can’t even tell when we are told bold face lies. Our diet of fashionable and extremely sophisticated propaganda has rotted our minds.

  17. Healthy people denied travel access and liberties? Should sail through our New World Order legislature and certainly get the signature of our Governor.

    Sad, sad state of affairs.

    Vaccine doesn’t stop spreading the disease Vaccine does not stop new variations. Vaccine doesn’t even stop 5%. Vaccine is experimental.

    We are going to curb the freedoms of healthy people, of any people because they don’t take an



      And we allow people who stand for this to remain in the VTGOP??????



      • Right Neil. Usually a virus is killed and is injected with a carrier liquid. The anti-bodies get alarmed and go to the defensive mode and the person becomes protected. This vaccines generated do not have a dead virus. In fact the dispersed vaccines were developed very quickly (I expect under enormous pressure to do something). Now there are many different vaccines and a pill to consume for a given time period. Much better I believe than getting a risky shot. There have been many people that died., but you don’t heard about it unless you mainly have internet links. The media is programmed to disburse given “fake news” regarding deaths and cases. Lot of sheeple believe it including those “know-it-all legislators and the astute Governor (and his supporting cronies).

        First the vaccine had to be stored at low temps and require two, at two weeks apart. Now they say one injection should be enough. Then there’s is a J&J vaccine that doesn’t need refrig. The outfit Gates invested $100 million in. Interesting when typing GATES, the “G” was dropped for “H’, how true. Quack Fauci (at $450K a year) doesn’t know what he’s doing, the media darling.

        Gates was thrown out of India when he had that country in his vaccine program. Many people died. Where’s the hidden news?

        Wonder if they will give you a card if you take oral medicine? I won’t be given a card regardless. I go my own way in my own time. This has a stink of Bill Gates and as you say NWO and those alike groups. Money people, making money and controlling.

        Is there anyone that has real concerns for the public? Oh, well each go their own way and protect yourself.

  18. I believe flu and other vaccines are currently registered, but citizens are not treated differently based on immunization. That is what is being done already, with travel restrictions, with no rational explanation provided.

  19. Tracking and tracing citizens to measure compliance with mandates? Whatever happened to allowing citizens to make their own decisions without the state looking over their shoulders?

    First step: Track and trace. Second step: oh my gosh, these people are in violation and for the good of everyone we have to do something about it! You can bet that they’ll be busybodies who’ll sound the alarm.

    Our “greater good” is that we are all free to live life as we see fit and to take, or not take, whatever medicines as we see fit. This is what history teaches us and the lesson should be crystal clear.

    S.117 is completely unnecessary except as an excuse to expand government power and surveillance over citizens.

    Vermont, the Nazi state: the citizens exist for the good of the state, and the state will tell you what that good is. Time to get the hell out?

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