‘I’m Molly Gray and I’m running to represent Vermont in Congress’

“Over the last year while serving as your Lt. Governor, I’ve spent time in every corner of our state and met with hundreds of Vermonters. I know firsthand the challenges we’re facing, and I’m ready to fight like hell for our state in Congress.”

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

18 thoughts on “‘I’m Molly Gray and I’m running to represent Vermont in Congress’

  1. Career achievement inflation (meaning gross exaggeration) is not uncommon in resumes and not liked at all by potential employers. Employers, thus pay careful attention to individuals’ resumes before considering making job offers.

    Molly Gray’s resume appears to contain some potentially troubling inflationary claims that paint a picture of her as a seasoned diplomat traveling the world to solve problems…….As an example, here’s a direct quote from her resume:

    “…… she engaged the U.S. government on humanitarian issues and led field missions to Haiti, Uganda, Georgia, the Western Balkans, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”


    This is a claim that one may expect to find on Henry Kissinger’s resume…….What did Ms. Gray actually do and accomplish when she “led” field missions to all these countries?

    The voters of Vermont would like to know more before voting for her…….Maybe she can tell us and fill us in on all the remarkable items cited in her resume?

    • She led VERMONT through the pandemic too! Without her medical acumen our state would not have faired so well.

      She is the chosen one, she will carry water for the uniparty, she will be handsomely rewarded. Money will flow her way, propaganda outlets will sing songs of praise and honor.

      VERMONTERS will think they have made the wise decision, we’ll become poorer, we’ll have fewer freedoms. We will be less of a republic and closer to the utopia of the 1st colony of the United nations.

  2. Brought to you by the VTGOP, because they helped her get into office by not challenging her eligibility for Lt. Gov.

    She’s a liar and cheat, should fit well with the DC crowd.

    This is how uniparty left and uniparty right work together, bringing you a new world order, based upon power, money and greed. Ready to represent Vermont as the first colony of the united nations, trained in Europe no less!

  3. If it is possible for there to be a “white” member of the squad, Molly will fit that bill.
    She will have to come up with some kind of believable victimhood status though,
    to somehow make the demwit voters look past her charmed life. Spending time in the
    tanning booth will not cut it for this girl…we will be no doubt be hearing some traumatic
    stories of her past like about the death of a beloved pet.

  4. The failures of Progressivism surround us, and the Dem strategy is to double down on more Progressivism.

  5. Same time, same place, same program, just a different face carrying the water for D/Prog programs.
    Until the R’s get out and vote, like they did a couple of times when H. Dean was governor, nothing will change. Just a re-shuffle of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, doomed for the same outcomes.

  6. Gee Molly in case you can’t figure out why we have all the problems you stated
    I’d remind you the leftist dems of the party you represent have been controlling
    the show since the 70’s…. It’s no one’s fault but your own party you wish to
    represent with a pelosi yes vote like the last lawyer we had in congress…You
    lost your farmer creds when you entered law school and joined the demwits..

  7. Molly has been given a title of nobility from the Dukes and Duchesses of the Democrat Party. She is a Baroness now and has the birthright to be a member of the United States House of Representatives. Her arrival is Washington D.C. will be arranged with great fanfare by the Royal Duke, Jim Condos with exactly zero effort on the part of the Baroness Gray

  8. If you haven’t been speaking out against the covid biological weapon being shot in the arms of little children, than you can crawl back under your rock.

    • My sentiments exactly, perhaps the most urgent priority of the day and not a peep!

      I have yet to see anyone in Montpelier’s political class, Democrat or Republican that is not hiding under a rock of their own.

      I know, because I have tried to coax them out from where they hide, but can’t even get an acknowledgement for this concern.

      The day will come however, when the likes of a Nuremberg trial will begin turning their rocks over!

      • I agree 100% and have stated so many times on these threads. The problem in my opinion is one of thee things affecting our (cough, cough) leaders of the uniparty.
        1.) They believe they are untouchable for their decisions and actions.
        2.) They have to tow the Washington DC line to keep the Covid
        cash flowing to Vermont. or
        3.) These people are stuck on stupid. Day after day we see the
        dangers of these injections in the real news. Two young girls
        died (ages 5 and 11) died after being injected in other states.
        It’s like no one in our government cares. Injecting poison into
        Children, for what emergency?

        Take a look at these vaccines: https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/09/02/american-scientists-confirm-toxic-graphene-oxide-and-more-in-covid-injections/

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