Immunizing over-75 age group begins next week

By Guy Page

Phase two of Vermont’s Covid-19 vaccination program — immunizing people 75 and older — begins next Monday. Here’s a quick look at Covid-by-the-numbers in Vermont.

  • It took 315 days – the longest in the nation – but last week small, rural, socially-distancing Vermont reached 10,000 Covid cases.
  • 163 people have died.
  • 29,000 people have received vaccinations, according to the Vermont Department of Health dashboard. Of those, about 24,000 have received a single dose. 4,970 have received both doses necessary.

Vaccination of people 75 and older begins next week

Vaccine Supply: While the state is prepared for any amount of vaccine, it is very important to know that supplies of COVID-19 vaccine provided by the federal government are still currently limited.  Vermont is receiving about 8500 doses each week.  That is why the Scott Administration has developed a vaccine distribution plan that focuses on Vermonters who are at greatest risk of losing their lives, and those who care for them.  The goal is to administer vaccines as quickly as they come into us, ensure all eligible Vermonters who want the vaccine are able to receive it, and prevent as many deaths as possible.

Next Phase of Vaccine Distribution: We are nearly complete with vaccinations in Phase One, which included residents of nursing homes, long term care facilities and other congregate living facilities for the sick and elderly, as well as frontline health workers and first responders.  The next phase will  be for Vermont residents who are 75 years and older. Starting January 25, people in Vermont who are 75 years and older can make an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine clinics will start on January 27.  Based on the number of doses currently available, it could take up to 6-weeks to vaccinate the roughly 49,000 Vermonters who are over age 75.

You can see how many doses have been sent to Vermont – and how many we have administered – by visiting our vaccine dashboard:

Registration Details: Details will be released closer to the 25th. In addition to announcements from the Governor and Health Department updates, the state will work with health care practices, pharmacies, employers, and the media to communicate registration details.

There will be options to register online, or by phone. We are strongly encouraging a relative or friend to help their older loved ones register online to leave phone lines open for those who don’t have help, and to avoid overwhelming the call center.

The forthcoming details will be the only way to register and make an appointment. You will not be able to make an appointment by calling any other Health Department phone number, your health care provider, or a hospital. However, if you have questions about whether you should get the vaccine, you should talk to your health care provider.

Stay up to Date: There are ways you can stay up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, including who can get the vaccine and who will be eligible next. Check this website often.

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3 thoughts on “Immunizing over-75 age group begins next week

  1. Guy, perhaps you can shed some light on the following;

    People aged 65 or older in New York State can now sign up for their vaccine shots, where as, in Vermont, that age group won’t get their chance until April at best. Is Vermont really that far behind New York on immunizations, or is there some other explanation?

    Also, when I followed the “vaccine dashboard” link found in your article above, I stumbled upon this statement:

    “Equity is also a consideration in our vaccination efforts. We are committed to addressing the historical and current factors that contribute to health disparities. Members of certain demographic groups have been disproportionately overrepresented in Vermont’s COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death rates. Because of these increased risks, historical harms and the resulting mistrust of health care and public health, we will ensure that Black, Indigenous and people of color in Vermont community gets the support they need, in the language they need, in the locations they need, to make informed choices and to get scheduled for vaccinations.”

    Does this statement possibly suggest that Vermont may use race as a criteria for determining a persons place in line for the vaccine?

  2. The State needs to clearly and prominently notify the people of Vermont about the availability of the vaccine. The information must be easily found and assessable to all, especially those 75 years old or older who may have trouble or a complete inability to navigate the internet.

    At this time the State of Vermont’s web site is”Unfriendly”, especially to elderly Vermonters.

  3. “You can see how many doses have been sent to Vermont – and how many we have administered – by visiting our vaccine dashboard:”

    PAGE NOT FOUND – our government at work…

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