James Hall: The Democratic Party has lost it

This commentary is by James Hall, a resident of Center Rutland.

In my reading of several news sources each day, it is becoming quite obvious that the Democratic Party of today has lost it, and do not know which way to turn or even which way is up. The similar hatred and discontent is manifesting in Florida, where it is abundantly clear there is one source of fear there, and maybe even two.

First the D’s are sure that Trump is going to run again, and all out war is being planned for that possibility. As far as I know, Trump has not announced for a presidential run. Florida Gov. Ron Desantis is the other big fear the D’s have, and rightly so. Desantis has proven the D’s wrong at every turn including Biden, and the people of Florida are loving every minute of it.

So if this whole question is answered with a Trump-Desantis ticket, I am sure there will be all kinds of plots to attempt to stop this steamroller — which it will be, because the American people are fed up and wanting correction of the destruction of this country brought on by Biden, Susan Rice, and all the other incompetent slugs surrounding the “B” man.

In Vermont, the Republican Party should be planning the strategy now with doable efforts that turn into positive results in the next election. For example:, each county in the state should be working towards getting one new R in the House to replace a D. I believe that concept will work, if it is worked on seriously. In Rutland County last year due diligence in the efforts I mention above produced two new R representatives. The reapportionment committee has struck back with a plan that would decimate the county as we know it. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

So back to the suggestion: The Vermont Legislature, in the House, could use 14 new Republican representatives. That would put the kibosh to Democrat steamrollers all fired up and ready for action, with the new legislative session starting yesterday.

James B Hall
Center Rutland

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4 thoughts on “James Hall: The Democratic Party has lost it

  1. In the strangest of inexplicable sociological phenomena, the peer pressure to vote for democrats and progressives is so strong in Vermont that, even in the anonymity of the voting booth, most Vermonters still vote for them. Here’s a hint people: vote for those who prefer Constitutional freedoms instead and just tell all your friends you instead voted for one the parties of tyranny. Put that virtue-signaling BLM raised fist of anger sign in your yard and then vote for the party of slavery abolition instead of the party of Jim Crow and the KKK.

  2. There are no Democrats.
    There are no Republicans.
    There are only Patriots & Progressives.

  3. It’s the uniparty you are up against; they are on both sides of the aisle.

    We need two parties that love God and America, not one shilling for the marxist United Nations and the other selling us out to lobbyists and corporations. The Republican party and George Bush sold us out in the 1990’s to the Agenda 21 plan for the New World Order, remember him talking about that?

    Team leaders, captains, base coaches need to be playing the same game as the citizens who call themselves Americans.

    Read what is written, see what they do, see whom they support, who is their enemy, who is their foe. People talk a good game, but it’s just playing with words, sophistry at it’s finest.

    We need a reformation, we need it yesterday, we need people in new positions, we need to change our direction. That is unless you are endeared with marxist ideology, is so we are headed for nirvana.

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