John Klar: Vermont farmers are labeled racists in new Vermont bill

H.273 seeks to enact a law painting all Vermonters and their history as white supremacists. This law is a vile, dishonest, ideological stain on the Vermont legislative landscape in 2021.

16 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont farmers are labeled racists in new Vermont bill

  1. Thank you John klar for your passionate and well reasoned video commentary … looking forward to hearing more.
    As one who was put into a position of becoming a “Vermonter” (something I have learned I cannot really ever be), because of the tragic and untimely death of my brother-in-law, it was an easy choice to abandon the Masshole state to reside here. It did not take long after switching to an expensive green license plate for my truck with a vinyl Deer sticker on it that this was not the Vermont where I learned to ski 52 years ago. It was not the same place I came to hunt and/or enjoy the amenities of a primitive camp. No it was quickly becoming the same insane “progressive leftist” sh*tshow I thought I had left. That said there are many, many marvelous “salt of the earth” great people(both natives and transplants! For the life of me I cannot fathom how “Bernie” gets voted in over and over again.
    Anyway hoping to get this place ready to sell and move to a more conservative and tax friendly State before I get too old.
    Awesome comments below!

  2. With Seven Daze and VTDigger carrying the Leftist’s freight – much the way CNN & MSNBC are an appendage of the DNC – wait, they are the DNC – why should this come as a surprise to anyone. Don’t forget, many of the ‘New Vermonters’ arrived here in the latter 60’s through the early 80’s. Transplants from metro DC and the trust fund sea coast communities of CT, NJ, NY. MS etc. bought with them the very same things currently arriving in TX, NV, ID & AZ from California.

  3. The state of Vermont is requiring employees to sit through 9 hours of Racial equality and diversity training. Here’s the title, Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization Continuum. This is the racist left forcing their racism on their employees in order to keep their jobs. Participation is mandatory.
    This should not be allowed and should be stopped. This is nothing more than indoctrination under duress.

  4. I have no complaint with what you say except to point out that they really aren’t liberals. They are leftists. Liberal has the same root as liberty and these folks are not in favor of liberty. Just the opposite. So let’s call them what they really are. Leftists.

  5. Well said John, thank you so much for your persistence.
    The foolishness on the Left SHOULD be causing Democrats with any level of intelligence to come out of their partisan stupor and do their patriotic duty to reform their party.

  6. We are all allegedly racist, so why not add farmers to the list? This is just the latest scheme by the left to upend our system of government. There will be many Caucasian folks that swallow the hook and become enraptured in this new “religion” of racism. Thing is, outside of the legislature- whom as a body proffers up policy and laws that seems to encourage government (systemic) racism-
    Damn few Vermont residents are inherently racist and even fewer are outwardly racist- if one uses the 2019 definition. Apparently the 2021 definition is still being nailed down. If you keep moving the goalpost, nobody will ever get to the goal. The latest batch of “Community Organizers” are louder and have gathered a Caucasian following that now worship the evils of an undefined definition of racism.
    Sorry folks, but no matter what legislation is passed, rules and regulations enacted- these “Activists” will never be sated. To continue government policies first used in the 1960’s really only continues to keep exacerbating the issues. I’d offer personal responsibility as a solution, for all races- but that concept has never caught on well in 21st Century Vermont.

  7. Let’s face it, the state is lost. We had a chance to stand up for us for a very long time and we chose apathy and complacency instead. Now we have liberals moving to Vermont to escape the liberal excessive state governments and come here and vote for an even more extremist government. We have the left largely controlling the media.
    I ran for governor and with the anger against Scott over his signing the gun restrictions even he was worried about the backlash. But people couldn’t be bothered to vote in the primary. Then John Klar challenged him and with the backlash against the insane lockdown people didn’t turn out to vote him out in the primary.
    The truth is we get the government we deserve so we will continue to suffer because too many of us can’t be bothered.

    • I have no complaint with what you say except to point out that they really aren’t liberals. They are leftists. Liberal has the same root as liberty and these folks are not in favor of liberty. Just the opposite. So let’s call them what they really are. Leftists.

  8. Let’s be honest here. First off most of the blacks that are screaming “We were slaves” Their ancestors were never slaves !!! Then their voices got louder when that former president said the whites need to give the blacks money for using them as slaves, just like the former first lady said “it was the blacks who built the WH. Which wasn’t true. It was mostly Irishmans (who were used as slaves more so than blacks). Chinese and Indians were used as slaves too.
    No matter the color of the skin you want something in this world get off your A$$ and work for it. Most of the legislators don’t know what that word means. They need to go back to the states they came from. They also never been on a farm.

  9. The ignorance knows no bounds.

    How do these politicians get through life? It must be tough to tie their shoes in the morning with so much hatred and ignorance.

  10. I wish that I had not taken the time to read H273 just prior to retiring for the night as I will likely be awake all night mad as hell that anyone would even think to propose this piece of s—– in the Vermont legeslature.
    Couldn’t help but notice that this bill was cosponsored by K. Christie, a black who invited himself to Vermont from Connecticut in the 70’s.
    This document is an insult to, not only Vermont farmers, but every Vermonter who has ever lived in this now God forsaken state. I would like to note for the record that my GGGGG grandfather, a Revolutionary War officer and a white man, arrived in Vermont, purchased land, and was immediately voted out of town. Should I be eligible for compensation based upon this horrible mistreatment?
    I have never seen so many statistics missused in so many different ways and so lacking in supporting data. Are blacks arrested more frequently per capita because police are racists or because blacks have no respect for the law? Are blacks denied home loans because banks are racist or because blacks don’t pay their bills and thus have horrible credit ratings? Do more blacks live in poverty in Vermont than their white counterparts because Vermont is a racist state or are blacks simply refusing to avail themselves of the opportunities that exist around them? In every case the blacks are always made the victims because it is so much easier to cast whites as racist than it is to acknowledge that many, if not most of the problems blacks have are of their own making.
    Our family farm has been purchased and paid for by a level of sacrifice and hard work that few can imagine. The amount of work, expense, and sacrifice required to maintain a farm today is unimagineable for those who haven’t done it. Now these pandering fools in Montpelier want to hand out land/farms/homes to people based primarily on their skin color, due to some perceived transgressions from generations before. In addition they want to eliminate property taxes on that land which will drive the rates of all other property owners higher.
    People who create legislation like this are doing a great job of dividing us as a people and making racists where there were none before.

    • Dave…….You ask “Do more blacks live in poverty in Vermont than their white counterparts…..?”

      The answer to your question is an absolute “NO”. Whites living in poverty in Vermont out number Blacks by about 33 to one. There are far more poor White people in Vermont than Blacks.

      Going further, there is a total of about 68,000 poor White people living in Vermont versus that of all minority groups combined, which total 7,600. This equals 9 poor Whites to one minority.

      A quick look at the numbers starting with the population of Vermont:

      Total Vermont population: 623,000

      Whites: 587,000 population…………….68,000 in poverty

      Blacks: 7,800 population………………….2,300 in poverty

      Hispanics: 12,000 population……………2,700 in poverty

      Asians: 12,000 population………………..2,600 in poverty

      Native Americans: 2,500 population……No numbers found (Apparently too small to count)

      In terms of absolute numbers of poor people in Vermont, Whites top the poverty list by a very significant amount…….H.273 fails to recognize this reality.

  11. The LEFTIST and Progressives Like to call the rest of us Racist to cover their OWN FAILINGS. Racism can Have many connotations depending on who who defines it. WHO OR what WILL THEY ATTACK next???

  12. Yes, all seven generations of my Vermont family were obviously racist, including my GG Grandfather and his brother who left the relative comfort of Fairfield, VT to join the Union Army.

    Vermont is so racist, in fact, they sent more, and lost more, men per capita than most States.

    We are such racists, the anti-racists should get busy and develop a plan to remove all our racist monuments, sprinkled throughout the entire racist State, honoring the racists who voluntarily risked death, maiming and disease to save the Union and free the slaves.

    In retrospect, they should have stayed home.

    • I should reprise my same comments as yours that I made on True North months ago when there was an article, I believe, when the “Race Czar” position was created in Vermont. It had the number of our Vermont ancestors that died, were horribly disfigured as a percent of our population t the time. We sent more soldiers to free the slaves per capita than any other state.
      Yet, not one of those that glory in telling us how racist we all are has taken the time to thank our ancestors (and using their current logic, by extension, us) for the sacrifice that they made.
      It seems to be a one-way street.

      • I would appreciate seeing that post. Somebody has to shut these idiots down, but it appears as though few have the intestinal fortitude to challenge them. That has to end.

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