John Klar: Critical race theory attacks good Vermonters

“They were not Southern plantation owners as Vermont’s governor, Legislature and some statutes are saying they were. H.273 says that Vermont benefited from sharecropping and Jim Crow laws to push black people off farm land. That is a falsehood, and a horrible denigration of these people.”

5 thoughts on “John Klar: Critical race theory attacks good Vermonters

  1. John, of course your right in the micro sense, however, this extends far beyond Vermont. Sad to say the Republican Party establishment going back over 30 years ago to began the downfall of America! In 1988 George H.W. Bush was elected President. Bush was in fact a Yale indoctrinated One World Socialist who believed that the only way possible to bring about One World Government was to establish economic parity by bring wage levels into equilibrium worldwide. This required the wages of American workers to be reduced and wages in other countries to be increased. Bush negotiated and signed N. A.F.T.A in order to do just that. American corporations immediately began to employ a cheap foreign labor force and eliminate American labor. Before being elected a President, Bush was U.S. Ambassador To China and Director of the C.I.A., the seeds of America’s destruction had been sown. Today’s the Republican Establishment, Mitt Romney. Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, etc., are all of the same ilk. Of course the Socialist Democrats were delighted by this and were fully on board. Remember when Americans use to say, “I don’t vote because there’s not a dimes worth of difference between them.” They were exactly right! This was what brought about the establishment’s horror and shock when we elected President Trump to go in there, kick open the doors and tip over the tables of the America’s sellout’s. In the end though, after numerous failed phony coupe attempts, the Senate was successful in removing President Trump from elected office by certifying what they knew to be a rigged unconstitutional election result. The U.S. Constitution actually gives the Senate the power to override elections results and appoint whomever they wish as President and that is exactly what they did! 30+ years of fighting to “Make America Great Again” destroyed in a flash by the treachery of the Republican traitors in the U.S. Senate. Now the military, justice department is being used to destroy anyone who does not fall inline. Critical Race Theory is only one of the Communist’s tactical weapons, to divide and conquer. It’s much bigger fight than your fine article addresses. Vermont can’t be save without America being saved first and that looks like a very dim prospect now. It could, however, be the begging of a new campaign to bring back America if the Socialists Vermont government was deposed en-masse in the next election but that just is not in the current Vermonter’s DNA. The soil has become too contaminated and will not permit freedom to grow ever again.

    • Spot on, Richard. We need to think globally and we need to think long-term, as in a long-term plan and strategy to destroy democracy worldwide. CRT is part of this: divide and confuse and conquer. BLM is part of this (funny how all the BL killed daily in drug wars don’t M to these people.) The widespread censorship of views countering the dominant narrative is part of this. Deliberately denying people life-saving drugs to combat Covid-19 is part of this, and a sure sign that the authorities aren’t doing everything they possibly can to keep us safe but have something else in mind. Blatantly stealing an election is part of this. The pseudoscience of global warming is part of this, and shows us that the corruption of science– the new Lysenkoism– must have been orchestrated long ago, and that the pressure to silence the opposition is intense (anyone who studies what skeptics say knows this.)

      Why would anyone possibly do anything so evil? All we have to do is look at China and look at their system of monitoring and control to see what’s in store for us as we continually get bombarded with the shock and awe of Covid-19 and CRT and BLM and who knows what they’ll hit us with next, but whatever comes up, the best bet is that it comes to keep us afraid and off-balance.

      The Great Reset narrative is rhetoric for the woke, a way to get them “all in this together” to stay safe from global warming and have peace, justice, and happiness for all, just like in China. Call it a Reset, call it New Normal, call it the apotheosis of CRT, whatever, its purpose is to wring liberty out of the people however this can be done. Then they can build back better.

  2. Mr. Klar published an interesting commentary in the American Thinker on Vermont’s CRT petri dish. I suggest everyone read it and pay close attention to the ongoing behavioral research. Whether or not Mr. Klar’s assertion that “Once dragged into the light of discussion and analysis, CRT will fail in Vermont” remains to be seen. Tyranny, onced established, has a nasty habit of sticking around.

  3. Some DEM/ Prog folks are fantasizing, making up imagined realities, out of thin air, to suit a preferred story line, to get money to set up more government programs, this time to find just which blacks were sharecroppers, and why these blacks were sharecroppers, etc., and how awful it was, and how oppressive it was.

    Such sharecroppers, and their descendants, likely should be getting monetary and land restitutions, so they can work to actually become subsidized Community Supported Agricultural, CSA, farmers, a big step up.

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