In Pictures: On last day of Festival of Lights, First Amendment faithful hear ‘this is no new battle’

Guy Page

Rallygoers gather at the Vermont Statehouse

By Guy Page

About 50 cold but enthusiastic supporters of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution rallied Friday in front of the Vermont State House Menorah and Christmas tree.

They expressed concern about loss of freedom of speech, religion, and peaceable assembly. The event was set on the last day of Chanukah to remember the victory of a small but determined minority.

Alice Flanders of Windsor, an Orthodox Jew, read part of the Chanukah story from the Torah and explained how it links the people of the first Chanukah to Vermonters committed to uphold Constitutional rights:

“This is no new battle. Those Jews who were involved in the first Chanukah were a minority. We’re a minority.”

“We are together in this fight. And it is a fight. We’re about to see miracles. We’re about to see salvation. We’re about to see mighty deeds.”

“This is the last day of Chanukah, which is about shedding light on the darkness. The antidote for darkness is the Constitution.” – John Klar, Brookfield.

Klar said today’s event was the first of five. The next will be held outside the State House on Jan. 5, the day before the 2021 Legislature convenes.

“We cannot allow the loss of freedom of speech and religion. If you take those out, there’s going to be chaos.” – Charles Wilson, Lyndonville

Carol Bandy’s sign speaks for itself

Menorah, Christmas tree, State House
Images courtesy of Guy Page and Lou Varricchio/TNR

4 thoughts on “In Pictures: On last day of Festival of Lights, First Amendment faithful hear ‘this is no new battle’

  1. As John so eloquently stated in a conversation,

    Christ has already won.

    We can relax.

    When we are fighting we are filed with a spirit that does us harm. When we are loving we are filled with different spirit. When we are filled with a most wonderful spirit the fruit and our experience is much different than what we see today.

    We are filled with patience, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, goodness, love, peace, joy,

    May we have a spirit filled Christmas, Merry Christmas!

  2. Scripture tells us in many situations where evil is overcome by good, and the less powerful in physical strength will prevail with God behind us.
    Those with faith in the Almighty, and continuing constant pressure, I believe will prevail. At 80, I do not have the energy I once had, but I can do the things that also count, and keep in touch.
    God save us, we pray; and for continuation of good over evil.

  3. We hooped and hollered when a bald eagle graced us with its presence. Out of the trees , up over the state house and across the sunny blue sky. I went away from the small gathering with creative ideas for letting my voice be heard, encouraged and determined . I really don’t quite know what’s going on,(and I don’t think the leaders of this movement know either), but there’s good things brewing with this growing group of Patriots. I am looking forward to the next rally on January 5th.

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