Health Department data shows COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths increasing among fully vaccinated

Vermont’s governor continues to promote vaccination even for those who have received two shots, as state health department data released Friday reveals that hospitalizations and deaths are increasing among the fully vaccinated.

“We know that vaccination is the way we’ll beat this pandemic and ensuring as many Vermonters as possible are fully protected is essential,” Republican Gov. Phil Scott said in a statement Friday. “Vermonters have led the way in our vaccination efforts, and I’m confident they will continue to in this next phase.”

Yet according to the Vermont Department of Health’s biweekly COVID-19 Data Summary, released Friday, the number of hospitalizations and deaths for fully vaccinated Vermonters has increased in high percentages over the past two weeks.

The department records there have been 76 hospitalizations among fully vaccinated Vermonters since January, up from 51 cited in the report just two weeks ago — a 49 percent increase. The number of vaccinated Vermonters who have died from COVID-related illness has climbed to 33, up from 18 listed in the prior report — an 83 percent increase. Coronavirus cases for the fully vaccinated climbed to 2,819, up from 1,906 over the same two-week reporting period — a 47 percent jump.

The rise of “breakthrough cases” in Vermont and across the nation undermines claims about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Scott and health department officials have responded to such cases by saying numbers are skewed due to the high percentage of Vermonters who are vaccinated relative to those who are not.

In addition, Scott claims COVID vaccines “were designed – first and foremost – to limit severe illness.”

“While we hoped they would nearly eliminate cases, that’s not really how vaccines work. The goal is to limit the number of people who are hospitalized or lose their life once vaccinated. And they are doing just that,” Scott said at his Sept. 7 press conference.

However, a VTDigger analysis of the health department’s COVID-19 Data Summary, even after accounting for the larger number of vaccinated people in Vermont, concluded that COVID-related deaths are occurring at similar rates.

“Adjusting for the state’s large fully vaccinated population, unvaccinated Vermonters are still dying from Covid at a slightly higher rate than vaccinated Vermonters, by a factor of about 1.2,” VTDigger reported.

Also included in Friday’s health department data summary is a breakdown of what percentage of Vermonters are at risk of death by age group. The following graph reveals that no age bracket — even 80-plus — has a high percentage chance of dying from the virus compared to the general population.

The rate of COVID death for Vermonters age 80 and up, the highest age risk category, is 58.8 per 10,000, which equates to about 1 death out of every 170 residents.

Vermonters in the 60-69 age bracket have about 4 deaths for every 10,000 people in Vermont, or 1 death in 2,500 residents of the state.

Vermonters age 40 have less than 1 death per 10,000 people in the state.

By comparison, in 2019 about 7.5 out of every 100,000 Vermonters died from highway accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That is equivalent to 0.75 for every 10,000 people.

Another graph in the data summary, found on page 8, shows the distribution of people getting tested for COVID-19 in Vermont. Only 4 percent of Vermont COVID-19 tests are being given to citizens ages 80 and up. The the 20-29 age bracket has the highest percentage of tests, at 16 percent.

Overall cases per week for the fully vaccinated have risen sharply since July, jumping from around the 13-23 mark to 517 in the most recent week covered by the report.


Vermont continues to rely heavily on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for its primary policy guidance.

St. Johnsbury clinical nutritionist Alison Despathy recently questioned if the CDC has a conflict of interest in pushing for nationwide vaccination while at the same time having patents on those products.

“Is it ethical, and should it be legal, for federal regulating agencies to hold patents on the products that they are regulating, such as the CDC holding patents on vaccines?” she wrote.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Images courtesy of U.S. Secretary of Defense and Vermont Department of Health

21 thoughts on “Health Department data shows COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths increasing among fully vaccinated

  1. Unfortunately, it is not unusal for people to shade statistics to favor their postion or point they want to get across. While I agree there are times when the Scott Administration seems to be doing that, Mike may be doing a bit of it as well in this article.

    The good thing regarding the Scott administration is their weekly press conferences, sometimes which go on for over two hours, where the many talented reporters in our state have the opportunity and do challenge officials on their peresentations. The weekly press conferences are Tuesdays at noon and are boadcast by VPR. I would encourage people to listen

    • The weekly press conferences only repeat the lies that Fauci is telling us.

      Fauci is a man who manipulates drug trials to get the results he wants. This is the man on TV instilling fear into us.

      Take remdesivir, a drug the FDA approved for Covid-19 treatment. This highly toxic drug was originally trialed to treat ebola but the treatment arm for remdesivir had to be halted because it caused more deaths than other drugs being tested. Fauci had to know this. In May, 2020, the Lancet published a study that showed that remdesivir had no clinical benefit in the treatment of Covid-19.

      Gilead produces remdesivir. Fauci’s NIAID, however, paid for their clinical trial, saving Gilead millions. In May, 2020, the Washington Post announced that the remdesivir trial was changing the endpoint of the trial. These endpoints are set up at the beginning as criteria for determining success– endpoints such as, lives saved. Now the endpoint became “time to recovery.” How could this be? In a blinded trial such as this, it could only be if some researchers knew that the drug was failing and so had to change the endpoint to justify the drug. But there’s more: Fauci then ended the trial early by stating, falsely, that the trial showed such benefit that it was unethical to withhold treatment from the placebo arm. The FDA then approved the drug according to Fauci’s data. The medical journals fell in line and published results of the trial with the supposed headline that the drug lessened time to recovery, with no mention of the changed endpoints and thus no questioning of why the endpoints would have been changed mid-trial.

      In July, 2021, a study published in JAMA (and echoing the earlier Lancet study) found that remdesivir was not associated with fewer Covid-19 deaths and actually led to longer hospital stays. How can this be when Fauci’s trial found the drug so promising that he had to “ethically” end the trial early? It can be because Fauci’s trial was manipulated.

      Is Vermont finding that remdesivir is leading to the amazing recoveries that Fauci found, such that he had to ethically end the Gilead trial? Yes or no?

      The level of lies and deception are so unbelievable that many people can’t believe it could possibly be so bad.

      Time to wake up?

  2. Vermont Eugenics Program 6.0
    Killing off the ‘useless eaters’, frightening the intelligentsia, corralling the first responders and healthworkers (disarming first aid response to zero), threatening the blue collar workers with pay to play, shutting small businesses with gov’t overreach, and going for our children with a poison death jab they have never needed.
    And all this is “FOR OUR GOOD”.
    Get the fekking globalists out of Vermont. We don’t need them here. We didn’t invite them.
    And I was never asked if I wanted to join some globalist’s wet dream of control of all resources, including my time.
    But…for once…this is semi-honest reporting.
    Just didn’t ask the right question: Qui bono?

  3. Crimes against humanity. Across the globe. We are far beyond the time to review the past 18 months. Other countries, such as Isreal and Austrailia, are well into the genocidal phase and the State firing weapons upon unarmed citizens at a revered military veteran memorial. Our country is being destroyed and invaded at the same time. The time has come for all citizens to decide if what’s going on here and across the globe is acceptable. Is this way of life what you want for your children or grandchildren for the rest of their days? The virus is the tyrannical control – the virus is an act of war and this war is against humanity for generations to come. No one should accept these dispicible acts any more.

    • A lot of eyes are wide open now.
      Now think of this:
      We vote to avoid war in this country.. and if ever there was a time to have a war.. here we are. We are being manipulated into taking experimental drugs, our jobs threatened if we don’t.. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime here on American soil.. and who in the hell are these complete scumbags that are carrying this out upon their own fellow Americans?
      Don’t make me say what should be done with these traitors.
      That Tree Of Liberty is dry as a bone now at this point.
      It’s time to really look at elections now in a whole different way because there is a damn lot riding on these next ones.
      Who is running and what are we doing to see that they are well financed, they win and the elections are cleaned up to actually get ourselves a winner. These are things to look into and get done. Daddy it’s time to get up on the couch and get your boots on.
      If we don’t do this.. guess what.
      And it might be too late now already. We’ll surely find out soon enough.

  4. While the CDC continues to use only USA statistics to drive their policy other countries in the WORLD are making breakthroughs in treatment and preventive
    treatments that are dramatically reducing their death rates/hospitalizations

    Why is the US medical establishment remaining on the stuck on stupid approach
    when it’s clearly obvious that it isn’t WORKING….
    We know it’s a sham when the southern border is left wide open to disease ridden illegals that are being strewn across the country to keep the crud going and add a few old problems we’ve been rid of for decades.. The powers that be need to be changed and fast before it’s a unrepeatable problem …

  5. And what I’ve been wondering is why so many of the vaxed are succumbing to so called “breakthrough infection”? Is what is happening actually ADE that we have been warned of??

  6. It is abundantly clear by now that the vaccines not only aren’t worked but are actively harming and killing people. And VTDigger, our leftist rag, has the audacity to write that the unvaccinated are still dying at a slightly higher rate than the vaccinated, at a rate of 1.2. Gee, thanks, I think I’ll take my chances.

    Whoever hasn’t realized that this is not about our health but about complete, totalitarian control should check some of the alternative channels for videos from Melbourne, Australia, where ordinary people are being rounded up by SWAT teams and military patrolling the streets. I’m ashamed for those of my fellow Vermonters who actively participate in their own demise.

    If Vermont is an indicator for the rest of the country, God help us all.

    • The CDC has contributed to the crimes against humanity by falsifying numbers. It is falsifying the deaths from the ‘vaccine’ by not counting any deaths that happen after 14 days after the person takes the injection. Those people, during those 14 days are still termed ‘unvaccinated’, and so, because 80% of vaccine deaths ( so far) happen within 2 weeks. That is why it is a lie to say it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. A good report on this can be Found at Take care. They really have murdered people, and if you haven’t taken it, thank Goodness for your common sense.

    • The letter you referenced here is probably the best I’ve read on Covid thus far. I’ve been sure for quite some time that it didn’t just happen on it’s own but was due to the lab research in Wuhan; knowing that this didn’t need to happen is very painful. And knowing that most people are too scientifically illiterate to even attempt to understand it means that they will be sheep, lining up for their boosters, led to slaughter.

      • Suggest you obtain it as a pdf and download it. I’ve printed it. Stuff like this doesn’t stay up online too long………

    • I just read that myself. Even after 2,000+ hours of research over 18 months, I was still blown away by some of the details in that piece. Breathtaking.

    • Agree. This sums it up nicely and corroborates what I already know.

      “Spartacus” is likely a group of scientists fighting back. We knew they had to be out there.

      Read it, save it, pass it on.

    • For those who might have attempted to find the original pdf link to the essay and found (as I did) that it’d been removed, try again. It seems to be live now and there are tons of references for the material.

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