John Klar: Vermont doesn’t know what a woman is

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Matt Walsh is a political commentator and author of four books, including “What is a Woman?” The book has been made into a documentary film about gender and transgender issues.

By John Klar

Vermont university and public officials worked frantically to prevent a January 15 showing of Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman?  The event was scheduled by Travis Allen, father of the local Randolph Union High School girl who complained about being compelled to undress in front of a biologically male student. School security for Vermont Technical College pulled the computers from the building, and informed Mr. Allen that he could not use school equipment under the leasing agreement.

The pressure to cancel the film originated from local “equity coordinator” Dana Decker and Randolph Union school counselor Beverly Taft. The cancellation was by a public institution, fueled by government employees, which raises clear First Amendment issues.

Had this been X-rated pornography or featured drag queens for young children, these public officials would likely have shared the event gladly. But private citizens using public property to view a trans-documentary is verboten.

Decker posted to Facebook:

We cannot keep on perpetuating the hate in our already broken community. … Here’s some of trans liberation group intel: Trans liberation group are asking central vt community to call VTC and express their dismay at hosting this event. … “Hello, my name is … and I want to express my disappointment that VTC would show a transphobic propaganda film in the same town where recent Transphobic events have occurred…”

The alleged “transphobic event” involved girls complaining about a biological male gawking at them while they changed, which was portrayed as harassment of the biological boy. The girls have been discredited by school authorities, despite the transgender voyeur’s recorded admission that what the girls reported is exactly true.

RUHS counselor Taft zealously took to social media to object to Walsh’s film:

It is troubling something like this is happening on the grounds of a public education institution, in a community where young people have been viciously put at risk. … This event is sure to stoke the fires of hate.

The fires of hate are stoked by these government mouths — attendees at the voluntary showing included parents of children who have been “viciously put at risk” by reckless government ideologues. These public employees demand content discrimination on behalf of “trans liberation group” (whoever that is).

It is verboten to even watch a film in Vermont if it questions official government propaganda about queer ideology and the potential harms thereof to minor children. Walsh’s film does just that:

The documentary tells stories of young female athletes forced to compete against, and share locker rooms with, biological males who identify as female. …The documentary’s strength is in being educational about the current status of the gender-ideology movement, its cultural influence and its dangers.

Vermont is abolishing basic civil rights. The father of a girl punished for objecting to biological males in the girls’ changing room is prohibited from airing a documentary about female athletes being compelled to change in front of biological males in locker rooms, by the same government that compelled his daughter to disrobe.

Vermont Tech distributed an email an hour after the event was canceled, by President Parwinder Grewel:

I am committed to ensuring that our students and employees are welcome and feel safe. This week, we will review our facilities use policies and engage our community in any changes to them, recognizing our responsibility as a public institution to maintain reasonable and viewpoint neutral policies. We encourage all to engage in civil discourse and thoughtful debate that does not normalize discriminatory but protected speech.

This is far from “viewpoint neutral”: the college claims it must not “normalize discriminatory but protected speech.” American First Amendment law “normalizes” protected speech. Walsh’s film constitutes protected “thoughtful debate” about the merits of the gender theory which is “woven into every tenet” of this government institution. Viewing a popular movie is prohibited because it transgresses against the established trans-dogma of the woke state.

More viewings of What is a Woman? are being scheduled in Vermont — with free popcorn and pizza. If the speech-stiflers hate it this much, it merits another gander.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

18 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont doesn’t know what a woman is

  1. We need laws that say a male who thinks he is a female, cannot use the female rooms, until his biological male equipment is removed. — That ought to fix the main problem, since these liberals are confused about the biology of male and female, and refuse to get mental help for it.

  2. The little boy in Kindergarten Cop said what leftist from the Supreme Court on down can’t seem to comprehend. (what a waste of education)

    Boys have penises Girls have a vagina… it’s as simple as that and any other deviation is simply a mental illness.

  3. This movie is available to watch free on Rumble and I’m sure, other places as well. But the benefits to ‘We the People’ would be tenfold if we watched together.

    Where can we find out about and support these other viewings?

  4. Vermont is abolishing select Human Rights, John- and doing it in the name of Human Rights- in direct mockery of the Vermont and US Constitutions. I am unaware of when it became socially acceptable to encourage misogyony to pander to a mere fraction of a percent of the Vermont population that believes they may be of the wrong gender. The cost of this misdirection to Vermont’s children is and will be great, both in dollars and problems stemming from the confusion Vermont’s liberal elite politicians and activists choose to impart on these kids. The ideas these kids are exposed to is beyond gaslighting, it is abusive brainwashing- with a desired result of unthinking compliance to the state and those that rule it. Liberalism is, like “gender dysphoria” a mental disease.

  5. What is a woman by Matt Walch should be seen by every adult, as it shows the pure
    decay of normality in our society and the agenda to corrupt our children as what is or
    should be normal, all this transgender stuff is pure BS, freaks want to be in the limelight
    and try to sway a child’s mind, pathetic fools.

    Ralph can’t be Rose if he has a pair, and Rose can’t be Ralph if she has woo-woo, yes
    we have two genders everything else is a figment of one’s imagination

    We have two genders a male and a female, and all the spin cannot change that, if you
    have a mental concern about who you are, maybe it’s time to see a Psychiatrist !!

    And for all the adults in any authority position who are spreading the propaganda that
    being transgender is normal, need to be held accountable. If you’re an adult and decide
    you want to become whatever that’s your business and your expense……………………….

    Parents wake up, they don’t care about your children’s well-being, and those trying to stop
    adults from seeing ” What’s a Woman ” are hiding something………. the truth !!

  6. Anyone reading this should pass it on to everyone they know, including their legislators, and with MASS protest, demand they stop their cancel culture, censorship of opposing opinions, and let the people decide for themselves what is right and wrong with the education policies.
    Now the left is too full of themselves and have gone totally haywire! If hundreds of people don’t march and protest, they’ll keep removing our freedoms.

  7. As our drill sergeant in the Army use to tell us, reach down between your legs and see if you have a pair If not, you are probably a female.

  8. Please forgive my repetitiveness – but make no mistake, the Education Equity Alliance, representing the Vermont NEA, the Vermont Principals’ Association, the Vermont Superintendents Association, the Vermont School Boards Association, and the legislators who enable them, are as despotic a group of people as has ever been assembled here in Vermont.

    Those who disagree with them are enemies of the State, domestic terrorists, and conspiracy theorists. We live and reproduce at the behest of the ‘Administrative State’, no longer controlling our own lives or the lives of our children, ceding all authority to “a compelling State interest’. Our mere existence is a threat to civilization, whatever the Administrative State deems that to be. We exist to feed the beast, be it the public education monopoly, the healthcare establishment and ‘big pharma’, the social services cartels, government workers, and the so-called ‘elected’ officials managing our affairs.

    • You are soo right! I just don’t really understand the genesis of the ability of a small minority to destroy common sense and then have such a huge influence on supposedly intelligent administrators/regulators in the Vermont system.
      Just unbelievable to me.

      • It’s not a ‘small minority’, Gary. The U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS data show that 40% of the Vermont workforce is employed in the education, health, and government sectors. It is an insurmountable voting bloc.

        • Right you are. I was thinking more about the general VT population that I honestly believe (perhaps wrongly) that most would not ever want their daughters in a bathroom or locker room with a biological male leering at them.

          • Really is there any parent who actually loves their child that would consider it desirable that a confused misguided male should be in their daughter’s bathroom or locker room ? I think not.

            Get a clue Wokies ! You are losing this fight. Give it up and go back under your rock.

          • It also demonstrates that parents and other adults can be, and are, confused too. And, constitutionally, they have the right to be confused – as, I suspect, they consider those of us who disagree with them to be confused too.

            Here’s the deal, however. No one has the right to indoctrinate anyone without their consent. The problem we have today is that our public-education monopoly is imposing its values on many of us without our consent. And while we have no more right to impose our views on them either, the only recourse is an educational free market – i.e., SCHOOL CHOICE.

            “The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what color people are; it does not care what their religion is; it only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy. It is the most effective system we have discovered to enable people who hate one another to deal with one another and help one another.”
            ― Milton Friedman

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