John Klar: Vermont’s COVID rules unmasked

By John Klar

Vermonters have not been informed whether their families will be allowed to gather for Christmas.  Gov. Phil Scott’s Thanksgiving prohibition of family gatherings raised eyebrows nationally. Post-holiday, schoolchildren were quizzed by teachers and sent home if they reported visitors in their homes. Will Christmas be similarly policed?

Meanwhile, the Vermont Department of Health officially left citizens free to “have sex with others outside your household,” advising, “Take precautions … with people at risk for severe COVID-19 illness such as people over 65 years of age or those with serious medical conditions.” Few contrasts could more openly demonstrate how arbitrary Vermont’s COVID rules have become than prohibiting family meal gatherings while advising strangers they can have sex freely.

John Klar

Even though children are at extremely low risk from COVID, Vermont school teachers gathered children post-Holiday to draw pictures of Thanksgiving dinner, and inquire about attendance.  (The children are not asked about how many sexual partners the family had.)  Not surprisingly, this sparked huge resentment in a state that has tiptoed around the issue of out-of-state tourists and real estate buyers flooding Vermont’s roads and businesses with zero enforcement by government.  Yet, the governor instructed schools to police the local children, with vague guidance.

Governor Scott proclaimed : “From my standpoint, this is fair warning to those of you who are planning to have gatherings from outside your household for Thanksgiving. … If you don’t want your kids to have to transition to remote learning and quarantine for a seven-day period, maybe you ought to make other plans.”

History instructs that child informants divide families and societies, which is precisely what Vermont’s bizarre post-Thanksgiving reporting edicts have done. Divided loyalties create great stress for the children themselves. Faced with conflicting claims by teachers versus parents, children are being emotionally manipulated by this governor. As one Vermont school superintendent summarized: “It really is not incumbent upon a superintendent to make Solomon-like decisions for families.”

The Hitler Youth are well-remembered:

Children in Nazi Germany were subjected to intensive propaganda through mediums of education, training and social groups. … Education and training became important tools and children in Nazi Germany were subjected to intensive propaganda.

Pol Pot similarly undermined the Cambodian people:

The Khmer Rouge … accomplished [much of it’s genocide] by indoctrinating children and forcing them to denounce and kill suspect adults. Family life was discouraged and repressed. … Traditional norms of respect for elders were suppressed.

Are American states like Vermont using public schools to indoctrinate children? Of course they are. Secular schools indoctrinate morally and completely — abortion is a woman’s right, gender is mutable, sex is an urge, white people are all bigots. The strongest influence is fear — fear of guns (active shooter drills which induce trauma and anxiety in schoolchildren); fear of climate change (“the world is ending in ten years!”); and now COVID (even though child mortality approaches 0%).

State indoctrination can arise from the Left or the Right: using children as informants is abhorrent by either. It is absurd to ban family gatherings for traditional meals while green-lighting casual promiscuity — enlisting children as reporting agents only amplifies the surreal.

Similar resentment has blossomed under COVID laws in Germany, where rural locals are “denouncing Berliners driving to weekend homes by looking at their number plates.” In a country where denunciation was commonplace under the Communists in East Germany and Hitler’s Nazis, police forces across the country are getting tip-offs on anything from “corona parties” to people driving to weekend cottages.

Ironically, a conservative initiative in Germany to allow (not compel) students to report violations of the country’s neutrality code (which forbids teachers from expressing their political views in the classroom) is condemned: Critics say the move is reminiscent of the authoritarian methods of the government of Nazi Germany and the spying practices of the Stasi, the Communist-era secret police, which ran a network of at least 10,000 child informants. … The country’s justice minister [said]  it was “a method of dictators” and warned that it would cultivate a culture of unease and suspicion.

In Vermont, children are under duress by teachers to inform against their families; in Germany there is objection by the left if children inform against their teachers for exercising political duress. The contrast in Vermont is heightened when one considers that families have been asked to sacrifice “for the children” while the governor has not sought to restrict promiscuity or out-of-state real estate buyers: “This is an example of why it’s so important to be vigilant, and avoid small gatherings. And it’s my hope that adults will realize the need to sacrifice, in order to give our kids this important time in their life and, most importantly, keep them in school,” Scott said.

If keeping kids in school were “most important,” they wouldn’t be sent home for two weeks for partaking of tryptophan with their grandparents while sexual degeneracy is promoted by the Vermont Health Department. A September 2020 “Fact Sheet ” entitled “Enjoy Safer Sex and Reduce the Risk of Spreading COVID-19,” counsels:

During this extended public health emergency, people will and should have sex. Consider using harm reduction strategies. We know that other viruses like the one that causes COVID-19 do not easily spread through sex. This means sex is not likely a common way that COVID-19 spreads. If you do have sex with others outside of your household, have as few partners as possible and pick partners you trust … sex is not likely a common way that COVID-19 spreads.

Perhaps they are teaching that in the schools.

Scott has imposed the Solomon-like decision-making on others, while threatening ominously that if the virus continues to spread, he “has a lot of tools in the toolbox.”   In view of the arbitrary inequities of his plethora of Grinchy edicts, one can only imagine what hideous (and unconstitutional ) machinations he has in mind for Christmas, now that the virus continues to spread after he ixnayed Thanksgiving.

If Christmas is COVID-cancelled in Vermont, parents may be tempted by this bizarre legal imbalance to merely instruct their back-to-school children to inform teachers that everyone at the house was just having sex, and then they will not be sent home or placed in emotionally harmful conflict. Though legal, this is to be discouraged, as Vermont’s students are already confused enough.

And so are the rest of us. Enough already.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield.

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20 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont’s COVID rules unmasked

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  2. Too many folks have too much time on their hands. This pandemic has fueled chatter without substance. The pandemic cannot be allowed to rule our lives and our discourse.

    • But virus has already and for half a year ruled our lives and our discourse.
      School Principles fired for private comments “supporting BLM, but not their tactics”
      Social shaming, spying on private opinions. Picketing homes!

      We are allowed to change the channel on our home tv or radio
      18 hours a day for 180 days so far
      Now – imagine having sex with a stranger “with Covid precautions?” NO – don’t!

  3. Great article. We need parents to control education [private, homeschool, Christian schools] and stop the government from using our money to fund their totalitarian evangelization of our kids in schools. Why do we have to pay to support their politics?

    • The US Depertment of Education began during the Carter administration. That is what started the erosion of local control over schools. It should be noted that nowhere in the US Constitution is the federal government given jurisdiction over the education of citizens. (Talk about overreach!) From there is was a slippery slope to federal regulations and unfunded mandates over the operation of US schools. What we have now is a “one size fits all” approach to education. The presumption is that inner city pupils, suburban pupils, and rural community pupils can all be taught the same way and will end up with the same level of education. Remember “common core”?
      Enough said.

  4. I can hope that somehow, someway either Scott reads these articles / comments or his staff and this reality gets to him. But it doesn’t seem to be. He just goes his merry old Montpelier way. Reality is an eye opener, he must have closed eyes and walks around zombie-fied. So much intelligence in these comments and in many TNR articles. If Scott would only take one or two comments or follow NH’s direction and put them in action, VT could be a better place, so simple.

    Using a TNR article just published for reference:
    Scott says Vermont taking different path from New Hampshire on rooms and meals tax

    • Scott is definitely NOT going to take different path, how many times does he have flaunt his disregard for our country and constitution?

      Now he wouldn’t be a terrible Democrat.

      Do you know who gives him the most cover and protection?


      And do you know who harasses and keeps out of the party anyone who suggests, hey…this direction we are heading really sucks. People address those within the party directly, politely, they are totally disregarded. Then when you bring it out in public they from within the party chastise you…..

      Then when you have someone like John Klar who starts agrepublican they say”you can’t do that!”

      Then when you get a true republican, and I”lol admit she had a tough chance to get the seat for Lt Gov…what does the VTGOP do? At the very last minute, and I do mean minute, they put in Milne, he’d make a grat democrat too.

      Do you know who has a backbone and would stand up to candidate Molly Gray? who hasn’t met the very, very easy requirement to even hold the office?

      Meg Hansen!

      So I will go back to my initial statement, we have Traitors or weak people,in our party.

      Putting democrats, sjw’ and democratic socialists on the Republican ticket does not build the VTGOP, it builds democratic socialists who put an R next to their name.

      Ther needs to be a wholesale reformation, instead we are getting the New World Order, and it being. Led by Phil Scott, leader of th VTGOP.

      The VTGOP, obviosly like it. They like it when he, chastises the president, when he announces he voted for Biden for God sake!

      See they didn’t reprimand him, they reprimand Klar! They reprimand me! They primary Meg Hansen!

      As Jeff Foxworthy says. Here’s your sign! The VTGOP iS THE PROBLEM!

      • What ever we do don’t let a candidate like MEg HAnsen win, don’t build up somebody like that!

        No way….were gonna primary her!

        We’re going to run a democrat against her in the primaries!

        It’s not the first time I’ve seen or heard of this back stabbing from within the party. It’s not me creating the division, it was ther before and will continue until ther is substantial change, support and team work.
        People from NH have called over about the party, they say they can never reach any one on the phone, calling for weeks!


        We don’t have an office, we don’t have staff, we litterally don’t have a party. When we admit to the fact of where we are, we can build, we can build fast.

        Look what NH did in one year!

        We can’t change for the better until we admit we need change.

      • Have to agree, there’s no Rep party in VT. I had strongly backed Meg and John as had others in my family. I have met Bob Freiner, at the Tunbridge Fair and know of is struggles to be seated in Montpelier and the expense Dems (Townhend, Burlington) spent to keep him out. Understand Bob got sick of that atmosphere, told me about his frustrations and left. He was a sharp guy.

        The potential Reps in VT are very fragmented, to each their own as it is. In Congress the Dems lock step to their rulers, similarly in VT, pied Pipers all.

        Too bad we have to make comments like this, wish it were more positive. But some Reps made inroads, can’t ignore that. More to come?

        • Bob Freiner is awesome, I’ve spoken with him too. There are many, many awesome Republicans, there are some in the party too. I’d have to say there are many, more out side the official party status.

          No I don’t like to say these things in public.

          But I’ve spoken with many directly. Many, many many…..and it’s always the same tune.

          When you primary your strongest most zealous republican candidate on the very, very last day with a well known democrat. WTF?

          You don’t think that sends a very, very strong message to any conservative located in the Green Mountains? Now I understand….”politically” speaking Milne certainly had way better name recognition and perhaps a better chance. But I’m not seeing anyone with any balls within the elected party to the invalidity of Ms. Gray. Sen. Benning questioned it in Vermont Digger….

          When you look at the facts in our constitution it’s do clear and easy to understand. Yet…what are the highest GOP officials doing?

          Meg Hansen would have stood up for our constitution. Because the VT GOP was too spineless in the election or complicit and continue to be we’ll have a carefully selected NWO Pimp for a Lt. Governor. Educated in europe…trained, like a parrot to do their bidding.

          And when we Republicans cry out for help, as nobody listened to our internal pleas….we’re told stop it. Knowing you’d be primaryed….knowing you’d be chastised from within….your own party for sticking up for such simple rights and rules.

          Yeah….blame the canary in the coal mine for telling you gas is coming.

          • I was born in the state the day before Hitler invaded Poland. Raised, schooled and flew in B-52’s and KC-135 refuelers and protected the country, and I believe VT was in the union. But property tax wise, you wouldn’t know it. I have seen many governors, back to Ralph Flanders. Springfield had the best HS in the country, four years ahead of all others. So I had good roots. To include my mother being a teacher and started the Family Center in Springfield for ailing families, My father was a fireman and cop. .As a result I’ve seen the state go to hell and all what our family worked and slaved apparently for nothing, but made it easy for the dialects that moved in. I highly detest what’s happening and difficult to keep my mouth shut. They have aggravated me and I’ll aggravate back and vote for people that will change it back to reality. Almost puke reading letter to editors desirous of idiots writing saying they want in Montpelier. “Jane Doe or “Little Jimmy” known since childhood would be caring and helpful to all. So VT has abortion even after birth. Some people need a 2 x 4 for an attitude adjustment. I have to care for the next generation.

      • — Mr Klar’s clear-eyed laser focused writing packs a potent punch addressing and exposing the evils of our state.
        — Meg Hansen lost primary – you make it appear Milne illegally installed.
        — Not going to slam GOP and in fact choose to support with small donations and not kicking when down despite it’s many flaws.
        — Inserting mischaracterization of post to blame GOP for Chancellor Scott’s Naziesque edicts and destructive decision-making is the province of propaganda and why I’m unable to add my voice.
        — John Klar is not slamming GOP here but tyrannical stranglehold of VT directed by rogue governer Scott.
        — Activity here not reflective of the weighty exposes or unmistakeably conservative communications on Grok comment section.

        Facing headwinds on all sides from government officials, leftwingers and so-called conservatives John Klar turned his loss into a win for entire state and continues to advance the conservative cause moreso than even the party.

  5. Perhaps it’s not too late to change your title?

    Vermont’s Communist rules unmasked.

    You brazen hussy, fall in line comrade, or off to Siberia for you, you’ll be forever exiled from the Republican party for, for, for ….

    standing up for freedom

    lol…you’re stepping out of line….where are those moderators when you need them.

  6. Oh John, how dare you criticize our governor! Using facts and comparing his actions to these nasty people……clearly you can’t be part of the republican party, how dare you criticize them! It’s a strawman argument! It’s not comparing apples to apples.

    How dare you suggest we take a different course of action…you, you…brazen hussy!


    Yeah go over to granite grok….they have conservatives, they lambast and have freedom to criticize they talk to each other.

    they work together and solve problems.

    How dare you, how dare you suggest we change anything! We’re perfect.

  7. I am reasonably sure that the gov remembers how sex is done. But just in case, the participants have to get closer than 6 feet of each other. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk. What a moron.

  8. The current state of culture and society America is a direct result of how the education system has successfully indoctrinated and brainwashed recent generations of citizens to where they have now become “subjects”. They were taught only to parrot the ideologies of their “educators” and no longer have the ability to think logically and rationally for themselves and lack any modicum of common sense. Hence, they are now willing to submit and follow, without question, anyone who promises them safety and protection…like lemmings headed over the cliff. This has all been enabled by our apathy and lack of concern about how and by whom our children have been educated. Over the years we have allowed others to instill values, attitudes, and morals into our children that come nowhere near those standards that most would consider acceptable. We are now reaping the harvest of what has been sown in the hearts and minds of those younger generations and will be paying a very dear price for it.

    • And then, to add to Marek, all of us over 40 years old that actually did get real educations and can see this mess (that is nothing but the advancement of the NWO) for what it is and are exposing it and trying to fix this, we are being beaten, fired, abused, attacked, slandered, libeled, threatened, killed, our votes stolen, banned on social media and having our lives utterly destroyed by todays modern Brown Shirts.
      For example, your principal Tiffany Riley, fired for making a common sense comment about what readers all here know is a well organized and funded Marxist movement that has little to do with the betterment of Black Lives. (Vermont is getting a lot of very ugly national attention these days, no one is fooled by the way about what is going on, it’s NO Utopia).

  9. This has become such total BS. The virus is real – as China intended it to be. It has overwhelmed almost every item of a free USA Family and village life. NO Gathering, riots OK, loneliness, drug use, suicide, churches closed, school children peering into a 12 inch screens, Families separated, every classic Event cancelled (First Night in Burl. cancelled in April?, College Kids trapped, Zero county fairs. NOTHING

    Fortunately, when I failed miserably to prepare for the “Coming Ice Age” preached insescently in 5th grade, 65! years ago, I am not now entoomed in a mountain of ice.

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