James Hall: Climate has been changing since the beginning of time

Editor’s note: This commentary is by James Hall, who lives in Center Rutland.

The climate has been changing since the beginning of time, yes, even before there were human inhabitants on the planet millions of years ago. In fact, there have been three ice ages that have been documented as happening, and the period we are in now is called “quaternary,” which eventually will produce the next event.

Now, water freezes and ice thaws; to have these events happen, there has to be a change in temperature. Freezing and thawing in succession is nature’s way of keeping a balance. The period leading up to the glacier event saw an ice band some 1,600 feet high stretching from the East Coast just north of the Canadian border all the way across this continent for the most part. It was so heavy the Earth’s position shifted in its usual axial place to one which the weight forced Earth to be in. Manmade?

go-greener-oz/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

These signs predict rising tides from global warming will overtake large areas of land.

Just this summer there have been many papers published refuting the climate change “take” that is in a high state of hype in the world right about now. The “experts” who do not agree with this writer on the issue of climate change will say that “97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is man-made.” My research of several weeks this summer says it is more like 60 percent, with the other 40 percent in disagreement. Now, 40 percent is a significant number to be dealing with, as 40 percent is very close to half. We should be paying attention to that, and study the reasons for the difference in take and act accordingly.

Also, this summer a former Vermont public servant, Tom Evslin, who happens to be a person who served at the request of more than one governor in state service, published a paper discussing climate change which can be seen on his website in the section of “Fractals of Change.” Very interesting work, indeed.

The frenzied types who are all wrapped inside the climate change bubble are promoting the Green Plan which is from the hallowed halls of the Vermont Puzzle Palace known as Montpeculiar to some of us. This plan is flawed to the bone in many respects and just today, the Joint Fiscal Office released a report stating student numbers continue to drop while retirement numbers (population) will increase until at least 2030. This writer is very concerned about affordability of the Green Plan that is being reviewed across the state as this is written. First, affordability to the end user apparently is not a concern of the people from on high, but it is to me and I am sure will be to others. After a disastrous ongoing experience with heat pumps at our residence, affordability had better be high on the list of concerns for those who see fit to encumber Vermont folks with the very questionable motives and expense in making these changes to our economy and lifestyle which will very likely be upended for many VermonT residents, for an indefinite period of time.

There is much work all property owners can do to conserve and use fewer resources which have been plentiful and rather inexpensive in most cases. Insulating with materials of today produces better outcomes than those of just a few years ago.

It is a fact there is much discussion about the carbon footprint, and its effects on the environment … but wait, we had, in Vermont, a carbonless producer of electric power in large scale, and that power was very competitively priced to all users, homeowners, business, manufacturers and anyone who needed power. Even with the preceding points, there still is a clamor for carbonless power.

I believe there are other motives in play that have not been pointed out specifically. Those motives have very little to do with the end result of changing over to green, so this concept is being used as a way to accomplish at least two goals of the left-wing power center in the state. Those are control of individual lives, and redistribution of individual wealth. I fully believe this is why the affordability issue is not brought up in these discussions, plans and details of the switch to green. It is costly and will not be a practical approach for those who are not able to spend the money and pay the bills from it later.

In my efforts to gather up as much info as I could possibly do in a two-month period, I had the opportunity to speak with a lobbyist who was, I believe, forthright with me in answering my questions. One of the questions I posed was this: “What is the long term outlook for the internal combustion engine?” His answer was one word: “banned.” Think about that, folks, and associated costs.

The lefties cannot control the oil companies, so they will fix it so there will not be any reason for existence, much the same as what happened to Vermont Yankee under Shumlin and his like-minded brethren actions of a few years ago.

All of this in the name of saving us from ourselves with “Climate Change” as the header.

History alone will tell that something doesn’t add up here.

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  1. VT Digger is at it again…another large article & summary of this week’s Climate Strike (using CHILDREN!)……others there have demanded that “Climate Deniers” should dare to post their facts and data. I obliged and sent the link that goes into all the used faked data to scare you Once in receipt of it….VT Digger censored it & refused to publish it. I just tried again, on their just up Climate Strike Summary…. they are suckered by fraudulent data…and ALL is very much done on purpose. PLEASE listen to the link I posted below. Mind blowing the scope of the data fraud. And if you like it… Post it in a comment on VT Digger. At some point they have to listen to it. I’d be amazed if they ever publish the link, because they cannot handle the TRUTH!

    • Yup, as predicted. The editors at VT Digger refused (again) to post my reply and FACTUAL link….. from any climate denier…no matter how truthful it is. If you are angry as I, copy the below link and post it as a reply to Vt Digger and spread the word….they censor, ban and stifle any dissenting opinion. ….which could hurt their side…Welcome, “Comrades”…..it’s propaganda and brainwashing in VT.

      • Um…that’s what Marxists do…censor and intimidate…There is only one valid worldview you see – theirs and but one valid opinion – theirs. In the tiny brains of the narrowminded no one else has a voice nor should we…bc we dont exist. Until an election is turned upon its ear…they hear the silent majority loud and clear…even then the abjectly arrogant and overgrown children simply blame it upon Russia…lol

        Hopefully their Marxist matron will get why alot of readers refuse to give…personally have never given or commented bc I saw AG dirty game long ago. Also VTDigger receives taxpayer and public funding which they should have lost long ago and hopefully will bc they’re not following the 501c3 rules.

        • I too halted donations to VT Digger. I know a large company that used to give, but they refuse to now….simply because Digger is so, so obviously biased. This company could not risk offending it’s customers that were not Progressive Libs….by supporting Vt Digger- which IS Progressive Lib. It was a business decision to no longer support Vt Digger’s motives….it certainly is NOT their moniker of “News in Pursuit of Truth”… that is laughable…they twist their selective news to create THEIR AGENDA

          Mark Twain summarized it beautifully: “It is far easier to fool someone, than it is to convince that they have been fooled.” The population is being fooled, scammed and conned…. the biggest scientific fraud in human history and people won’t listen. That 12 minute video is superb in exposing the data fraud, but I can’t get anyone to view it!

      • In the ‘kicks and giggles’ category: VD now automatically assigns a ‘dislike’ vote to my comments – even while they’re ‘awaiting moderation’. 🙂

        And another interesting media feature is the bias in internet search engines. When searching for various information on, let’s say, specific climate data, make the search on Google, Bing and others. The findings are always significantly different from one another.

        • OMG, Jay you say: ” Jay Eshelman September 23, 2019 at 11:50 am
          In the ‘kicks and giggles’ category: VD now automatically assigns a ‘dislike’ vote to my comments – even while they’re ‘awaiting moderation’.”

          VT Digger does same to me! Awaiting moderation I was immediately given a thumbs down, then they refuse to post it. Which means you and I are already tagged. we are marked men…that is how real Fascist Brown Shirts operated in Berlin, 1938 too.

  2. VT Digger has been censoring many of my posts. If you look at the recent post under John Frietag, there was a reply that challenged any climate denier to post ANY factual data or site. There is a 12 minute youtube done a few days ago that uses NOAA and gov’t data that proves the data fraud. I posted it to Digger, saying here is the data you asked for. Digger looked at it I’m sure and refused to allow it to go up. If you want the bst 12 minutes ever, please view. THEN post it to DIGGER and ask WHY they censor and refuse to show truth. Digger STATES they seek news for truth! Bunk.

  3. Very well said. Above the intelligent, useful idiots, there are technocrats, who know all this, whose goal is to force us off the land and into their ultimate tyranny, “smart cities” and track our every move, and rate our compliance with “social scores” like in China.
    It has nothing to do with “climate change”, except that they found this to be the greatest mass scare of the current age to terrorize the masses into a band of headless chickens, and demonize and destroy those who see through their bull, us dissenters.
    Well people are figuring this out, so maybe we have a chance. How many “existential threats” will we see coming and going, before this scam becomes clear to even the smartest and dimmest of us?
    Let us keep our heads up, and not be deterred by the loss of friends and others who refuse to respect reality. It’s sad, but maybe they will come around. If not, too bad, but we owe it to the children, and our Creator, to stand up and speak the truth, and try to get others to see how we have been bamboozled, in the name of “saving the planet” from US.

  4. If humans are alleged to be the main culprits regarding climate and the weather, why not have fewer humans?
    We should reduce the guilty human population by a factor of ten to reduce the human impact on the environment so the other fauna and flora can survive and thrive.
    Instead, we are reducing the innocent fauna and flora by a factor of ten, or more, and driving many species to extinction, because of human intrusion on their environment and habitats.

    The sperm of just one male would become very valuable in a world of many “castrati”, and could produce many thousands of babies.
    However, if the population of fertile young women were reduced ten times or more, the production of babies would be significantly limited.

    Abortion for free for everyone, everywhere, upon voluntary request? Of course.
    However, it would be better to act BEFORE the fact.
    One way to do that, and have an anti-poverty program as well, is to donate $2500 to a young woman in a poor country to have a minor operation FOR FREE, so she can no longer have children.
    About $25 billion per year would treat 10 million young women each year.
    They likely would live in countries with per capita incomes of about $500/y or less
    Almost all US inhabitants would not qualify.
    The families of these women would be well off in their countries.
    They could afford to send their children to school and learn a trade.
    All would be voluntary.

    The knee jerk comment often is “government eugenics”, etc.
    I want this to be a private effort.
    People would get a US income tax deduction, if they contributed to PRIVATE funds.
    Keep the government out of it.
    Make it a grassroots people-to-people program.

    The rich get their tax deductions anyway.
    This time it would be for a good cause.
    Helping young women in poor countries become relatively well off and have a better future.

    The world population is currently (2019-2020) growing at a rate of around 1.08% per year (down from 1.10% in 2018, 1.12% in 2017 and 1.14% in 2016); 1% of 7.5 billion is 75 million/y. The growth rate has decreased by nearly half since 1968 (2.08%).

    A likely comment: “The funny thing about people who advocate reducing the population to save the planet is that they always want to start by killing babies. They never seem to see themselves as members of the surplus population in need of extermination. What a strange coincidence.”

    My program is pro-active.
    No one gets pregnant in the first place.
    No one gets killed.
    Young woman would be a lot better off in their own countries
    No reason to leave.
    Fewer refugees.
    All is private, people to people.
    Government is not involved.

    • ‘U.S. income tax deductions’ are anything but ‘private’.

      Re: “Abortion for free for everyone, everywhere, upon voluntary request? Of course.”

      While I personally find abortion, and more specifically, late-term abortion (you don’t specify), disturbing – that’s my personal opinion. Just don’t use my tax dollars to subsidize the process with ‘U.S. income tax deductions’.

      And if you really want this to be a private enterprise, I have no problem agreeing with anyone who chooses to have themselves castrated, their tubes tied, or support the process with their own money. After all:

      “They shoot horses don’t they?”

  5. At last!!! Someone has called the king naked. Throught all the dialogue on climate change, it’s all about tomorrow or the next five to ten years. Little has been discussed about the likelyhood that we are in a centuries long cycle of climate variation.

  6. What is the long term outlook for the internal combustion engine?” His answer was one word: “banned.”

    They’ve already started the ban by mandatory ethanol in gas which destroys small engines. Eventually you get sick of replacing that weed whacker and buy a useless battery one that
    don’ t do the job.. It also has always been about the oil that was going to run out so we got to get off it (blood for oil, war for oil etc etc)..why now do we have more energy production then we use??? Same with the Nuclear fear mongering to dissuade any from realizing Thorium might be the answer..

  7. James Hall, you are 100 % correct, all anyone has one to do is follow the earths life cycles,
    is the world warmer today than 20 years ago …. Yes

    Is the world going to explode in 12 years like AOC prediction ….No, or did anything happen
    with any of Al Gores ” Doom & Gloom ” predictions…No

    To all the Liberals, driving a Prius isn’t going to save the world, but ask all your Hypocrites in
    Holly Wood stop blowing everything up under the sun, spewing all sorts of contaminants into the
    atmosphere for profit …………………..and they say I should park my Truck……… yeah !!

    Hypocrites with an agenda …….

  8. Seems to me I have been saying this for a long time. The only constant is change and it is cyclical. If it were not getting warmer it would be getting colder and we may be getting colder because of the sun spot cycle.

    • A few hours after this piece I wrote was submitted for print, I received a clip from one of my friends that originated from NOAA, which stated that there has not been any warming since 2004. It is people like you, me, and John McClaughry who apparently are among the few who speak up. Harry Truman, in response to someone who said “Give ’em Hell, Harry”! Harry said, “No, I tell ’em the truth they think it is hell”. That is what is going on here. We will be in Hell, if the Greenies prevail. We have a 1 1/2 yr old grandaughter, just imagine her life in the Green world. This is Not part of God’s plan I am convinced.

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