John Klar: The Democrats’ new one-party system

The elephant in the American political living room is that today’s Democrats do not want any elephants in the room — only donkeys. Political scientists have long cautioned about the threats to democracy of a two-party system. Is it rocket science to comprehend the problem with the left’s monolithic effort to become the sole political party in America?

In the current political climate, the following one-side-only mantras have cropped up on the left:

John Klar

Climate change

There is only one possible political view permitted. Anyone who questions that the Earth is going to shrivel up in a decade is an enemy to life itself; no alternative political voice allowed.

Social justice in racial “equity”

Anyone who demurs is by definition a racist. The Martin Luther King (and Frederick Douglass) view that the Constitution offers hope and equality for all, is now verboten. All suffering by blacks is a product of implicit racism in white people (throwing billions of dollars at the urban problem in the War on Poverty exacerbated the situation by creating dependency and dysfunction, but never mind). Black people are all poor because white people hate them, not because liberals have coddled and undermined their families and skill sets. No competing opinion will be tolerated — the One Party System seeks to dismantle and eliminate the white supremacist Constitution.

Transgender “rights” for children

This bizarre launch did not wait for science or law to “affirm” the partisan political view that gender is mutable and not biologically fixed, that those suffering gender dysphoria are healthy and to be affirmed (not unwell and requiring counseling). No dissent from the affirmation of gender transition even in young children will be permitted — all children will be instructed in the moral certitude of affirming 5-year-olds’ gender selection, and any biological parents who disagree are unfit to care for them.

Women’s “rights”

The tragic situation where young women are traumatized by intrusive abortions they were told were as routine as a dental appointment, and the killing of babies by “choice” just prior or even at birth, those are not issues about which right-wingers should be permitted opinions, per the New One Party Left. In fact, men who voice concerns for the “life” of unborn children are silenced by men who idiotically claim that only men who support women’s rights are entitled to an opinion.

Gun rights

Guns must be eliminated, according to the New Left. There is zero acknowledgement of even the possibility that a Donald Trump or Joe Biden would ever attempt to thieve Americans’ Bill of Rights — after all, if they did, we “couldn’t fight the federal government,” so surrender of all liberties is a done deal. Anyone who disagrees is a gun-nut who hates children. No alternative views will be respected.

COVID shots

Anyone who insists on constitutional recognition of existing rights is denying science and killing vaccinated people. Masks in schools are unquestioned. Destroying the economy, undermining drug and alcohol counseling, and traumatizing children with fear who are at near-zero risk of COVID, are all par for the One-Party course. The trusted government that can never again be opposed with guns (because it has been acknowledged as all-powerful ruler) need not respect rights not to be vaccinated; it invokes the right to vaccinate (or at least discriminate boldly against any who resist coercion).

Free speech

Efforts to “ban hate speech” blunder headlong into established free speech protections, which the left seeks to eliminate — there is no “right” to freedom of expression or thought. Rights themselves have been inverted by the New Party, which claims the right to tyrannize others in the name of its unilateral moral vision, imposed with the full thiggery of an “established” religion. The One-Party-Left’s new religion says no speech is allowed that deviates from the official party line. Challenging CRT is domestic terrorism, questioning climate change kills polar bears, doubting Fauci is like insulting the New High Priest. Dissent on any “Party” issue is to be stifled using all government and Big Tech tools — to “save democracy.”

The term “woke” is used to describe this radical shift into stupidity. Perhaps today’s far left (and the silent “moderate Dems” who seem to lack the moral courage of a pebble) forgot that America is created on the basis of a contract (the Constitution) that fashioned a balanced Republic where varying sides could still coexist. This push to throttle down dissent with a one-party, dehumanizing, toxic ideology will fail. It will either fail politically, or it will fail spectacularly, with a complete unraveling of the economy, and the fabric of society. Those on the left who claim they embrace that path exhibit both the extremism and the ignorance of this new one-party tyranny, and will be the first to cry in shock when the foundation they viciously chipped away falls beneath their feet.

Will they then call for civility, order, respectful dialogue and critical thinking? At what point will the right join this collapse and say, “OK, you broke the contract, now we can embrace the New Hell.

I attended a rally in support of the liberty not to be vaccinated on Oct. 16 in Burlington. While there was much support, the sheer hatred and murderous contempt of those (mostly young people) who screamed at us that we deserve to die — despite preexisting health conditions, natural immunity, Constitutional law, or acknowledgement that Vermont is experiencing an “epidemic of the vaccinated” —  was shocking. The expletives, middle fingers and gnashing teeth were coupled with red faces and high blood pressure — this is not good for the One-Party cult’s health. Such vitriolic, ignorant hatred is on the rise in America, justified by dehumanizing contempt for all things “conservative.”

Some of us are not prepared to eviscerate the Constitution and join the One Party. We will die free rather than submit our necks to this moronic yoke. I call on conservatives to embrace the MLK message of “Love not Hate.” It worked for Gandhi — maybe a peaceful effort will have an impact here in America, where tyrants of the New Ideology are oppressing anyone who will not comply. And maybe some Democrats who comprehend the disaster within their party will wake up and oppose the hateful, one-sided disgrace that the Party of Biden has become.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “John Klar: The Democrats’ new one-party system

  1. lol

    There is only one party, the UNIPARTY!!!!!

    There are a smattering of patriots in uniparty right, and endangered patriots uniparty left.

    There are those who will defend and uphold the constitution and those who will do the bidding on the new world order, making us a colony of the united nations.

    We need two parties that both love our country. We don’t have that, most certainly not in Vermont. It would be like a two parent family, different roles same goal. Surely one parent families can be better than two parent, but in politics it’s probably not wise.

    When one party decides to jettison the NWO pimps from there club, we’ll be able to make some progress. Until then it will be just more uniparty games, where the minority complains and does nothing, meanwhile, the rights and pockets of the citizens are emptied, little by little.

    Then suddenly you find yourself naked, totally dependent upon the government. Welcome to socialism. Welcome to serfdom. Welcome to modern slavery.

  2. There are no Republicans, there are no Democrats. There are only Progressives and Patriots.

  3. Was looking a polling on support of the communist regime in the DC swamp and
    guess which state has the most support for the worst administration ever in
    under a year???? yup as you can probably deduce it was the lefty loon led state
    right here.. 53% fully support the economic, international, military, energy, failures
    perpetrated by bydones handlers… They don’t love Vermont any more then they love
    America.. they only love to hate.. Don’t know if it can be saved Dano, without a influx
    of right minded voters or our controlling the “counting”

  4. I find it disappointing that Mr. Henry is the only voice so far. The information presented here is spot on. Either people are so in awe or afraid to speak is troubling. Maybe if we all ball up in the fetial position, we can wait this out. No, we can’t. The normal that we remember a few years ago is gone.

    Tomorrow, you might have to slap on a face clothe just to get groceries. You are scared because according to a TV announcer you could catch Covid and die. The virus is just hanging in the fresh air waiting to infect you, but you have been vaccinated 2 or 3 times. Wow, you should probably just stay home until the 4th booster shot comes out.

    This is just part of the crazy we are living. Are Vermonters this stupid or all cowards afraid of their own shadow. Aren’t you the least bit concerned that you’ve been lied to? How many more boosters will make you safe from a lab induced virus that doesn’t kill healthy people? Years ago, the flu would kill you if you weren’t healthy. Where’s the flu gone? Even Flu shots are only 35% affective. Did you know that and wonder why you still got the flu even though you got the shot?

    What about all this other stuff? Does it make you happy? Remember, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Gone! Is there any intelligent life out there not afraid to look at the present and say, this is not right. 40% of Vermont children have been injected with an experimental elixir, not approved for anything but emergency use and where’s the emergency with children? They already have better immune systems built in, better than any lab, profit induced man made poison for sure.

    The time to speak up is now. The time to wake up and get unwoke is now. I only hope and pray that these children will be okay. It’s time to put all this to bed and to never have it again. The beginning of the end of this nightmare should start now.
    Speak up or!

  5. John, I’m not sure what to say, you’ve nailed it ……… Hopefully, people will wake up !!

    John, we have a couple of seats opening up, one for Senate or the House any plans to
    help save our State and our Nation……………………….. ??

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