John Klar: Race in Vermont — Statistical impacts of BIPOC immigration

The median income of black Vermonters has dropped sharply in recent years. Aggressive political groups falsely argue that disparities in wealth prove racism. Actually, these disparities will continue to increase the more Vermont welcomes impoverished BIPOC refugees and immigrants here. It is “inequitable” to slander Vermonters as racist for disparities which arise by virtue of welcoming poor black and Latino people.

Please weigh the common sense of these facts and arguments, and stand against those who manipulate truth to denigrate and shame decent Vermonters and their ancestors for partisan power!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/ProtoplasmaKid

6 thoughts on “John Klar: Race in Vermont — Statistical impacts of BIPOC immigration

  1. Some of their religions encourage children, so regardless of income, the families are huge. Many have no skills and no English, making them virtually unemployable. They cost a lot of money at literally every turn. Damn near everything is “free” for them and we’re “racist” as a thank you.

  2. John
    I love your insightful reviews of what is going on throughout our state. I’m an engineer and totally agree with the facts that statistics can be manipulated to lead people to the wrong conclusion. It would be easy for me to prove statistically that manhole covers are linked to homicide, the more manhole covers the more murders so logically we need to eliminate manhole covers. People need to be held accountable for manipulating statistic in such a way that leads trusting people to the wrong conclusion.
    Keep up the good work. Jim

  3. Meanwhile they are completely changing our election process so we have the least honest and accountable election in the nation.

    It looks like the State of Vermont want to have the lowest grade in the nation for Ethics, if we try really hard, be super crafty and chart like hell we can get an F.

    Nothing like striving for greatness.

  4. John,
    When writing your posts please do not assume that we all know what BIPOC refugees means. I sure do not. It would be a simply exercise to explain it.
    Then I could intelligently analyze your opinion.

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