In video, UVM professor blasts university for racism against whites

In a March 8 video entitled “Racism and the Secular Religion at the University of Vermont,” UVM professor Aaron Kindsvatter, who teaches counseling in the College of Education and Social Services, calls out various policies that target whites.

“There’s a new kind of discrimination on campus that’s going on that I really feel that we need to talk about, and I think that everybody is afraid to talk about it. And this discrimination is against whiteness,” Kindsvatter said.

More than halfway through the video, Kindsvatter makes numerous requests:

So I have a few requests for the University of Vermont. One, would you please stop reducing my personhood to a racial category in your teach-ins. It does not feel good. Also, it initiates a chain of logic in which other persons will be defined by their racial categories. It will divide us further in a time when we need to unite as one people. Please stop telling me my views are harmful just because they’re more moderate than yours are. We all share the same values, we all want the same thing for our university and our society. It doesn’t mean that we all have to think the same way. Would you please disallow policy proposals that give me a false choice between accepting a particular ideology and being understood as a racist.

While some students are calling for the professor to resign due to his video comments, a petition is circulating on that demands Kindsvatter “be put in charge of UVM’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.”

Watch full video above.

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13 thoughts on “In video, UVM professor blasts university for racism against whites

  1. Thank you Professor Kindsvatter! My kid will be going to college in a few years and it terrifies me that there seem to be such limited options to avoid the social justice madness on campuses. It is good you are speaking up. I hope more will.

  2. Professor Kindsvatter, thank you for having the courage to speak out. You are a very brave man. May God be with you and please know that there are many people who support you.

  3. Thank you for speaking out professor – we need more of this if for no other reason than to set the record straight and lift up a standard where there is none – or more accurately where there once was. Racism is never ok – if every racial minority quit job or school would have never been dealt with. Keep up the great work.

  4. It is his training, it is his job! No one says he is not doing his job.

    Must he let evil and hatred continue to be taught –
    at what was once “our University”

    Perhaps as Biden suggests, He can give up his job to deliver newspapers.
    Pipeline workers should transition to computer coders ??!!?

  5. Thank you Sir for speaking out! As an alumnus of UVM, I am appalled at the shutting down of opposing points of view on college campuses. I’m certain you will be ostracized by many of your peers and also sadly, by students. We are losing our Country so I salute your courage and cringe at our loss of freedoms, by the hand of our own citizens!

    • UVM ’66 UVM was preaching socialism, and Che Guevara as a hero even back then. Not even a whisper of what appears today.

      Now is is Verboten to describe your family as Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brother
      Because that is Horribly SEXIST, SEXIST I TELL YOU


  6. “…At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide….”

    – Abraham Lincoln’s 1838 Lyceum Address, titled ‘The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions

  7. The professor’s thoughtful comments are far, far beyond what can be understood by those who would dictate to us how we must think.

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