Video: Here are the Democrats who have said the world may end from climate change

Prominent Democrats, such as Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, have stressed the idea that climate change may soon cause the world to end.

Watch Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris, Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats warn Americans that the world may soon end.

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13 thoughts on “Video: Here are the Democrats who have said the world may end from climate change

  1. Will the world (as we know it – at least) end because of climate change? As the Greenland ice core samples show us over the last 100,000 years…. the answer is Yes!

    We will most likely freeze to death.

    • There are many ice cores at the Univ of NH and are studied noting the varying climate changes, both warming and cooling.

      Excerpts: See Year Without a Summer–
      In the spring and summer of 1816, a persistent “dry fog” was observed in parts of the eastern United States. The fog reddened and dimmed the sunlight, such that sunspots were visible to the naked eye. Neither wind nor rainfall dispersed the “fog”. It has been characterized as a “stratospheric sulfate aerosol veil”

      Severe frosts occurred every month; June 7th and 8th snow fell, and it was so cold that crops were cut down, even freezing the roots … In the early Autumn when corn was in the milk it was so thoroughly frozen that it never ripened and was scarcely worth harvesting. Breadstuffs were scarce and prices high and the poorer class of people were often in straits for want of food. It must be remembered that the granaries of the great west had not then been opened to us by railroad communication, and people were obliged to rely upon their own resources or upon others in their immediate locality

      • The year without summer (1816) occurred because a long inactive volcano in Indonesia spectacularly exploded in 1815 killing 100,000 people. It was 150 times larger than the Mt. St. Helens eruption, equivalent to 60,000 Hiroshima sized atomic bombs.

        But even more foreboding are Greenland ice cores showing that temperatures at the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago, began to rapidly warm, but then abruptly plunged back into bitter cold for another thousand years before increasing as much as seven degrees in just twenty years. This all occurred long before anyone started burning fossil fuels or driving SUVs.

        To put that in perspective, the global surface temperature has increased about 1 degree over the last 100 years. And because the warmest years in this century occurred since 1980, political demagogues are claiming ‘the end is near’.

        Ironically, they may be right. But the evidence shows they have no idea why, or how, the climate will change. Again, it’s more likely we’ll freeze to death before we drown in rising oceans.

  2. If AOC says it, it must be true. She’s such a knowledgeable person, she doesn’t know enough to come in out of the rain. Also, further evidence of her level of ignoance, Bernie if elected, has promised to give her a major role in his administration. She’s fortunate she represents a predominantly Dem district. Although, I understand there will be a primary challenge next time around.

  3. AOC, ex-bar tender, gets elected and becomes a “climate expert” (Green policy) . She has brain damage drinking too much alcohol. And Congressmen (persons) like MA Markey, the Bern and other such people follow her. And the Bern is highly educated to run for president being highly knowledgeable on ALL subjects. VT’s & MA’s finest.
    The Bern will select her for office with him, if he gets elected. WOW, the possible future.

  4. Apocalyptic predictions are not uncommon from cultists, from members of fanatic religions. Haven’t been on Wall Street for a long time, but used to see them preaching pending perdition near the Treasury building at lunchtime. Sacrifice, extreme sacrifice is the only salvation. Well, there are purchasable Carbon Indulgences to assuage the guilt of the wealthy addicted to dissolute energy consumption, but Sacrifice! for the rest of us. The AGW cult is right up there, demonizing heretics, damning apostates, shunning, ostracizing non believers and (wisely) rebuffing any offers publicly to debate the issue.

    • “Apocalyptic predictions are not uncommon from cultists, from members of fanatic religions”

      xzactly…. The Mayans sacrificed virgins to the fertility gods for good crops just like burnee and Ocrazio want to kill the baby’s for the
      Gorebull warming gods….to save the erff and all…when you got nothing you have to scare ‘um into voting for you.

      they have no god so climate becomes theirs..

  5. It’s not so much that these Democrats say this; they would say and do anything to get elected The problem is with the fools who actually believe the lie. So many of them; all Democrats.

  6. What can one say, but Idiots pandering for a vote, except for Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez
    she’s just out of touch with reality, and the clock is ticking….. ……she’s scary !!

    Maybe Vermont’s ” Socialist Sanders ” will have her as his running mate, when he becomes
    ” Mr.President ” ……………………God, help us.

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