Investigations into 2020 election continue elsewhere as Vermont SOS sees only ‘age of disinformation’

Secretary of State Jim Condos continues to dismiss that election fraud in the 2020 presidential occurred, even as several states are investigating suspected fraud, and at least one state’s attorney general is expected to launch criminal investigations.

In a commentary published last week (“The age of disinformation: How you can help protect our democracy), Condos begins by citing the theory that Russians hacked the 2016 presidential election.

“Turn back to September of 2017, when Department of Homeland Security officials confirmed what we had suspected for months: Russian cyber actors had attacked our elections in an attempt to unduly influence the outcome,” he stated without offering details.

Photo courtesy of state of Vermont

NOT CONCERNED:  Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos has repeatedly dismissed allegations of election fraud during the 2020 presidential elections as conspiracy theories.

Condos then affirms that Vermont’s election systems –which now include the controversial use of universal ballots sent to every registered voter in the state whether they want one or not — are secure.

“From the ‘gold standard’ voter marker paper ballot we use in Vermont, to post-election audits, strict chain of custody procedures, routine penetration testing, threat prevention, detection and mitigation, multifactor authentication, and state and federal partnerships, my goal has always been to be transparent and give Vermont voters the information they need to feel confident in the security and integrity of our elections,” he wrote.

But a new Rasmussen poll indicates that 71 percent of Republicans and 30 percent of Democrats believe that using the mail system for elections compromises election integrity. Among unaffiliated voters, 55 percent have doubts about mail-in voting.

While instances of election fraud have been alleged in Vermont, recent headlines from several battleground states during the 2020 presidential election show that election officials and even Arizona’s attorney general are taking election fraud claims seriously.

Last week the state of Wisconsin announced that its Senate is going to open up investigations into allegations of election fraud, according to the Star Tribune. So far 2020 election audits have revealed 60,000 Wisconsin individuals registered to vote whose recorded data did not match data at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In Wisconsin last week, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office revealed that illegal ballot harvesting was promoted by the Wisconsin Elections Commission in violation of state law, including eight cases of alleged fraud at a Mount Pleasant nursing home.

Condos continues to dismiss recent headlines as conspiracy theories.

“Red or blue, it doesn’t matter: how can we expect to have civil conversations when swirling around us everywhere we turn we see conspiracy theories, offensive memes, and outright lies designed to warp our own perceptions of the democratic process until we turn on each other?” he wrote.

He also called for “civil discourse” while calling his opponents “bad actors push false rhetoric.”

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7 thoughts on “Investigations into 2020 election continue elsewhere as Vermont SOS sees only ‘age of disinformation’

  1. Condos has done nothing to assure Vermont voters that Vermont’s 2020 election was without fraud.
    In fact, he appears to be the King Fraudster, implementing rules (with the legislature’s help) to insure the current majority party stays that way. Permanent democrat and progressive control of Vermont was codified into law in 2020, thanks to Condos. Think of him as the anthony fauci of Vermont elections. As fauci did with coronavirus, Condos has done with elections. Assure and insist he has arranged things for the greater good of election ‘integrity’, while quietly working in the background to create a monster.

  2. Here are three related articles.

    All describe fraud on a massive scale BEFORE the 2020 Election.

    1) PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, 2020 ELECTION DATA ANALYSIS, by Dr. Shiva Audit Team, based at MIT



  3. The very fact the SOS Condos is so adamant, and won’t stand scrutiny is a red flag.
    Dominion tabulation machines were used in at least three of the most populated voting districts in Vermont, if not more. And all of them had ethernet cable connectors at the back.
    The ‘audits’ were not done by a disinterested party, but a company that is part of the coverup.
    Its not that I think the votes are wrong. I don’t know, and we’ll never know because SOS Condos won’t allow it. But he should.
    To clear the air, he should allow a full audit from disinterested and independent parties with complete transparency and oversight.
    Whats the real issue here?

  4. Condos is living in fantasy land, along with the other leftists. The truth will come out about Nov 3, 2020 when Mike Lindell posts all the States info on Frank Speech site around the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. You will be able to click on each State and get all the CORRECT numbers, counties and all.
    After tomorrow’s (hopeful) win by Glen Youngkin (for Governor) in VA, that will be an impetus for other States to get the right people on school boards, Dept of Education and also judgeships to erase the radical, destructive education policies the left has forced into the schools with CRT and sex ed for 3 yr olds and up. Parents are revolting big time and anyone running for office better get on board to get off the Marxist cultural agenda!!! That includes insisting on voter integrity!

    • KATHY,

      If the $1.75 TRILLION SOCIALIST-STYLE SHAM becomes law, Dem/Progs would have a free path to further take over the federal government

      Dem/Progs in Washington would DIRECT states 1) what to teach and 2) who should serve on School Boards, by means of
      “guidelines”; grovelling obeyers would get subsidies, non-obeyers a lump of coal!!

      The US people have a Constitutional right to hold Legislators accountable.

      Legislators, such as the Dem/Prog cabal of Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, at al., are hell-bent to foist a $1.75 TRILLION SOCIALIST-STYLE SHAM onto the US People, regardless of what it does to:

      2) The already outrageously high US NATIONAL DEBT, and
      3) The already outrageously high GOVERNMENT DEFICITS
      4) The already outrageously high US TRADE DEFICITS

      BTW, that sham would greatly increase Dem/Prog CENTRALIZED COMMAND/CONTROL of the federal government and, by extension, the SOVEREIGN US PEOPLE, because all of the SHAM bill government programs would be set up and run by career Dem/Progs.

      Remember, the SOVEREIGN states created the federal government, not the other way around.

      The cost of the SHAM bill would be MORE THAN TWO TIMES the $1.75 TRILLION, if all its provisions would be financed the full ten years, says Senator Manchin.

      Manchin has been consistent for MONTHS, saying the $1.75 TRILLION had to be fully paid for with revenues from NEW taxes, and savings from other government programs.

      However, the Wharton School of Business, the best business school in the US, claims the tax revenues and savings assumed by the SHAM bill writers are $400 BILLION short of the $1.75 TRILLION COST.

      Such chicanery by LEGISLATORS is intolerable, and should be impeachable, as determined by the STILL-FREE, UNCOWED, SOVEREIGN US PEOPLE.

      Senator Manchin calls the $1.75 TRILLION SHAM a “shell game” and “smoke and mirrors”.

      Legislators should be held to ACCOUNT, and not be allowed to hide behind MASKS, PR releases, scare-mongering, and SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

      BTW, that also applies to the unconstitutional, Vermont GWSA scam, perpetrated by Dem/Progs, using “Fighting Global Warming” as its foil, to benefit the politically-well-connected, heavily subsidized, Vermont renewable energy sector, and, by extension, financially screw all other Vermonters FORE DECADES.

      The GWSA charade would have NO, ZERO, NADA EFFECT on the climate
      The GWSA charade is merely “feel-good” and political payoff.


      Watch the Manchin video regarding the SHAM, aka RECONCILIATION BILL.

      Manchin states, the cost will be almost DOUBLE the $1.75 TRILLION.

      See URL

      Efforts to pressure Manchin to support the massive SOCIALISTIC safety net expansion, aka, the SHAM, prompted him to make his two dramatic declarations:

      1) Don’t rush the package
      2) Don’t link it to the separate, BI-PARTISAN infrastructure bill.

      Why it matters:

      Manchin’s surprise press statement Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, didn’t just disrupt the glide path to a vote envisioned by House leaders; it created a PR nightmare for the White House.

      He said the $1.75 trillion package was financed by “shell games”
      Manchin believes it will cost closer to $3.9 TRILLION, if all its provisions would be financed the full ten years.

      That estimate comes from the Penn Wharton Budget model, which has been helping Manchin sort through how much each program costs. It includes easily digestible tables, showing the costs per year and over the usual 10-year window.

      The same experts estimated last week that the revenue increases Biden proposes to finance the spending — which the White House put at $1.9 TRILLION — may only generate closer to $1.5 TRILLIION.

      Manchin has been consulting with Penn Wharton experts throughout the process and trusts the model.

      By the numbers:

      The Dem/Prog cabal puts the cost of day-care subsidies and universal-pre-school subsidies at $400 billion
      Penn Wharton estimates it at $700 billion over 10 years.

      The Dem/Prog cabal wants to spend $200 billion to extend the existing child tax credit for one year, but at the ENHANCED $3,600-per-year level, and “make it fully refundable for its duration”; (what the hell does that mean?).
      Penn Wharton calculates the total cost, over 10 years, at $1.8 trillion.

      The Dem/Prog cabal has been playing games by using different program durations, which would make the total spending number much smaller than in reality, and thus more “digestible” for wavering Dem/Progs, who are merely looking for good CYA to get re-elected.

      BTW, After MAGA Virginians vote, en masse, have a Republican for Governor, on November 2, 2021, no amount of CYA will ever be enough to save the tail-ends of wavering Dem/Progs.

      Between the lines:

      Manchin said he will continue to negotiate over substantive concerns — from climate provisions to total costs.

      “I’m open to supporting a final bill that helps move our country forward,” he said Monday. “But I’m equally open to voting against a bill that hurts our country.”

      The big picture

      Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) have been at the center of talks for passing the two massive bills, because they’ve challenged the Dem/Prog cabal over their cost and scope.

      Senate and House progressives have targeted the two senators with slime-ball shenanigans.

      (Sanders writing a scathing OPED in West Virginia newspapers, and Dem/Prog a..holes entering a ladies bathroom to harass Kyrsten)

      House CAUCUS of Progressives threatened/blackmailed the US SENATE, by saying they wouldn’t vote to pass the $1.2 TRILLION BI-PARTISAN infrastructure bill, unless the US SENATE pass the SHAM bill.

      The Dem/Prog cabal pressed Manchin over the weekend to publicly declare his support for the SHAM bill, hoping that would convince progressives to vote for the infrastructure bill.

      That approach backfired — spectacularly — in the Senate briefing room on Monday.

      “Holding this bill hostage is not going to work in getting my support,” Manchin told reporters.

      The senator said he was concerned he couldn’t accurately determine the SCOPE AND COST of the SHAM bill, without FINAL legislative language.

      BTW, Sanders is likely wishing he had not written that OPED.

      Manchin said, “As more of the real details of the basic framework for the SHAM bill are released, what I see are shell games — budget gimmicks, that make the real cost of the so-called $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount … if you extended it permanently,”, i.e., extend all provisions for the full ten years.

      BTW, Simena has similar concerns about how much each program would cost over 10 years.
      She is carrying her own spreadsheets to keep track of the price tag.

  5. ARE YOU AWARE that Vermont got LARGE FUNDS from FACEBOOK to be distributed [by Condon?]
    to “HELP” us here in Vermont “administer” the last election? TRUE. And has ANY VT media organization ever looked into this? Or mentioned it?

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