House majority leader offers Democrat view on 2018 legislative session

Jill Krowinski is a Democratic state representative of Burlington, Vermont, representing the Old North End. She was appointed to Legislature by Gov. Shumlin in 2012. She worked for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England before taking on the role of House majority leader.

In this episode of Vote for Vermont, co-hosts Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley interview Krowinski about Democrats’ legislative priorities for issues including Vermont’s economy, protection of domestic violence victims, clean water, efficiency standards and more.

During the discussion, Krowinski talks about creating an economy that works for everyone and not just the wealthy class. One of the top initiatives the Democrats hope to achieve through the Legislature this year is to create a paid family leave policy and engage more people in the workforce.

Krowinski said her party also supports H.422, a gun control measure that aims to protect victims of domestic violence by creating a “cooling off period.” This means if there is a weapon present in a home at the time of a domestic violence call, the officer on duty has the right to confiscate it for up to five days until the dispute is resolved.

She said other priorities for Democrats include coming up with a regional approach for the carbon tax, establishing a $15 minimum wage over the course of several years, the tax and regulation of marijuana, children’s healthcare, the opioid crisis and safe injection sites in Vermont.

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Image courtesy of Vote for Vermont/Pat McDonald

2 thoughts on “House majority leader offers Democrat view on 2018 legislative session

  1. If a $15 minimum wage is good, why not make a $50 minimum wage. The far left should feel free to struggle and put together capital, jump through all of Vermonts regulatory hurdles, work 70 hours per week so they can pay ridiculously high taxes. By all means go right into business, pay $100 per hour if you’d like.

  2. Wonder if she ever worked in the REAL world? Based upon her priorities, I’d guess NO. Not to worry, she’ll get reelected over and over again and every year Vermonters scratch their collective heads wonder what is wrong with the state.

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