House Intelligence FISA memo exposes FBI, DOJ, DNC

By Joe Simonson

The House Intelligence Committee has released its memo detailing alleged abuses by the FBI and Justice Department during their criminal investigations into President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.


Specifically, the memo contains allegations that both departments abused their surveillance powers and behaved dishonestly when applying for FISA warrants.

According to the memo, the FBI and DOJ would have never gotten a FISA warrant to survey former Trump campaign worker Carter Page without information from the controversial Steele dossier — nor did DOJ and FBI officials disclose to the FISA court about the political origin of the dossier’s information. Such an omission could possibly constitute an act of fraud in front of the FISA court.

California Rep. and Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes assembled the memo and has been in an ongoing political battle with Democrats about its release.


President Donald Trump on Twitter:

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3 thoughts on “House Intelligence FISA memo exposes FBI, DOJ, DNC

  1. Deja Vu all over again – Remember when Comey read the list of wrong doings regarding Hillary’s illegal e-mail server – and then NOTHING HAPPENED ?!?
    Here, once again, we have clear evidence that the Mueller investigation came about based on fraudulent information (REPEATEDLY) and both Democrats and Republicans think the witch hunt investigation (based on no crime) should continue !?! Just take me out and shoot me, PLEASE.

  2. This just shows how deep the hate is towards TRUMP, as you see daily the looser Left Liberals will do and try anything to stop him ………….

    Now we know that the FBI,DOJ have been tainted from within from the DNC, we need to make sure all are prosecuted to the full extent of the ” LAW ” if there is any left !!

    Including the last Administration and his followers.

  3. These are serious crimes. People should hang for this.
    Imagine if the show was on the other foot, we’d never hear the end of it (e.g. Watergate).
    MSM: move along, nothing to see here…

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